Announcing Battlegrounds Season 3!

Announcing Battlegrounds Season 3!

Battlegrounds Season 3 brings with it new Undead and dual-type minions!

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So its Still P2W. Great.


Добавьте пожалуйста следующие карты: гича-гича, таунт-таунт, кумси кумса и дуэт аккордеона и дудки


Dying game, all those custom boards and cosmetics are just a cashgrab.
Overwatch 2 a fiasco, hearthstone down the drain…
My hopes for a new IP to save bug$$ard of its decline is non-existent…


Obviously still upset that I can’t use gold for the pass anymore.

Looks like a fun update though. Dual-type minions sounds fun, and I’m excited for the quests to go away. I’d love for quests, Dark Faire, and the partner minions to come back in some sort of revolving or alternate game mode, but these quests have gone on long enough.


updates are allways nice, and new refreshing stuff as well, but why the hell another minion type, now we are up to 10 or what? also not deleting or reworking some heroes seems bad, developers reall need to think about some stuff. why are they so afraid of deleting stuff…

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Can we buy the pass with gold?


Can’t buy Pass with gold, still garbage P2W, won’t comeback.


Its not P2W and you wont be missed

I can climb to the upper 8000s with only two choices on the Asian servers, so can you.

I often get four crappy choices on my main account

Quit feeling offended by slight annoyances and youll have a better time


If i was a still a poor boy like i was 24 years ago, od be estactic to have a free game like this to play


It’s not P2W stop being so entitled, babofat literally got #1 this season on EU with just 2 choices


No way /s

They actually had a new mobile game come out, but the fact it isn’t well known says enough in itself. I don’t suspect we will see anything original worth playing from Blizz ever again. Its current state is that of riding the coat tails of what came before it, which I will agree, they seem to be driving into the ground more so than reaching the heights this dev used to be.

So, I bought the first pass (S2) as I’ve never put any money into BGs prior, and I considered a small give back for the amount of games I played before BG pass was a thing (When I used to play soooo much more). However, this time around, I’m chilling on it.

No quests is great, and I hope we never see them again.

Naturally, I’m interested in seeing how the new minions plus the dual-minions will affect the game, but I don’t have the will to give anymore money for this mode before seeing how it settles. Right now, as it is, it’s merely quest fodder for me, and I don’t want to pay for something like that no matter the cost. And frankly, I always felt with four heroes to choose from, only 1 was worth grabbing; rarely was I presented with two upper Tier heroes.

still forced to pay for battle pass with cash. thats a instant remain uninstalled for me. have a good one. fyi. too those saying its not pay to win. first of all it is. in what world do you think having twice the chance to get a better hero isnt pay to win? but bottom line is they took something that has been earn-able in game for the past 2-3 years and locked it behind a pay wall. that is why were upset. its not some new feature its not some new mode. its the same thing that has been free for years that they just suddenly decided to lock behind a paywall


In what capacity does buying the season pass help you win anything? Just tells me you haven’t played Battlegrounds, at all.

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Are Battlegrounds popular?

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sence the season pass started chargeing money for 4 hero selection… your right i havent played… at all. prior to that i played litterally every single day.

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It’s not pay to win, it’s pay to access more. I have all the cards. and I still lose 50% of my games. Like everyone else.
And I’d rather spend money on a game I already enjoy.

There’s no point in playing a game where you always win. Where’s the fun in that?
You learn nothing, and there’s no challenge if every game is decided in your favor.

I havent paid but its getting to me haha, Every time i play for a run i can get probably 300+ and then i get tired but still play and spiral back down.

Somebody shoot me.

All these cry babies need to stop crying, it’s a free game ffs and whats the big deal to spend a little cash every few months for a game that you enjoy, even without spending money it’s a FREE game and still people whine like little spoiled brats.