Battlegrounds Revamp Coming Tomorrow!

Battlegrounds Revamp Coming Tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s patch introduces the first Battlegrounds-specific keyword, replaces 37 minions with new ones, adds two new Heroes, and more!

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Wow, these changes seem amazing and so wide-sweeping :smiley:

Really excited to play with these new minions.

SO glad to see many underpowered ones gone, but also Toxfin is gone which is a fantastic change!


now this looks fun!!

cant wait to see the new bugs and exploits

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This might be a silly question but the demons that consume minions in Bob’s tavern. Does that remove those minions from the pool? I would figure not…?


i assume its like mutanus, doesnt remove it, just moves it

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I wonder if Avenge cards with effects such as SI:Sefin will prioritize targets that do not have its effect, or if it’s always purely random.

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I don’t like it initially and removing the tickets is upsetting but lets wait and play it before jumping to conclusions.

Kathara’natir is more interesting than Anetheron :joy:

Excellent shakeup for Battlegrounds. New stuff looks interesting, but curious how it’ll work balance-wise.


I imagine it will be temporary. So much is changing with this update that there needs to be as few random variables as possible to see how well the change pans out by itself. It will probably come back in six months max.

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New content for BGs?! Sweet. Time to take a break. See you all in a month!

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Should keep it fresh a little while longer

Whilst i do like the new changes to battleground, some of these changes do make the game more focused towards stats rather then combos, the removal of tavern goer is gonna make it harder to triple the important stat makers like lightfang and kalegoes, as well as make it much harder to get a good start with elemental with nomi, whilst i do understand the fact that the game it self has the highroll problems when it comes to these things i do find it concerning that the removal of the OG cards from standard hearthstone is gonna make the game less unique, as having minions from normal hearthstone made the game feel like they were from the same game you know, and now with the removal of so many cards from the normal game mode it makes it just feel like a different game all together, i appreciate the effort that your doing but losing that uniqueness in my mind makes it seem a bit bland, the damage counter i feel needs to be lower then 15, as you can deal 15 damage around tavern 6-8 fairly easily and having it being just when all players are alive makes it kinda pointless, like atleast make it so its after 2 players die,disconnect, or concede cause alot of people disconnect early on like in round 1 or 3

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You mean the Darkmoon Prizes? Those were always temporary. Only Tickatus has those as his hero power.

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Why does BG get more constant updates than every other mode combined?

BG will get 30+ new minions, 2 new heroes and some balance changes.

Standard got 135 cards with the most recent expansion and already a balance patch.

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[*] The Boat (2019-2021)


Vraiment hâte de jouer avec ces nouveaux serviteurs, une mise à jour tellement intéressante.

I have really enjoyed faceless Tavern goer he has protected me from bad luck alot alot, ill miss him and hope that you guys change, your removal. Overall I like the changes but I have some issues with the pirate changes, they don’t seem to have much of a theme. Value, and stats during combat, are a hard thing to combine.


Oh man do I agree with you. I wish I read yours before I posted it. Faceless tavern goer added consistency to the pool. I feel he was a very necessary card. Sometimes you get bad rolls, he helped fix that.