[APAC region] Connectivity issues update

Hello everyone,

Below is a message from the Hearthstone team regarding recent connectivity issues in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Our data is showing periodic spikes of player reconnects in Asia-Pacific countries, and we’re continuing to actively investigate this issue. Thanks to your reports and data, we’ve found that these short and intermittent bursts of connectivity are at least in part caused by issues outside of Blizzard with network infrastructure between these regions, making them harder to resolve.

Different telecom companies have these spikes at different times, and we’re still monitoring to get a clearer picture. A resolution for this will take some time: long-term fixes are still being planned and we will need to run tests to ensure that they contribute to solving the problem. When we have further information to share, we will provide further updates.

If you’re experiencing this issue, you can help us by replying to this forum post with the date and time when you experienced the issue, and who you use as an internet service provider.


After two weeks, finally. And of course issues outside of Blizzard XD
It happened everyday. ISP is M1 ltd.


Seems like the APAC connectivity is getting worse in the last 24h. I am no longer able to even login to the game itself, greeting stuck in the tavern door loading screen.


Hello Blizzard team

I’m in Singapore and since yesterday, I cannot log in or play anymore in my main region (Americas). I tried to connect to my secondary and mostly unused “Region” (Europe) and everything worked well yesterday.

My Provider is Starhub.com, I’m connecting and playing from my PC at home (Win 10). (I don’t play on my phone so didn’t tried to connect 4g from there (Starhub too).

I started to be unconnected and connected suddenly yesterday (the 25th) for no reason (playing a Duel game), and since then, I’m not able to connect at all to the game anymore since then. I think it was around end afternoon, for I played without any problems most morning and afternoon.

Let me/us know If I/we can help somehow with some logs file or other way.



I don’t think ya’ll can blame service providers when the internet is fine for literally everything but Hearthstone.


Cannot login from Malaysia here since 2 days ago. Using TM internet provider but everything else is fine or other blizzard game. Cannot log in to HS only.


Same. Playing on PC wired connection. I thought region was the issue so I switched from Americas to Asia server but same constant disconnect issue once every other game on average. Sometimes it can connect back, sometimes it can’t. This has been happening recently for me (over the past few days), regardless morning or night.

ISP: Starhub


having unstable connection issues for the past few days here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
random disconnects during game, game interface lags.
Most of the time it just holds me on the main screen without even the menus are available to choose from, just the options settings.

please please fix these issues.


Changing this up yet again so that I can post the solution I had on this thread as well.

Ok so being very frustrated yesterday, I spent a few hours finding solutions and fixing it. I mostly play on PC so this solution is for that platform. It definitely is Blizzard but as far as I can see it is because the game has issues depending on how long it has been on your machine.

To Start Uninstall Hearthstone from your PC. Next, go into Program Files and AppData and delete everything related to Hearthstone. After that, I went through Registry edit and completely cleared Hearthstone from all parts of my computer. You can use CTRL + F to search easier. Slight disclaimer though is that I had an IT veteran watching and helping me DO NOT TOUCH REGISTRY EDIT UNLESS YOU ARE CONFIDENT AS THIS CAN DESTROY MACHINES. After that I was able to do a fresh re-install and the game has run rather smooth with minor disconnects (still happened a little)

Next step was to go into your Local C/Users/Whatever your username is/AppData/Local/Blizzard/Hearthstone

Once there, open Options.txt and insert the following lines anywhere:

This helped with the resource drain that Hearthstone was doing as well. Hope this can help anyone facing these errors since blizzard refuses to do this and to fix it you need to do it all by hand.

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Thanks for this, you deserve a blue name for your effort.

But I believe most of us who posted here have already tried to clear cache and reinstall the game. The only difference in my case is that I am using
which should work the same to disable vsync and fix the frame rate.

I also believe most of us who posted here really love this game. But so far what we got are just blames on issues outside of Blizzard. Anyone with brain could figure out there is something wrong with the game when everything else works fine, especially when there are so many complains recently. My brain has been eaten by a zombie, so I still believe in Blizzard and bought almost every game from Blizzard. I am just not sure how long this will last before my brain growing back.


This unstable connection problem for Asian server has existed for about 1 month.

The time when I experienced the issue most is of course the busy period: 19:00 - 00:00. In the morning, like 08:00, 09:00, I had less such problem and thus had better gaming experience.

My ISP is Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited.

P.S.: My Internet connection is fine (Youtube, forum and websites all worked well) while I had such problem.


I’m getting random disconnects in battleground games.
There is apparent lag when buying minions from Bob and when my turn ends where i meet the next opponent, i get disconnected. If I restart client, I’m unable to reconnect to my game.

ISP: Maxis Fibre and Maxis 4g mobile.
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Today, was able to connect and play without any problems on Americas servers btw. :+1:

ISP: Starhub
Location: Singapore


The connectivity issue is back again right now. Starhub ISP

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Singapore, ISP Starhub

going for Top 200 legend (was at 600+) and got disconnected from 2 games I was in a good position to win. very very frustrating

Same, impossible to connect today (Dec. 31th ) to Americas servers.
Edit: With No problems to play in Europe.

ISP: Starhub
Location: Singapore

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Update on the situation.

I’m able to connect fine on internet fibre, but mobile connection is still an issue where game loads into a non-responsive and limited menu. Unable to start any games.

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mobile line: Maxis

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I think someone in Blizzard just needs to restart something server-side to fix this but it’s NYE so too bad…haha

I was planning to stay at home to play some Hearthstone. I guess I have to go out to some New Year parties now.

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1 Jan stil no chance from Singapore to America server, ISP Starhub. Can’t play… :rage: