Announcing the Scholomance Inn-vitational!

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Please read the following and prepare to get excited…

When you click on the page and following the link this pops up

Masters Qualifiers

Hearthstone Masters’ entry-level tier of competition, Masters Qualifiers, are open to all eligible players who want to test their skills against other aspiring esports stars. Each week during a Masters Qualifier season, Blizzard Entertainment will run approximately 15 tournaments, hosted through the Battlefy platform, which will give everyone the ability to compete at a time that works for their schedule.

For the online qualifiers, players can compete in any region at whatever time works for them, so long as they possess a collection for that region. The champion of each Masters Qualifier will receive an invite to a Masters Tour event, where they will face off against seasoned pros and fellow qualifiers winners alike for their share of a $250,000 prize pool!

Wish the twitch drops would go for longer… they are not Australian time zone friendly.

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Huh, where do you find that option again ?
Also, what makes a player “eligible” ?