Balance Patch Next Week

Hello all,

We will be making some card changes in a patch going out early next week that we wanted to let you know about, to give players time to prepare for Masters Tour: Undercity, taking place from November 19-21. These are the cards that will be changing:

Razormane Battleguard

  • Old: 2 Attack, 3 Health New: 2 Attack, 2 Health

Arcanist Dawngrasp (Mage Questline final reward)

  • Old: Battlecry: For the rest of the game, you have Spell Damage +3. New: For the rest of the game, you have Spell Damage +2.


  • Old: Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero. Shuffle 3 Bleeds into your deck that deal 2 more when drawn. New: Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero. Shuffle 2 Bleeds into your deck that deal 2 more when drawn.


  • Old: [Costs 2] New: [Costs 1]

The first three cards will be eligible for the normal full-dust refund for two weeks following the patch. Renew, which will go up in power level, will not get a dust refund. Keep an eye out for Patch Notes early next week for dev comments on these balance changes and more.


They finally did it!!!

Oh, no poor Mages. @Mallenroh Blizz is bullying a tier 3 deck again.


Old: [Costs 2] New: [Costs 1]

yes yes!!!


Oh hey these are actually pretty good, and unexpected but well welcome, thanks!!! :+1:

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is the most played version of the quest mage running any mini set card?

before the mini set mage wasnt that good

This time it’s okay actually.

Now there actually exist other good decks to play as mage to emerge.

Before mini set it would literally kill the class but now It Gonna be more a question of rediscover the Minions of the class.

Would like they to retreat the nerf into evocation since they did It with renew(nerfed for similar reasons)but i guess that one thing at time.


Good change. Taunt Druid is pretty nuts, probably the best deck in the game still post-miniset release by a fair margin.

As a “Mage main” I’m low key bummed about this, but objectively I think it’s a healthy change. Lethal-from-hand without ever having had to build a board SUCKS to face, and with all of these changes I hope to see other Mage builds find a place in the new meta.

Good. Garrote sucked to face for much the same reason as Questline Mage, only Garrote was a lot better of a deck.

Lol. Might as well.


Not as far as I know. Mage cards were below average in strengh, imo.

Perhaps next expansion. I don’t see any possibility for a tier 2 Mage deck this time, but maybe I will be wrong.

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And nothing to Fix the mini Pirate pack you just launched which makes the Pirate Quest even easier? I guess you don’t want to fix things when you’re trying to sell OP packs.


Excited for this! Good changes!

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Dont forget to buff mr broken smite!





im having fun with a questline deck but more focused on secrets

sage parrot flamestrike and mask of cthun aegwyn

havent completed the quest once but of the time was by my own choice , i wanted to build a deck not so focused on completing the quest ASAP

Renew returning to 1 mana just goes to show how wrong they were to nerf it in the first place.
Way up there on top 3 balance mistakes but its Priest so the pressure to nerf the card was insane, i just wonder how long it will take for the "Control deserves to exist " people to backtrack and go back to good old hate for the class and its sustain.

Mage just lost its only tier 3 deck , back to the dumpster until the next expansion, at least it will end the non stop deluded spam in the forums.


Maybe I am getting ahead of myself. But my first thought here was…

What crazy cards are they releasing for Mage next expansion?

Nothing, for me its more Big Spell Mage support that will be good but nothing tier 1 material.

Its to prevent class cannibalism since Quest Mage destroys Big Spell Mage , this change will not only migrate more people to the new deck but improve the matchup.

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Strangely enough Quest mage was really in the weird situation were you really had problems to play almost all other decks of the class against It.

And with multicaster you can build your deck around not build around anything since it’s to use different types of spells and not a specific one. It really did increase general no Quest mage decks quality a Lot and without a popular Quest mage we can put It to real test.

Even for me as a mage player it’s a exciting change because now people gonna be able to play less polarized mage decks.

Also i can guarantee next expansion they gonna release a arcane package for mage because it’s basically what the year is centered for the class.

Each expansion bringing support for one of the three spell types the class uses and in this case probably Quest mage reaching it’s final form too due to it.
So it’s probably not the last time we see Quest mage too and If i can guess It Will probably still find a way to get nerf again.


Imagine thinking these " changes " will make a difference… KEKW


I think Garrote Rogue will die completely.

Combo’ing most decks becomes a lot more work and Warriors will likely become too much of a pain to ever play the deck again.

Mage nerf is whatever, seems like Mage players generally don’t even like the deck anyway.

Renew buff is huge, but without a Tempo+Value Banger like Murozond I don’t have much faith in the class, Quest Warlock/Shaman seem like they will be better choices.

Miracle Priest though… Hmm…

Garrote Rogue is dying and if Quest Mage drops off, Quest Shaman might be the only pain to play against. Not sure how Miracle Priest vs Quest Shaman does currently.

Would have rather seen Razormane Battleguard changed to a Battlecry. Feel like stat nerf change hurts more. I don’t play the deck much though.

:rofl: if Quest Shaman/Priest RNG Fiesta manage to take over the Meta when Garrote Rogue/Mage die.

Let’s kill the game with another Wailing Caverns. :volcano: :100:


it was broken ever since this expansion came out.