A levelheaded approach to DH dominance

They probably only tested it for the ‘adventure’ lol.

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Its not a typical first day of expansion. Its first day after a rotation.

There isnt that much you can test and build a deck around. Any experienced player (that has been around for some time) can check the current cards and its synergies pretty fast. There isnt that much possibilities to invent new combo synergies thanks to very limited card pool after a rotation.


Its not about beatable. Its about wraping the meta.

Now, would people use libram? Primes? Or try any other stuff?

No. You must respond to DH.

…and thats the problem.

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DH is just a combination of: a) overtuned cards to make sure it is viable, b) very narrow card pool that makes deckbuilding easy, c) easily identifiable synergies and flexible options.

All these points make for a very easy to pick up and very forgiving in piloting class.


Then please explain how I can go head to head with all the classes, but DH use my face to wipe the floor.

In 3 days you will have a DH only ladder, and people are already being grossed out by the power level of that parrot vomit they call a class.

Have you tried dragon/demon handlock? Small sample size but I had some success (9 out of 11 games against DH - win. And I mean pretty decisive wins).

Sacrificial Pact is awesome to get rid of some huge demons + heal
Twilight Drake, Abyssal Summoner + Enhanced Dreadlord are pretty solid sticky minions to minimize effect of these randomly pew pew demons
Crazed Netherwing + Hellfire to clear wide boards
Nether Breath + Aranasi Broodmother + Earthen Ring Farseer for healing

Something like that (it still needs a way more playtesting and tweaking)

Custom Warlock

Class: Warlock

Format: Standard

Year of the Phoenix

2x (0) Sacrificial Pact

1x (2) Kanrethad Ebonlocke

2x (2) Nether Breath

2x (2) Twisted Knowledge

1x (3) Brightwing

2x (3) Dark Skies

2x (3) Earthen Ring Farseer

1x (4) Evasive Feywing

2x (4) Hellfire

2x (4) The Dark Portal

2x (4) Twilight Drake

1x (5) Big Ol’ Whelp

2x (5) Crazed Netherwing

2x (6) Abyssal Summoner

2x (6) Aranasi Broodmother

1x (6) Hand of Gul’dan

2x (8) Enhanced Dreadlord

1x (8) Twisting Nether


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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So DH is finally like the nail in the coffin.
I kept defending Blizzard while spouting my fair share of salt too. Because I could still find interesting decisions among all the powerful cards they release.

Except now, what interesting decisions are there playing against Demon Hunter? A 5 mana minion that 2 turns later, gets a free 10 missiles “face”, AND has 10 ATTACK? Even if Imprisoned Antaen was an 8/6 with 8 missiles it’d STILL BE BROKEN.
Hey, it’s perfectly normal to still be standing after they combine it with other overstatted crazy cards such as Priestess of Fury and Glaivebound Adept. A Boulderfist Ogre statline, that for only 1 extra mana gets a free 6 damage missiles, EVERY TURN.

Oh, I could play some minions so I take less damage this turn, but I still take 16 damage next turn because I couldn’t remove one of their minions immediately, it’s a LOSE-LOSE situation, and feels really bad.

I won’t talk about Skull of Guldan, since we’ve seen 0 cost madness like that before with Togwaggle’s Wand.

Look, some cards can inherently be broken and things are still fine, because they have disadvantages, this has happened many times before in the past. But when you have more than just a few broken cards - they’re all good or better - you reach a critical mass where everything is just good and almost never results in a significant disadvantage.

So then you have 0 margin of error playing another class against DH, and still have a losing winrate, while DH have so much margin of error playing out their cards and still come out on top. And it’s against all classes. DH’s worst case scenario is 50% winrate. LOL.

It’s like Activision told Blizzard to do this. They could have made DH powerful but still ok to play against, but no that’s not good enough, it needs to go up more notches on the power level. Wow.


Don’t worry everyone, eventually the other 9 classes won’t be played and DH’s winrate will fall down to a balanced 50%!


Yeah I’d think so.
Tomorrow I will probably go to the dark side and play DH - or won’t return at all.

It’s hard to swallow that devs didn’t notice the ballance issue before launch.
It really tells how they don’t care, and are just looking to profit over Flavor of the month.

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Ya I played around with a few decks/classes last night and warlock certainly seemed to me to have the best tools to compete against DH which, if you aren’t playing DH, is the only thing that matters on ladder.

blizzard do shi* right now. i had returned my money for WC3 yesterday and to day will delite all bliz games. it’s really sad that they don’t think about players wich was layal for a long time… and right now it’s the worst game company at all.

And just to think… This is the 1st day, so the DH decks most likely aren’t even refined yet lol.

Here’s the the thing… It’s a Brand New Class! They HAD to make sure it could compete and was given some powerful tools. If they hadn’t and the class sucked y’all would be complaining that the class sucked, “How could they let this garbage get through?”… “Why didn’t they give them better cards?”…so on and so forth. The class has 3 over tuned cards and maybe it’s really only Skull of Guldan. Definitely OP OP. Should be 6 and discount 2(?)
Anyhow, nerfs will be coming and y’all can get back to complaining about Rogue and Hunter and whatever else ya like to complain about.

Actually, I feel like the DH class suffers the most from railroading. Nevermind the class cards might be overtuned, they simply work so well together and so focused that there’s little incentive to experiment and deviate. Word is they aren’t even using too many wild neutral cards, despite the large collection of cards available there.

Unless they nerf the DH cards to completely unplayable, DH will probably still continue to use them

People shouldn’t be forced into playing specific decks because the only viable decks are DH and the ones that counter DH. Blizzard should get their **** together and not made demon hunter so OP

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They made sure it could compete… in Wild… and then dropped the class into Standard lol


You are correct. Wild is completely broken. I’ll collect my chest reward at the end of the month but I’m done playing hearthstone until this crap gets straightened out. Before I thought priests and mages were a problem but it doesn’t even compare to how OP DH is. Why the hell did hearthstone assume we needed a rogue/warlock hybrid class?

I’m racking my brain here trying to figure out what Blizz could feasibly even do to tone down the power levels. Nerfing one or two cards simply isn’t enough - the power level of almost every single DH card is comparable to the best cards available in standard, the only difference being other classes have access to a handful of powerful cards, and DH has access to dozens.

The hero power by itself is fine, but when we factor in Aldrachi Warblades it becomes a little absurd. DH frequently heals for 10+ in one turn while dealing a ridiculous amount to you as well. The hero power should be nerfed to 2 mana or Aldrachi Warblades should be nerfed to not have lifesteal. A card like battlefiend is easily worth 2 mana, in fact, at 2 mana 1/2 rather than 1 mana 2/2 it would still see play. Imprisoned Antaen could be deal 5 damage to minions with a smaller statline and still see play. Priestess of fury could deal damage to only minions, have a smaller statline, and cost more mana and still not be a bad card. And skull of guldan could cost 7 mana and reduce by 2 and still be a powerful card. If DH only had 1 card this powerful, we’d be fine. But DH has 30 cards in a deck that rival the power of cards like Zephrys or DQ Alex that require to build your entire deck around them.

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