Announcing the Scholomance Inn-vitational!

Announcing the Scholomance Inn-vitational!

Who will take home the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool and the title of Scholomance Inn-vitational champions?

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I make sure to miss it because everyone already know who going use what and who going to win before the match finish

can’t wait to miss it


For anyone who’s curious but too lazy to click the link: Yes, the even has Twitch Drops enabled


thanks madmax you saved me 1 minute of my life


Who ? i honestly don’t know.

Anyway, i’m curiouse to see how they choose the teams, also no Pathra? that’s kind of weird not to mention Alliestrasza is more of a Mage player than a Druid … anyway, it looks fun and i will definitely watch a few matches …

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Lets hope the mayor of value win this .


Almost got excited, I thought we were invited to play.
Nope, only watch. Oh well… why am I a peasant again ?


Hello. I’ve came here from Russian page of news and there I’ve seen that Tyler would play priest but has mage class icon. I think you should fix it.

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  • HearthStone Should have a 50 cards . *

Las recompensas no estarán disponibles para Colombia? :frowning:

So just shove them a hundred grand for nothing. That’s almost the prize pool of a real tournament. You sure that’s worth a hundred grand to you guys? Maybe it is. Funny money. You’ll probably never know if that investment paid off or not even close.

Is anyone even positive that some of these people getting paid aren’t personal friends/acquaintances of Blizzard employees? So fishy when they do this and lowers my enthusiasm for the game. Plus who in their right mind is going to think 2 packs is worth 4 hours of your time?? Lame bait. Anyone who watches just for the packs is making 50 cents an hour max in pretend money (but it’s essentially 0) just to watch what Blizzard wanted you to, to pay for their $100,000.


I don’t get as bent out of shape about how corporation’s decide to spend their money, but I agree with you that the viewing “rewards” here are a joke.

I may watch, I may not…but I guarantee you I’m not going to worry about signing in for two lousy packs over 4 hours.

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Thanks!!! This forum needs more civic minded people like you!

So it’s not civic of me to want to find out of anyone getting paid whatever portion of $100,000 the winners get, to play for a couple hours is connected in any way to the devs? And you think it’s good for the country and economy to hand out money to the same youtubers over and over? Honestly the premise doesn’t seem interesting; it seems like a lame excuse to launder a hundred grand.

Feeding packs to people only if they watch 2 hours of steams makes online gamers more like Crack Addicts.

It’s a Twitch event, not Youtube. I’m hoping the Priest/Warlock duo wins, but I’d say the Paladin duos are the favorites.

No Dekkster? That seems a little weird to me, am I the only one?

odd are high it be Priest or Mage since they got decks that undermined meta to almost pointlessness

I don’t think any drop addict will actively watch the stream for 5 hours. They will do like all the other drop addicts and let their stream run in the background muted and on the lowest quality possible to save internet bandwidth.