Blizzard stop deleting my cards or I'm done

I’ve been playing Hearthstone since it was in beta, so over 10 years. At many times I have owned every single card in the game. A new “feature” I’ve noticed is when the year resets, so does the standard pool. Well, when this happens cards I’ve already owned move to Legacy collection, and it’s saying I no longer own them and it wants me to craft them again. This happened last year with a few commons and one legendary, and this year it’s TONS of cards!!!

I’m not going to waste money, dust, or gold to craft these Wild/Twist format cards again. I’ve been a loyal customer who’s spent thousands of dollars on this game, and I thought I owned every single card in the game, until I looked at all the cards in Wild. I took pride in completing my collection, but if Blizzard is just going to delete cards from my collection then you’ve made a totally worthless product and lied to your customers about cards lasting forever digitally. Fix this, and stop deleting cards from my collection or I’m done for good and will never spend a penny on this game.

I feel absolutely betrayed. Blizzard has devalued their game and product and made spending money a fools errand! Also, if you release a Wild format set again, and re-print cards then you better make sure if the player already has the card, that it shows up in that set. Don’t make us buy the same card twice to complete the collection!

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If you’re talking about cards like Aegwynn and Patchwerk we never owned those cards, they were loaned to us for free as part of the Core Set. So if you want to keep playing with them you need to own the Legacy version which has become craftable with the latest rotation.

I would rather they give us those rotating into Legacy for free but such is the nature of the Core Set.


Some cards were created specifically for the Core set, and were NEVER part of any expansion. You did not own these cards; they were only on loan from Blizzard.

Your mistake was thinking that “I own every card from every expansion” is the same as “I own every card”.


Okay, cards like old Ysera and Alextraza the life binder which I’ve owned for many years are just a few examples. The entire Death Knight starter set except a signature Marrowgar. They can’t just take away cards I’ve earned through the years!

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No you have not.

Alexstrasza Lifebinder was created specifically for the Core 2021 set, and remained there until last week when she was removed.

As part of the Core set, she was on loan to you. You did not own her.


This is like the 6th thread I’ve seen of people saying their losing cards

guys its the core set, you never owned em


The core set is made of past cards from early sets, I’ve owned all those cards! Even new cards that are from Wizbang’s that are also in Legacy, I own those too and yet it says I need to craft it again. It’s 27 cards in total deleted from my collection.

You are wrong.

No, you did not. Read the fine print. Everything in your “collection” is owned by Blizzard. You just have temporary access to it. And you agreed to it when you accepted eula.


There are Core versions and Legacy versions. Some of the Core versions are actually different than their Legacy counterparts. You never, ever OWNED the Core cards.

If you’re truly worried, I’d list the cards in question here; maybe some can help shed some light on your situation.

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Not all of them.

Some cards were created specifically for Core, and were never in any expansion.

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Some cards were made specifically for Core and have now been added to Legacy. No one owned them. Everyone who wants to play them in Wild needs to either craft them or open a Wild pack and hope to get them (Wild packs are going to be the best way to get the commons and rares due to duplicate protection but epics and legendaries would probably take way too long to get that way unless they have almost a full collection.)

The cards that fall into this category are:
Ysera the Dreamer
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder
Aegwynn, the Guardian
Selective Breeder
Shadowed Spirit
Emerald Skytalon
Overseer Frigidara
Lord Marrowgar
Ymirjar Deathbringer
Bonedigger Geist
Graveyard Shift
Corrupted Ashbringer
Heart Strike
Rimefang Sword
Repulsive Gargantuan
Rime Sculptor


While technically true, that kind of reasoning is not useful for addressing this topic. Please save it for the lawyers.


On the contrary, it is the best kind. It helps you get into the right mindset. And then you won’t be disappointed later.

Some of the cards yes.

The dragons were not.

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I have just one question about this topic… what will happen when someone owned a card which has moved to the core… and then next year it will be removed and put back into wild? The players will get back this card or not and needs to craft it again to be able use it because the game didn’t stored the information about it? In that case the best choice it to dust every card before core rotation which will be added or else the player will lose all options to get back dust for it. For example, I owned since returned Lady Liadrin and now it was moved to the core… so can’t be dusted anymore. If it will be removed from core… will I get it back again or not?

The Core version is separate from the original version; the system remembers both. When the Core one leaves, the original is still in your collection unless you disenchanted it. To keep the collection looking neat, you will see only one version at a time, usually the Core one, but if you filter down to the set the original was in, then you will see it’s still there.

You can always navigate to the old set and dust your original copy, but I do not recommend doing this, because when the card rotates out of Core you won’t have any copies left to play in Wild. Furthermore, if you want to play Twist, Core versions are not allowed this month but original versions are allowed, and future months may have the same restriction.


Class action lawsuit anyone?

Btw, the OP was correct. I also owned Alexstraza. I remember pulling her from a pack like 9 years ago.

Good luck finding a lawyer who will take that nonsense case

There are 3 cards named Alexstrasza. You need to be more specific


It wasn’t “moved” to Core. It was ADDED to Core.

If you owned the original version of that card from the Ashes of Outland set, it should still be in your collection.

However it’s a bit tricky to find, because the game prefers to show you the Core version of cards if it can.

If you search your collection with the standard/wild filter, it will show you the Core version.

But if you search specifically in the Ashes of Outland filter, it will show the original version.