Add A Friend Thread

Fargo#11411 US & Asia
Happy to play with you all :slight_smile:

Looking for friends to spectate :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me I have had this game a long time just started playing the game again jz420 #1584

Hello Everyone
I’m new to the game and I’ve only been playing for about just over three weeks, almost a month.
I was introduced to the game by a friend and I thought I’d give it a try. This is a really fun game so far and I’m just looking to learn the game, do quests, spectate games, discuss decks, all the things that go alone with the game and make some friends along the way.
I’m a casual player, and I’m on on all different times when time permits. We all can appreciate how busy life Keeps Us these days.
Please feel free to add me and I would look forward to meeting you, and playing some games.
TAG: BrownTimbit #1347
SERVER: NA - and I’ll play on any server when I’m 'on the line! '.
Thanks again, and have a wonderful day.

Please add me!


looking to increase my friendlist pool incase I find more quest that requires a friend, I am happy to help you with yours also(I log in atleast once a day at midnight when we get new quest)

Americas Server

Also, if you are new player with less than 20 levels, you can click the “See you at the Tarven” link below to get a free pack by becoming my recruit.

Hey guys!
I’ve a casual player who’s looking to expand their friends list. I try to play daily as long as I’m not too busy with school, and I’m happy to help any beginners if they need any help. I play on NA servers.


Also, if you’re below level 20, you can use this link to get a free pack as well!

I play daily, HMU with quests

Spcrazyj #1702

Im really new to this I love this game need more friends.

Looking for friends to complete spectator quest…

Battletag: Tripkowitz#2284

Hello, I am looking for friends. Semi casual adult player. Us region Dafreeza#1725

EU - Swag#2731
Experienced Legend player wanting to help if anyone needs someone to Battle a Friend, Spectate, or Advice. Don’t be shy and come say hi :smiley:

Looking for people to do quests with and make that money, i’ll share my 80 gold quests with anyone provided their online when I am. sleepybear#196662 NA. Also, I’ve been playing since witchwood on and off.

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Hi it’s toad, I like to play shaman, mage, warlock and will try other charters if needed, hope to see u in the tavern, take it easy


New to this game, playing since a day or two after Rise of Shadows came out. Still working on getting all classes to Level 10. Need more friends. Play on NA, usually early in the morning (1-3 A.M.) but play evenings as well sometimes.


Im fairly new started in april right after rotation and I play NA. Add me for friend quests!


Looking for friends on NA, play daily. Rank 7

EU server daily player.

NA Server: Rex#1875

Always looking for more friends. I play daily.

NA server: Grizzly#12586
Just came back from a very long break and i’m looking for new friends to do quests and to help each other. After being away for so long, it’s like starting all over again but i’m not completely clueless :slight_smile: