An Update on Demon Hunter

1 week for what, for you to get to legend with your broken class? The stats speak for themselves, when a new class is dominating over every other class in both standard, wild and arena, it needs a nerf. There’s no debating this.

I beg to differ.

Control warlock - yeah. If the DH doesnt draw better, warlock has almost 50-50 fighting chance.

Face hunter against Control"ish" warlock? Hell…there you have to pray for rng and favourable draw. And Res priest? Thats what? Slight chance if you highroll, you opponent doesnt draw anything and afk in the middle of the game? :smiley:

really the “stats” show res quest priest, galakrond warlock, big druid and even spell mage crushing majority of the current dh decks atm in terms of win rate % sorry ur facts arent there

Really now? Where is this proof?

What site? And for what ladder rank it is? Just curious. Havent checked it for like 6 hours or so so I guess there is a chance in 6 hours these stats are completely different.

Honest question

that was a few hours into the release. it got worse from there.


posted by a galakrond lock :smiley:

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at least they made some money by ppl crafting alle the dh cards day 1

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hsreplay and for the rest…no clue first time using the site tbh

and they are completely different now…old statistics have another name…irrelevant data

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So… After the nerfs you mean. We are talking about demon hunter being broken class pre nerf and the stats were there to support that but even now with the changes it still strongly competes with other classes in tier 1.

Im kinda confused. HSreplay now states worst DH matchup is DH mirror matchup…

How is it irrelevant data? I would like to hear your explanation behind that one. The winrate only dropped because the nerf hammer came down, and still tier 1 on day 2 regardless.

if ppl were so afraid of otk they could have just nerfed or reworked kael to require you to use different spells to trigger him or require the spells 1 and 2 to cost x mana at the lowest

Otk dh wasn’t even the best version, what are you on about. Its these problem cards blizzard is addressing among others giving it huge tempo advantage, card draw, burst damage and board clear with lots of face damage all in one. Master of all. Demon hunter has very little weaknesses and thats why it’s so strong.

It is crazy that this isn’t being made more public, an in-game notification would have been nice. I log in for a couple of games and find my deck nerfed to hell without any warning. Cheers guys, keep up the great publicity work.

Every class has something way too good…i think these nerfs are enough for now

I’m kind of over the whole expansion already lol, this launch was so miserable. Tried some other decks too which seem really far from viable, its the same 3 decks again (approx) as usual which I don’t find fun playing personally. New year start was always fun so far for me but not this time. I even managed to stick around in the odd paladin times when that was the auto concede deck for ages. It’s always scratching the surface of fun ideas but not enough support to go with them, honestly I dont even know why are there 135 cards per release when about 15 is seeing play in decks that are more or less successful. I just dont get it, I dont get the whole game anymore really. So yeah. On day 3 I just lost interest completely.

including the rework of the priest class, it has no exact direction to it whatsoever. this could have been a start… you can play highlander with zeph and alexstrasza to carry, wow. it went from having an identity into a proper identity crisis. printing board centric zoo priest cards teamed up with card stealing and healing, like what? I like grindy value priest decks, always liked them but the highlander thing is kind of old already, you play them decks for 2 cards which are neutral…and you know it.

Antaen still seems really strong. Combined with DH ability to clear your board quite handily. Changing the damage component to only hit minions would slow down the face onslaught and probabaly make Antaen and Priestess require a bit more strategy on when to play.