[Android] Game crash / freezes since patch 15.4


Playing on a Motorla Moto G6 with Android 9 (Version PPSS29.55-37-4-3)

Since the last Patch the Game randomly freezes / crashes. Happened when i was in a match (multiple times), searching for an opponent (1 or 2x), rerolling a quest (1x) and scrolling threw my libary (countless times - think i was online all the time).
The Animation freezes and won´t resolve until i close the app and restart it. Tabbing out and then in the app again will result in a pitch black screen (until i close and then restart the app).

From Bad To Even Worse (Android)
Mobile app crashes any time i click a button (shop, collection, play, solo, arena, tavern, any button)
Crashes ruining my experience

I’m having the exact same issues with a Moto G6 as well. Android 9 version PPS29.118-15-11


Same issue on an Honor model since last patch


Same issue on Samsung Galaxy J7


exactly the same issue on my Moto G6 Android 9 version PPPS29.55-35-12-3
freezes also happens when browsing card collections


Same issue here on android 9 mobile, game crashes and freezes since last update. Tried re-installing twice and didn’t work. Seems to be few more threads with similar issue to this so hope they get a fix out soon.


Same here, before the update I was not getting as many crashes/freezes.
Samsung S6 Edge, Android 6.


Same for me as well, LG Stylo 4 that’s never had any issues before. Freezing every single game, black screen if I try swapping apps, only resolves by closing the app and reopening it.


I got the same problem the game crashes everytime, i have 2gb ram, 1,4ghz, 7.1 andriod


Same issue on Samsung Galaxy J8 running Android 8.0.0.


Exact same problem on my Huawei P20 with 4gb RAM, running android 9.


Having same issue with Android Samsung J7. Also, the new portraits stopped appearing in game (they show up when I make a new deck but in game its the standard old “gold” version.


Same for me when I click solo adventures and sometimes in game

Crash randomly . anyone else?

Since the update, my game (Android mobile) will just randomly freeze. Music keeps playing, but the game becomes totally unresponsive and I have to close out the program.

Have lost 2 arena games because of it :expressionless:


Same here too. I have crashes every time I try to enter. I tried reinstalling, deleting cache, even deleting data and the game is still crashing. I’ve been stuck in the same solo adventure boss for 8 hours…


I have same issue here, since update the game now randomly freezes and crashes rendering it unplayable. I hope Blizzard can get a fix through for this. I’m on android mobile also.


Same here, android device, Galaxy J7.


Same problem since update on an Honor device under Android 9: the game crashes during game. I’ve reinstalled HS and clean the app data but nothing has changed.


Same issues, Moto G6. Was beginning to think it was my phone, but might just be HS…


The same - Hearthstone app simply closes after trying to launch solo adventure.
Exactly the same issue on two different devices:

  • Desktop PC (Windows 10)
  • Mobile (Huawei P30 Pro, Android)