Announcing Battlegrounds Season 2!

Announcing Battlegrounds Season 2!

Get your first look at the new Battlegrounds Track, Battlegrounds Season Pass, new gameplay Quests, and more–coming soon!

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“thank you for making BGs so popular, we’ve now monetized it even further”


What is with this obfuscated runestone currency? The game has worked fine with gold and real money for years. After your company’s launch of Diablo Immortal I do not trust secondary currencies from you. You’ll offer something for 800 runestones but you can only buy packs of runestones in quantities of 500 or 1200 so you have to buy more than you need and you’re left with useless currency left over.


Moving hero selection to paid-only makes the game pay-to-win. putting a major competitive advantage behind a paywall is enough to make me quit playing this mode, too


“Battlegrounds will remain a free-to-play mode, with more free rewards than ever before.”


So this kills off the f2p player that farmed gold to be able to afford the battlepass. And yes, not because of the stats (because that screen is borderline useless), but choosing 4 heroes instead of 2 is a huge thing.
I know this is a for profit company, but this will slash the player base by a ton.
Plus, you have players that play the “classic” game mode and BG’s, and do a hard split on the player base (making the reward tracks xp not shared). If that’s your end game, congrats, that’s the route to take.
The way I see it, the community is fine with buying cosmetics to support you. This puts a pay gate for the game mode. I doubt the community will eat this up.


thanks for destroying the last good thing i hearthstone


Well, this is unfortunate news. It really takes the enjoyment out of the game mode to know I need to pay real money to be equally competitive. How expensive is this second battle pass going to be? What was wrong with having it under just one system? People who play all modes of hearthstone are now punished by their enjoyment of your game and get nothing in return. :frowning:


Please Look at my account.
Look how long i play this game. Since closed Beta.
Look How much i Spent.
Look at my legend finishes I had a loong time 11 stars.

And NOW not only because the dissapointing Expansion releases since “Forged in the Barrens” , because this ridicoulous change.

I as a lover of this game say consider it, go back or you dont have anything left to go back in the next years.
Players will stop playing, stop streaming, stop influence.
And the game will decay.

And nobody wants that!
please take this seriously i am not a doomsayer, i love Hearthstone.
i only have 3 games in my Life: WOW, Hearthstone, Pokemon. And you destroyed WoW already so please please please. reanimate Hearthstone until its too late!

Thanks in best regards. One that fears himself since he doesnt prepurchased the last expansion, for the first time since every expanson!


The fact that battlegrounds will no longer give xp for the main reward track is a deal breaker for me. I want to get resources that help me build my collection when I play, not only cosmetics. This means that I am most likely not going to play battlegrounds after the patch. I also hope that weekly quests that are only completable in battlegrounds will disappear. I enjoyed the mode but I can’t support these changes.


Anyone else feel like this is too late?

Should’ve done it during Buddies. You’d have my money. I don’t feel anywhere near as much fun if any since Buddies left the game. The quests feel like Buddies-lite and just a reminder when BGs were at their best. I’ll play the game if my weeklies/dailies ask for it, but that’s the only time I’m playing BGs these days. Used to play for hours. Now one lobby feels like hours.


the “classic” Hearthstoen is dead for me for a long time. I was playing Battlegrounds for Fun and used the eirned Gold for Mercenaries. Now I will never play again Battlegrounds. Wtf is this? I have spend a lot of money in this game. All adventures and some Preorder packs. This was expensiv, but was my free choise. AND i can play with all the cards i got from these packs till today, even all the adventures. This new concept is P2W and only rest for one season. So next season i have to pay again for my 4 heros. All i paid for the season before is gone. I give a sh*t about the cosmeticts.
I wonder if they will also bring a Paywall to mercenaries, this will be the day i uninstall my battlenet-App forever.


2476 hours pored into battlegrounds, If you put the choice of 2 vs 4 heroes behind a paywall i’m quiting that day, regardless of the cost of the battlepass. It’s pay to win and unethical.


It’s about 1) obfuscating how much money you need to spend and b) making people spend more than they need with prices for items and currency available in bundles not lining up for reasonable purchases.

It’s a nearly universal tactic that works stupidly well for F2P titles on all platforms.

And it’s made me uninstall both Hearthstone and


I have a Flashback to the day Gwent Beta ended. I also spend THousands of Hours in this, never played it again.
Online-Games are only for a short Time, seems like they all die sooner or later. I will Return to Singleplayer only. My 30 Years old classics i can play each day i want.


Locking the 4 hero choices behind a paywall just means even more people will be leaving the game immediately when both of their only 2 options are crappy.

I suppose the paywall is effectively a nerf to the damage cap, because it’ll rarely ever be in effect. This will make the game worse even for people who are willing to pay.


thx for ruining another game mode blizz! putting the 4 heroes selection behind a paywall mean you made this game pay to win its that simple. this company is really going down the drain QUICK. we should have known after diablo immortal! you made me quit wow. then you made me quit diablo! and now im about to just quit hearthstone too. blizzard used the be the best of the best! LOOK AT YOU NOW!!! literally disgusting


Adding a virtual currency to the game is an exploitative practice that only serves to suck more revenue out of the consumer without adding any additional value. It is a shameful tactic that just further damages whatever remaining goodwill that people had towards Blizzard. This is such a disappointment, although I can’t say I’m surprised after the scandalous launch of Diablo Immortal’s monetization system. I’m all for a company getting paid for the products and services they provide, but this is out of bounds. Stop exploiting your customers!


What the baby back bullsh*t is this runestone crap?! DO NOT DO THIS. Backpedal from this immediately. That’s my biggest take away. You’re going to make real money purchases even worse. How is this remotely exciting? If you actually go through with this I hope this system bombs and player count tanks to next to nothing. It would be well deserved.


Already uninstalled. Not gonna watch MA BOI die after 2 months when this absurd pay 2 win model gets in the game.
Btw, this will lead to TONS of “free players” giving up if the 2 heroes are bad. Enjoy your 8 player lobby with 5 of them disconnecting just before the game starts :).