29.4 Patch Notes

29.4 Patch Notes

Gigantify your fun with Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions, and more!

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nice changes. hope the set is good. thanks Blizz team.

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anything that makes hunters and warriors cry is a good thing for the game.


No bug fix for Wickerclaw and Sing Along Buddy? :frowning:

please rework brann, this card is pure garbage


It won’t help that Brann is at 6 mana will continue to be played.
Changing to 10 mana or removing it completely will help.

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I will still play Brann, but hope, that majority people will not. Looking forward to destroy more decks with Boomboss. :sweat_smile:

Happy to see the new miniset out! not a fan of brann changes but I guess it is quite a hard card to balance, so this is probably a quick fix to kill the winrate until something better comes up.

It won’t help that Brann is at 6 mana

i dont understand your post at all…because itll be changed to 8

So happy for the mirage fix. Thanks!

I am affraid Brann 8 mana won’t fix the game but good for a start, Boomboss is the main problem I think… Brann is just making it even worse… :roll_eyes: I rather suggest to add Steamcleaner and Platebreaker into the core… THAT would do something effective… atleast until your figure out how to change Boom properly… or TNT’s. The amount of armor they can build is also a joke really… you should do something about this as well…

You really didn’t preapre a fix for Reno either? Highlander Reno has no counter effect now and you really think it is good like this? :roll_eyes:

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Agreed. Brann was never really the issue: unplayable vs aggro and manageable for control (since all classes have highlander cards). Issue is the delete 18/30 cards using a measly 1/30 card in your own deck

I don’t see how that Brann change does anything.

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Well, lets see… they will need to have better survival i guess

Actually the problem was and still is armor spam Odyn. Perm Double battlecry was just an extra gimmick they discovered to add on to the real problem, which just so happened to have a completely different problem already attached to it that nobody bothered dealing with (Boomboss). Fascinatingly the mana cost DID not change a thing because you are STILL dead next turn after these expensive guys come out no matter what! Doesn’t matter if you do 1 taunt or 7 to defend yourself it all gets cleared by either brawl, a guy who does brawl as his battlecry TWICE, or that impossible to stop “deal damge equal to my armor to all minions” Funniest part is people still think we’re complaining about wild! Everything I just described is in standard only. In wild people could just spam platebreaker or dirty rat.


Yes, my mistake (I was playing HS and writing on the forum at the same time), I meant 8 mana.

i thought you didnt read the patch notes

is surprising how many post on a patch notes thread without reading them

does anyone know when the patch note hits? i cant wait any longer

If it’s taking months to figure out the Quest issue then you shouldn’t have rushed out a change in the first place. All it did was lose you engagement and piss people off.

Whichever Sr Dev/Exec pushed this to drive engagement, and whoever decided to bury it in a BG patch under Misc Changes as though it was innocuous needs to have their position reassigned. No one of any sense is buying that you did this to make the game better for players and this is merely the latest in a seemingly un-ending series of huge missteps by the HS team.

Stop screwing over your players.


So, when Brann came out, nobody knew how the meta will shift, but some already cried since day one.
After months long negative posts about player agency / matchmaking complaints / design done by monkeys, whoever is designing the HS master plan decided not just to play with matches, but to soak them in gasoline, and killed the only counter archetype to Brann by redesigning the Highlander condition.
And now, trying to fix the hole in the roof with duct tape, nerfed Brann by 2 mana which is a change literally useless for anyone actually knowing the deck ( sometimes brann comes late and the 2 mana cost is nothing when it can be played after Reno).
Trying to mask the problem won’t make it go away.
When did the Blizzard bussiness model change name into Ben Dover ? :wink: