Can't Create Merchant Cart

Stuck on tutorial now for 7 hours and can’t create merchant cart… great release of a new gamemode!


Same issue I am having. Are you on PC or mobile? I play on mobile, but I am downloading on PC to see if I can do it on there.


I tried both it doesn’t work on either.


Lame. I was kinda getting into it, too!

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I spent hours on it before I realized it was a bug so now I kinda feel like just giving up on the game mode.


Same issue, i have opened a case to Blizzard.
Waiting for them to fix this

Same issue was hoping for a quick fix overnight but nothing. Stuck on tutorial.
Spent time on doing PvE content just trying to unlock my packs.

Fix would be appreciated.

Такая же проблема(((

Ex joueur de CS chez FT ? :wink:

Same, pretty frustrating

Do you all have created a case at Blizzard support ? If not, do it.

Won’t do any good to contact them, by the time they respond it will probably be fixed.

Also have the same issue.

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Having the same issue. Good thing I didnt pre order or I’d be pissed by now

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Same bug here, have read somewhere else that this happens if you do the second bounty before building it.

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Same problem. Glad I did not preorder too.

Same problem. Any fixes yet?

no fix, blizzard don’t care.

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First time I spent money on this game in years. And now I can’t even open my packs. What an absolute disaster. Hope you are embarrassed by this lunch blizzard


Same issue. it was on workshop and when i clicked on it suddenly disconnected from game, next time I checked it was gone!!

At least you could click on it, I spent hours playing not even knowing it existed only to find out from others mine was bugged.