Add A Friend Thread

Hi… I’m new. Please add me virdis#1839

Howlix #1779
NA servers

Had the game for years, but never got into it before now. Using mostly budget decks and subbing in high value cards when I can afford to craft them or happen to get them in a pack. I currently need to spectate someone for the watch and learn quest.

Looking for friend SEA Server.
Battletag MessMeUp#1815 thank’s

EU Server

Was regular player until Witchwood expansion, just getting back into the game again. Add me for quests :slight_smile:

Battletag: XMess#1953
Region: SEA
Looking for friends pls add it. Ty

Please add me: Dragonvok#1758

I used to play back in 2015, but only rank 15 right now just got back into HS maybe a week ago would appreciate having more friends as most of my old ones don’t play anymore and I need information about the new meta, thank you!

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Add me:Alex#117259 NA

Casual player getting back into hs with my kids feel free to add me I play every day johnnytrash#11940 the more the merrier!

Hi there
EmeraldBoar#1103 on all 3 servers.

Recruit a friend Links:


North America

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My user name is sempai#1141
My wizbang acc. is stanielsama#1145
NA server I play fairly frequently and I’m newish to the game and not that great I’ll take advice but idk if I can give it lol I’ll help with friend quests

Want To Buy Friends! add please Na Times


Battletag : MiniNinja#2113788
Region: EU
Looking for friends add me.

Region: NA
I already went down the list and added everyone here lol

Battletag: MaxVonSydow#2514

Region: (EU)
Usual Play Times: all the time
Level of Experience: (average)
Preferred Heroes: Hunter, priest, warrior, pally
I’m Looking For: 80g and spectate quest buddies
Tell us something about you:

Been playing hearthstone on and off for 4 years. I mostly play homebrew stuff and hang around bad ranks :slight_smile:

Region: (NA)
Usual Play Times: 7 pm - 11 pm ET
Level of Experience: (advanced)
Preferred Heroes: hunter, druid, warlock, rogue (priest, mage)
I’m Looking For:
Tell us something about you:

Pure F2P, playing since Blackrock Mountain, usually play in the 4-L bracket, always happy to help beginners with deck building or play - though do as I say, not as I do; I can and will make silly misplays! :slight_smile:

Region: NA
EST Time 7-8pm-12pm roughly if im not busy but most days on.
Rank: 21
Experience: New to game. Ive been on and off playing this game but recently got into it heavy after learning how deep it was. looking to play with others and learn where I can. feel free to add me. AlphaCounter#1627

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Region: EU

Add me!

Region: EU
I’m Looking For: Few friends who i can do friendly battles or help with quests.
Experience: Intermediate. Played since Naxxramas expansion, but stopped since The Frozen Throne expansion came and recently got back.

Been playing since beta and the game is starting to get a bit stale so now I just play socially

EU server daily player.