Broken android client

Hey, imagine there is a billion dollar company and they have a 8yo game in Google appstore, you download game but game doesnt let you in to your account. You literally cant play the game. So what is the point you let that game in appstore? It is broken. It doesnt work. Just delete it already. Just serve the PC client.

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It works fine on my android

There is so many android users wrote on forum like me, we cant log in since monday

It would probably help if you listed your device and operating system, information that could help them fix the issue. Just knowing that some andriod devices are working and some aren’t probably isn’t terribly useful when trying to figure out the problem.

I also have the same issue on Android clients.

It works fine on Macbook and Iphone,

Tried with

Xiaomi Mi 10 T Pro MIUI 13
Xiaomi 11 T Pro MIUI 13
Nokia 8 Android 9

I have even set the first listed phone to factory default, and this wonderful billion dollar company made me lose 3-4 hours at least because they are unable to create a proper technical support team which will try to solve the issues not DODGE THE ISSUES!

I hope there are some people in the technical support team who is able and willing to READ THE LOGS.

I replied to the similar topic. The login window opens as a browser window. And there was a some kind of error after I clicked login. So I changed default browser to Chrome. For some reason I was able to log in without any problem. Did you try it too?

Hi Its9I,

I also had the same issue for battlenet app, but fixed it after clearing cache data, doing the same did not work for the game app, and yes, I tried setting the default browser to Firefox on Android, it did not help either :frowning:

I also tried the puffin browser by the way.

But what the heck, I’ve even tried factory resetting, this is clearly a BUG.

same issue mine said/says something like App is updated! Restart the app…

rechate fixed with this , mb help others

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