Announcing Battlegrounds Season 3!

Right on the money. I’ve never understood this attitude. You got the game for free, you can play all the modes for free, functionality isn’t hurt in any way or form, but because something has to be paid for, it’s suddenly pay to win.

This makes no sense.

How do you expect Blizzard to make new content? It’s a game with a premium art style and look that is continuously patched and updated with new stuff. Money doesn’t just fall from trees. It comes from paying customers, and I , for one, am happy to pay for a game I enjoy.

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If I could increase my number of choices to 4 as a one-time purchase… but instead it’s this subscription style thing. Pushing me to pay over and over for the same feature. And yeah it’s pay to win if it increases your chances of winning. Which it does. How substantially? Dunno, I’m still having decent fun playing without it, but it was more fun with more choices.

if only winnng meant something. no card packs or reawards… only use of a high mmr is bragging rights and … can prob stream on twitch, for $$

none of your comments mean anything. Dota2 is 100x larger then hearthstone and its only pay structure is cosmetics. and you fail to see the point. they arent just chargeing for some new mode. or some new features or anything like that that we would be 100% ok with. they are chargeing for something that was already there. and has been free for 2-3 years.


A continuously updated game requires an influx of funds.
But you got it for free. I don’t understand this.

You can buy the new God of War game for 60 bucks, for instance.
You’ve paid for it to access the content. Or you can spend time and get it at half the price later down the line. That’s not the point, though.

But my point is- you pay first and get later. And once you’ve played through all the content, that’s it. God of War is done. No new content is made for this game that you can continue to enjoy for the same 60 bucks. DLCs have to be bought.

Hearthstone is different in the sense that it gives you stuff for free, and plenty of stuff for free, but paying customers get extra and quicker access to new content.
How is that not fair?
But they pay, while you don’t.

That’s exactly it. You’re continuing to enjoy DOTA for free because there are people out there who are buying cosmetics.
But if no one were buying them, the game would cease to exist.
On top of that, Hearthstone is 9 years old.

Erm thats how a business works. Free until till demand increases and viola… pay.

Battlegrounds has grown in popularity, attracted more players, production and server maintenance costs have gone up,they need to accommodate more players , and so, they’ve added more content to Battlegrounds than ever before.
But yea, you can still enjoy it for free, if you want.

The perks you could purchase with Gold only gave you access to 4 heroes. Now, the pass gives you a full reward track worth of stuff.Your money buys more.

It is some kind of P2W. => i’m 8k+ player without the 4 hero selection. Don’t you think if i had 4 choices .I wouldn’t pick a better hero and have an extra point every 4 games.
My defend of not buying the pass is that in our country there is no payment that is acceptable in battlenet. There are alot of my freinds that are playing the game with just 2 choices. If it was 1 time buying the game , we would buy the game via physical codes or find someone to buy the game from another country and pay them extra!

It’s not.
You’ve reached 8k in Battlegrounds rating? That’s the top of skyscraper.It’s the roof of the world, man. The only way is down.
You’ve met your match of players at the highest skill ceiling.

once again you dont get it. while yes i payed for cosmetics before thats moot. the 4 heros has been available WITHOUT haveing to spend cash. thats like your car suddenly saying well heres some DLC to use your AC but hey you get these cool air fresheners with it as well. thats all fine and dandy but you still no longer have your AC if you dont pay for the “new content”.

People in this thread are complaining that the pass costs real money.

However, it seems like the cost of BGs is a lot lower than the cost of Standard.

To make them more balanced, every battlegrounds match should require 100 gold entry

I would be pissed too if i played 4 for free and now have to pay.

Why?? its bad enough we got get nothing for winning,

No man, I was just being sarcastic.

It’s quite obvious they monetized 4 heroes because that’s what most players cared about, not the cosmetics

some heroes just irritate me. like the banana guy.

id be happy to pay for entry if winning gets rewards like arena. yes please.
heroic BG

im 6500 rating, i’ve been top 4 in the past 5 games at the very least, sounds like everyone crying about p2w dont know how to build a deck lmao.

Where’d the prepurchase go?

Battlegrounds has become more popular and they decided to monetize a portion of it.
Why argue with that? It’s a fact. They’re not bringing it back the way it used to be.

It’s like the government deciding to tax you for something it hasn’t before. So, what are you doing? Fleeing the country? Or if we’re taking your car analogy, what if another obligatory maintenance test is suddenly required by law from all motorists?Something that has never been required before. You’re going to sell your car?

Battlegrounds is still free to play;they did not put a dollar sign on the entrance fee; there is none.

The amount of gaslighting for predatory monetization is not only terrible, but all over the place here:

“tHeRe’S nO p2W!”

“tHeRe’S oNlY a LiTtLe p2W!”

“wElL oF cOuRsE tHeRe’S p2W! wHaT aRe YoU gOnNa Do, QuIt?!”

Vote with your wallet, and tell the company and those who act as spokespersons and promoters for it what they can do with their predatory monetization. Maybe a few more quarter of getting stomped by candy crush and dismal metrics will show them they are playing a losing game.