Boomsday Puzzles Impossible with New Patch

As the title suggests, the puzzles have been made impossible due to changes in cards. In the case I found (Puzzle 6 on Arwyn), Smite has been buffed from 2 to 3 dmg, making it so it is impossible to match the health of the Yetis.


the puzzles were cool, one of the best things they never did, but they never followed up on them
and sadly, no one will care.


I care… I wanted to report also a unsolvable puzzle…
Puzzle #3 – Never Go Full Northshire
We dont pull a Card with powerword Shield anymore :confused: - but we are supposed to draw this last Card, aren’t we?


Puzzle #3 - Never Go Full Northshire is actually still solvable with the change to powerword Shield, however Puzzle #4 - Full Northshire, is no longer possible.


thanks, I guess I ment the 4th one. I have 3/4 solved and wanted to clear to 4th on Heroic…


It’s being solved:

Additionally, there are a few Boomsday Project Puzzles that can no longer be completed now because of card changes introduced in 17.0. We’re planning to deploy a fix for Boomsday Project Puzzles on April 9.


Nice to see the Boomsday Puzzle error is already reported–it is on puzzle #3 (of final Dr. Boom ones). Possibly 4 also but 4 is the only one I haven’t seen before. 3 doesn’t get you the pyromancer anymore for adding 2 health at the start.

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I don’t get why they had to mess with the card it pretty much ruined my favorite deck no one uses

#3 can currently be done. #4 cannot. The tips from hearthpwn are still pretty good, just have to change the sequence a bit.

I think I used the archer on sylvanas first and class healed sylvanas to get pyromancer draw.


Oh great news! I was stuck on Full Northshire for a while until it clicked to me that maybe it was just not solvable.

That’s good news. I’m kind of obsessed with the Boomsday puzzles and was afraid they might go away on the next rotation.

Glad I checked here. Just spent an hour banging my head against Astromancer Arwyn 6/7. Currently can’t be solved because Holy Smite deals 3 instead of 2.

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They said the pb will be resolved on April 9, do you know if they did something ? It seems to me that it’s still impossible to finish the puzzles.

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Astromante Arwyn Punizione divina è passata da 2 a 3 danni, questo rende impossibile completare il puzzle.

9th April is gone and still no fix! 4/4 still cannot be finished. When do we get an update?

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I think Blizzard said the patch got pushed back to Monday, but I could be wrong on that.

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Still no patch, Blizzar please SAVE our lovely Single Player Content. I am here from Naxramass, bought every single one expansion and dungeons. Dont screw this one up please! :broken_heart: :broken_heart:

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I tried changing the order before I saw this but it ends up being a couple draws short since I am not able to kill the lab assistant to make room for the last northshire healer needed :-/.

EDIT: Also still seems to be broken after the patch…same set of cards as before and none of them have changed in stats…

Edit #2: Okay finally figured it out, I had to use power word to trigger pyro first and put the extra health on it to make it work for the 3rd one. Wonder if 4 is doable now…

Yeah, 3 was doable even after the changed cards, you just had to do some weird interactions. 4 hasn’t been possible for over a month now despite them saying it would be fixed on the 9th and then later the 13th. Pretty disappointing.

Can Blizzard representative answer our request to fix the 4/4 puzzle? All the rest is fine to finish, but this one not as we cannot draw the extra card on the very beginning. It would solve a lot just to have the card in hand from the game start… Not even change on the card. Or other solution might be reduce a HP from 999 to a bit less…