Arcane spell hunter

I don’t have permission to post pics, so I’ll wait for the hero that will do that, but I just wanted to discuss those cards.

To me the package looks incredibly strong for spell/quest hunter.

Granted, there are only 4 Arcane spells that benefit from spell damage, but dear me how much they benefit. I think you can reliably get those to at least +2 (and probably higher), and that means stuff like 2 mana deal 4 draw 4,or 4 mana summon 3 4/4s with rush, or 1 mana deal 3 damage 3 times.


Legendary · Minion · March of the Lich King · Battlecry: Give all Arcane spells in your deck Spell Damage +1.

Rare · Minion · March of the Lich King · Battlecry: Give all Arcane spells in your hand Spell Damage +1.

Epic · Spell · March of the Lich King · Discover a spell from your deck. If it

Common · Spell · March of the Lich King · Deal 1 damage to three random enemies.

Rare · Spell · March of the Lich King · Summon 1 4/4 (Lynx, Lynxes) with Rush (improved by Spell Damage).

Rare · Spell · March of the Lich King · Deal 2 damage to a minion. Manathirst (6): Draw that many cards.


someone beat me to it


I still can’t believe how good Conjured Arrow is even without accounting for the massive boost from spell damage…


brann is going to turn it into 2 mana draw 4


Or just that Naga that casts a spell twice. Yikes.


Well these are interesting. I’m already thinking about a no minion pure spell hunter with a secret package, for the wild format.
My wife plays hunter a lot, and she’s pleased with this reveal. Thanks for posting. The legendary is a day 1 craft for us if we don’t open it in a pack.


Pls no…

20 characters


Arcane Quiver is also interesting because it is a spell specific tutor. While it’s arguably a worse tracking in most decks, the fact that you can tailor your deck to always get one of the (few) core spells you are running is not to be underestimated imo, even if there isn’t ssuch a deck “atm”.

As an example, you can make a Wild seed deck and ensure that you can find your wild seed spells much more reliably through this.

It’s basically a better Thrive, and thrive sees play for that exact reason.


ah so its 2 mana draw 8 now!, quite the reload hunter now has

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Spell Hunter, as predicted:

Rexxar’s new theme song:

You’re done with the be(a)st,
you’re on a great Quest
to find your mighty Arcane spells.

I wonder if it’s viable, though.

hey look, more Hunter cards that have rush for no reason
thank god they gave Paladin a single 4 mana 4/4 rush though

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There is a minion in wild mode that discovers a copy of a minion in your deck, you can take an additional 3 bonus arcane damage.

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QUEST HUNTER IS BACK!!! I LOVE THAT DECK. Almost reminds me of Raza priest.

Conjuted arrow is entering my eild highlander hunter for sure; 2 mana draw 2 is always appreciated (or draw in general for hunter).

I am not a fan of this archetype yet: it seems too specific, you need to play many cards on curve and then draw other cards to have a small benefit.
It seems more of a support package for another archetype, like maybe questline hunter (but you don’t need those cards, which makes it slower).

It will probably be completed later in the whole next year; I doubt they abandon it like they did with other archetypes it would be a shame

What do you mean? Hunter cards need rush to be playable; the class lacks removals, so it uses minions with rush to remove other minions.
Paladin is more famous for its control tools and divine shield minions, rush is an extra they get.
I don’t know think you would say “oh another paladin card with divine shield for no reason”; the class they are in it is the reason they get some keywords

Can’t wait for the complaints. While fun to play decks like Quest Mage and Quest Hunter – decks you cannot interact with aside from damage their hero – are the opposite for those playing against them. There’s no counter to this aside from armor and regeneration (which is not supported (aside from armor druid)). You cannot Theotar Tavish unless the hunter is silly enough to complete their quest without playing him.

I really hope this is now finally playable with the Spell Damage.

Legendary · Minion · Rise of Shadows · Battlecry: Equip Thori


I agree to a point, but this hunter card seems massively overtuned to me honestly. I don’t think powering this up with spell damage is going to be very difficult at all.

And it seems totally out of line with Thori’belore and Daring Drake. Making both of them look kind of silly.

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No one:

Blizzard: what if we make quest hunter op again for no good reason just one more time before it rotates?

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Yeah, I’m expecting to see a rise in Quest Hunter. uuuuuuuuuuugh

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