Batten down the hatches, the Deadmines Mini-Set is here!

Batten down the hatches, the Deadmines Mini-Set is here!

Delve into the Deadmines in Hearthstone’s all-new, 35-card Mini-Set!

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these cards are meh. ill buy it for smite tho. those big horns /swoon.


Most cards are horrible, I won’t buy this pack. The only card that stands out is Mr. Smite, but I’ll craft it.

I recently deleted my entire shaman collection as I found out that shaman is a MEME class, with the release of this new landar for shaman: Cookie the Cook. I was very happy to see that the shaman really is a MEME class, it exists so that its players can be mocked by all the players of the other classes! I was able to generate 13 legends with the powder and invest in classes that are very strong: Druid, Paladin and Mage. Thank you so much Activision Blizzard for showing me the truth!!

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not much to say:


Another tone deaf post from the fine people at Activizzard.

Just keep piling on the reasons for me to not play your game(s). Already uninstalled them all.


mr smite seems like staple to me
multicaster will be useful in any class with 2 or 3 schools
i think it will help priest probably will be the best card draw for the class

i run cheesemonger in my priest deck so i can get spells from others schools

im already thinking how ill use the amulet of undying on standard and wild !

wie ktoś może o której godzinie to wyjdzie?

This is a joke… Right?

Yet here you are, still watching and participating in the culture.

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Finally we waited the mini-set! Yesterday I viewed cards and I can say that they are really interesting and amazing cards! Really want to start play them!

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Thank you for being here to point out the obvious. After ~25yrs, and thousands of dollars, I feel like I have the right to come here and say how I feel about their products. After that long, I also have one of the most experienced perspectives here.

So, you have yourself a great day and keep up the good work.


Already uninstalled them all.

I’m tired of seeing posts from people who don’t play Hearthstone on the Hearthstone Forum.

I mean to be rude: Go Away!

I have just as much a right to post here as anyone. I don’t play currently, but have been around Hearthstone since early 2015. I’ve certainly spent more than enough money to have a say.

Kid, you’re gonna need more than this to get me to go away. After almost 23yrs with my wife, and 2 kids, being “rude” to me is a waste of time. Won’t do anything and you’ll get nowhere.

Now, you go and have yourself a great day.

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Orrible mini-set, one of the worst in recent years.
Ladder is dead.

You’re the real legend here my man, you’re the real legend here.

Lets see how this goes out, My call: Aggro taunt druid got stronger, smite as a neutral 6/5 charge pirate makes pirate warrior, a already nuts deck, stronger off juggernaut even not even in the deck vs juggernaut summons.

Most of set looks linear, more pirate warrior options, stronger taunt druid options, anaconda gets tutoring, garrote rogue might try a 1 mana 2/2 weapon + tradable cycle for killing 3/2s or just trading more.

Edwin is unclear, 4 mana 4/4 draw a card worst case scenario isn’t even a bad statline, 4 mana drake, just not sure how consistent to highroll. Probably a extremely flexible card like kazakus, but they both compete with each other and kazakus is probably more consistently reliable, but edwin can make potential (clunky) flex plays all the way up to 10 mana, though the player can control it so even a 4 mana draw 2 6/6 lowroll might not be bad.

Aside from that don’t see much else, maybe some dark horses of meta might be more wild decks trying more pirate decks, pirate warrior in wild probably becomes more nuts. Questlock gets 1 mana 2/1 potential removal and discover, but also in a meta where pirate warrior gets 6/5 charge rhinos and /or potential 10-20 dmg out of nowhere weapon + smite + juggernaut dormant minion + 2/3 gain weapon attack charge interactions.

a 4 attack weapon + 6/5 smite + 3/4 juggernaut minion + 2x corsairs going 2/3 to 6/3 with attack buff = 4 + 6 + 3 + 12 = 25 damage off a mid highroll.

Sure it’s not the gorehowl highroll, but it looks like there’s definitely potential to hit for like 20-30 damage on any lucky juggernaut or smite turn though. And i’m actually not sure, but that seems like actually a pretty decent chance to affect questlock’s matchup % as well, as the strength or consistenty in practice could mean questlock might be likely to take a beating. But if pirate war flops somehow, it got some removal.

Everyone talking about Mr Smite but…

Anyone want to talk about how Blizzard is stealing Card & Art Designs from other games/companies??

Ummmm… “Hullbreaker” - “Hullbreacher” (MTG)

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I’m sorry your wife and kids so rude you feel desensitized to that kind of behavior, you deserve better, king.

Thank you for recognizing my work. I did have a good day, today, and I will have another tomorrow.

Not purchasable in-game? Expected behavior?