Battlegrounds is Bringing Back Buddies!

Battlegrounds is Bringing Back Buddies!

Catch up with old friends, or make some new ones, in the next Battlegrounds update!

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I don’t play Battlegrounds…. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I’m so glad they’re doing away with the buddy meter for the revamp. It was downright silly how quickly people could get their buddy with a single high attack Chromawing. Tying it to gold economy now makes it a much more interesting mechanic.


i love battlegrounds, im so pumped for this

dont mind me, just doing blizzards job for them, i expect 1 standard pack as payment


Buddies were terribly imbalanced. Please bring back the quest system, and make it permanent. That at least brought some balance to the mode.


Just concede all game except sire games, boom you got your wish


Basically, if you suck, like I do , you’ll never get your buddy for cheap and will lose before turn 5.

Typical crappy game design by the developer.


If I’ve learned anything from watching the Star Wars prequels, it’s that you can only bring balance to a thing by destroying it.

and on topic: while Buddies was my least favorite of the addons (quests was best, darkmoon faire was good), I’m glad to have something to mix it back up. Vanilla battlegrounds gets a little flat after a while. Also I do like how they redid the buddy meter.


Blizz just said blah blah blah blah. Only thing I heard was “news about Hearthstone’s next expansion”.


That’s nearly every post they make…the Charlie Brown grown up noise.

missing: “we removed the p2w garbage, and runestones. Sorry.”

The existence of legendaries for any mode outside of bgs is the P2W system. Not battle pass for bgs. If you cant win without having 4 choices then you are just not a good player. That’s coming from ME. lol

yawn . . . more gimmicks.

How is ridding the Temple of younglings in any way seen as destroying? That was pest control. also, with horribly asymmetrical team numbers of Jedi vs Sith, it would only be destroying if it was reduced to less than 2 dark and 2 light… That was what Luke did in RotJ, ruining the balance Anakin had worked so hard to reach almost near perfect balance…

Who knew Anakin would be the father of a religious terrorist that destroyed the balance of the Force? Also the father of the political and militant leader of said terrorists via Luke’s twin sister. They guy just cannot catch a break.

But yes, buddies. yay!

OMG, Blizzard is adding fun instead of removing it?

Guess the boss is in vaccation.

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Not sure I’m a fan of the price reduction difference between winning or losing. I feel like this is just going to cause a snowball effect where the ones who are winning will gain even more power and it will be difficult for the others to keep up.
It could work since sometimes a team that wins a lot in the beginning won’t perform very well in the endgame, but it still worries me. Part of what’s fun with Battlegrounds it’s never over till it’s over. Giving bonuses for winning could make that go away.

Same here

This way one of the biggest aspects of the mode, economy, is a much bigger part of your Buddy and its success. Also, as you said, someone who highrolls can’t control the lobby simply because they got the best minion to grind the meter. That isn’t to say a highroll SHOULDN’T do well, but it won’t be as big as it was when Buddies were first in the game.

P.S. Lady Vashj’s Buddy, Coilfang Elite, is going to be busted. Calling the first 24 hour forums complaints now (Also, looking forward to playing it :D)

Why is Watfin not a Murloc?

Only a pro company poster would joke about killing children.

And naturally, the mods will ignore it, because reasons.

Great, more fuel for high-rolling crap play.

Blizz Please…
Buddies were terrible and took the place, one of seven, could be used for a “real” minion or golden that doesn’t suck.
Not even a single week ago, all the loving feelings for battleground were lost in a moment.
It just sucked. Ty for bringing that dump garbage back HAHA
Instead of this sht, the system where you could choose a quest in turn 4 was fun, it really was,… but NOOOOoooo,… Bliz ripped out that feature just to replace it with some sht that already was sucking in the past, like the coming new one will to.