Amazon fire problems


Ok i just downloaded the game, says its fully updated and can work, but once i try to open it the blizzard logo will come up, then it goes to the tavern doors and then it just goes back to my game library. I have sufficient storage and my fire is updated to be able to handle hearthstone but nothing is working. And I’ve seen people complain about it on the amazon page for hearthstone, so I’m not the only one having this problem its apparently been since the July 1st update if those other complaints I’ve seen are to be believed.


Howdy Ponyboy,

From the description the best thing to check is the OS version the fire is currently on. It needs to be on Fire OS 5.0 or later to run properly. If it’s on an earlier OS please try updating to see if that helps.

Minimum requirements


The Os is up to date (it’s a and the minimum requirements are all met, it has enough storage, ram, and processing power so i don’t know what the problem is.


im on fire os and HS 14.6.32265 still have the same crashing issue.


Hey folks,

If you’re on a supported device (check using the link above) and reinstalling the game doesn’t fix the issue, you’re probably suffering from this problem which we currently have under investigation. Fire devices are less common so they aren’t in the title, but there’s an overall ‘mobile hearthstone’ bug which can trigger this.