A levelheaded approach to DH dominance

Let’s just go by the data - according to HSReplay, DH is the ONLY CLASS with a winrate over 50% right now. Yesterday, we had 4 classes in the 50-52% range, and the other 5 in the 47-50% range, which is par for the course for a solved meta like pre-AoO’s. DH is so good that it has pushed every single other class in the game’s winrate below a level required to climb. When one class has a 58% WR and the next highest is at 49%, that’s a significant problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

I spent several hours watching streamers play at high legend ranks; 75% of matches are DH mirrors. I queued up a few matches myself in dumpster legend with some homebrew pally decks, and proceeded to queue 7 DH in a row before deciding to close hearthstone out and play a different game. Just scroll through the HSReplay DH decks - there are multiple decks with winrates OVER SEVENTY PERCENT over THOUSANDS OF GAMES. That’s unprecedented levels of dominance. Pre nerf Undertaker Hunter or Patron Warrior or Quest Rogue never came close to this.

And that number doesn’t even tell the whole story. Remember, over half the ladder are playing DH at higher ranks right now. Hypothetically, two relatively equally skilled players playing relatively similar decks should have 50% winrates against each other. This 70%+ winrate means the winrate against a normally balanced vanilla class is in the 80-90% range to average out with the mirror matches to give you a 70% winrate.

DH does it all. You simply can’t out tempo it in the early game and will struggle to out value it in the late game if you somehow managed to survive that long. The class has so many options playing against it feels like playing against an adventure boss like the Lich King on heroic.

The deck that performs the best against DH is Gala Warlock with a staggering 48% winrate. Every single vanilla class in the game is unable to compete with DH, even with tailoring your card choices and strategy around an attempt to counter them. And even if it was possible to consistently beat DH by teching your entire deck around it, that isn’t good game design. We shouldn’t have to change the entire way we play the game to beat one singular class. This is the biggest balancing issue in the history of Hearthstone. Skull of Guldan is the best card printed ever, period. DH absolutely needs a nerf across multiple cards to bring it back in line with the other classes.


Spot on.

No matter what argument you make, whether it be emotional, statistical or common sensical, Demon Hunter in its current incarnation is a problem and has displayed unprecedented amounts of dominance. It is the unequivocally best class in standard, arena and even wild despite years and years of other classes having multiple more expansions of powerful tools. In my estimation it would be absolutely foolish to not address this and dole out emergency nerfs.


TL:DR; “I haven’t actually tried it myself, but it looked that way based on the small sample size I exposed myself to!”


Exactly - wild has a total of 18 expansions with cards for the other 9 classes to choose from. DH has 1 expansions worth of cards + the initiate set and has the highest winrate in wild by a healthy margin. If DH is above the ridiculous power level we see in wild, how can what we have in standard even come close to competing.

And @EBSnike - did you miss the part where I cited HSReplay? This isn’t just my opinion, it’s backed by the largest repository of empirical data available.


The HS Replay stats on this are pretty incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever seen in this game before across all formats.

Standard classes by winrate:

Demon Hunter - 56.5%
Hunter - 49.3%
Rogue - 49.0%
Druid - 48.2%
Warrior - 47.9%
Priest - 46.5%
Warlock - 45.9%
Mage - 45.9%
Paladin - 44.8%
Shaman - 42.3%

Wild classes by winrate:

Demon Hunter - 55.5%
Mage - 52.4%
Paladin - 52.0%
Warlock - 49.1%
Shaman - 48.9%
Hunter - 48.8%
Warrior - 48.6%
Druid - 48.1%
Priest - 47.6%
Rogue - 45.1%

Arena classes by winrate:

Demon Hunter - 59.4% (!)
Paladin - 50.1%
Priest - 49.1%
Druid - 48.3%
Rogue - 47.3%
Mage - 47.2%
Warrior - 45.0%
Warlock - 44.9%
Shaman - 44.7%
Hunter - 42.9%


indeed. it does look like demon hunter is becoming a bit of a problem.


Who had the bright idea of giving demon hunter a 5 mana cthun that you cannot interact with in any way and then deciding that 1 wasn’t enough and allowing 2?


I just won 2 in a row against dh with alliestrazas handlock.

It’s not much but it’s made me believe that they’re beatable


BuT tHiS dEcK I cRaFtEd WoN mE 3 oUt Of 5 GaMeS aGaInSt DhS.


They better nerf this garbage op DH dominance by tommorrow.

It’s really stopping me from enjoying the new cards. Any deck that you craft gets absolutely crushed by DH after DH on the ladder. I have no earthly idea how they thought some of these cards were ready for launch.


For Wild, I only speak for there, if that data is all ranks I’d toss it out for Wild’s balance sake. Saying something for Standard players potentially but there is a TON of jank above old r10 in Wild that DH’s very focused card pool could be running over.

… or maybe it is that good, heh


Why are you lying, then?

In the first post, it was mentioned an important issue. These stats includes, DH-DH mirror match-up… DH has 50% winrate in mirror match-up which decreases the total winrate % of DH. Other saying, if you think about the winrate of DH all other classes (except mirror), the winrate it much more higher than 56 %… it is a huge problem.

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Conspiracy theory: DH is what is it to push people away from Standard and into BG and the 20 euro Tavern Pass <3


more like, lets make Demon Hunter Broken that only Quest Priest can really counter it. and that way Priest class would not look like it sucks.

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I no longer have access to HSReplay subscription but it looked like from the images I was sent earlier that DH was still favored against Quest Priest but only very little.

The figures are also skewed because it’s a new class so everyone is playing it. So the win % is a lot higher than others because they aren’t being played

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DH is extremely powerful in Wild.
A few in my friends list struggle hitting legend because they constantly face it.
The others are playing DH.

It’s the first day of the expansion, meta is far from settled and everyone is testing all kinds of things, not really the right time to get any kind of accurate estimation of any power levels, give it a few weeks for the good decks to be figured out.