29.0 Known Issues

Patch 29.0 is now live. Join us in celebrating 10 years of Hearthstone! This patch includes tons of card updates, preparations for Whizbang’s Workshop and new year, and more. Unfortunately, with a patch of this size, there are a few issues.

The following is a list of issues we’re tracking this patch:

  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] A few card change reverts didn’t make it into the initial Patch Notes. They’ve now been added. Consider them bonus reverts!
  • [Resolved] [Twitch Drops] We’re investigating an issue where Community Day drops aren’t being granted as expected. (Update: It appears likely this is the standard delay with Twitch drops, where it can take up to 48 hours for drops to appear. The team will continue to track this issue and take action if needed.)
  • [In-Game Rewards] People who logged in after 10 a.m. PDT, but before Patch 29.0 is live on their device, will see the wrong version of the WoW Hearthsteed Mount in the pop-up.
  • [Resolved] [In-Game Rewards] Some players who tried to claim the WoW Fiery Hearthsteed Mount in Hearthstone immediately after it was supposed to go live did not receive the mount. This issue has been resolved for users going forward, and players who were affected by it already should be able to just log into Hearthstone again and receive the mount.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] Legacy cards without rarities were given rarities ahead of them entering Core (like Boulderfist Ogre and Shadow Word: Pain), resulting in them showing up in packs. Players who incorrectly received these cards from packs have now received a dust refund for cards incorrectly granted.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] The new Silver Hand Recruits are acting like different minions for purposes of cards like Tyr’s Tears. We’re assigning them additional training while we look into this issue.
  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] The team is looking into reports that using Greta to goldenize certain Spellcraft minions doesn’t result in giving their Golden Spellcraft spell that turn.
  • [Updated 3/12] [General] The team is aware that some players are stuck on the exterior game box when trying to enter the app. The team is investigating the issue. In the meantime, there is a workaround: Player reports indicate that the buttons on the box still function, just aren’t visible, so the solution to this problem is to repeatedly tap/click in the middle of the box where the buttons should be, until you get a response. (If you have sound on, you will hear the buttons working). Update: another potential workaround has been found–it appears the problem might be caused by not having Battlegrounds downloaded when claiming Battlegrounds-based Twitch Drops–so downloading Battlegrounds may also resolve the issue.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] The team is investigating reports that Galactic Projection Orb might not work under certain circumstances.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] The team is investigating reports that Battlecry minions don’t deal damage while Shudderblock’s aura is active.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] Ysera may be giving the wrong version of her Dream cards. We’re taking her to a therapist to analyze her dreams.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] Sonya Waterdancer is able to give a copy of herself when played for 1 mana. This is not intended and will be resolved in an upcoming hotfix.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] Crane Game sometimes doesn’t function as intended. The team has determined the cause of the issue and will resolve it in an upcoming update.
  • [Resolved] [Tavern Brawl] This week’s Tavern Brawl (“Say My Name”) is being temporarily disabled while we investigate an issue causing lag and crashes. We will update this post when we have more information. Update: We’ve taken some steps to mitigate the issues and re-enabled the Tavern Brawl. We’ll be monitoring the game data to determine if further actions are needed.

3/19: Whizbang’s Workshop is now live!

  • [Added 3/19] [General] Some players are reporting that the “Year of” calendar rotation did not work on their first attempt. Logging out and relogging seems to fix the issue.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] The Li’Na, Shop Manager Signature card is being granted to some players before they are able to collect Li’Na on the Rewards Track. Players who improperly received Li’Na from their pre-purchase bundle random Signature have been granted a different random Signature.
  • [Added 3/19] [Shop] Players are reporting various performance issues with the Shop. The team is investigating.
  • [Added 3/19] [Hearthstone] Zilliax’s Power Module is sometimes giving the wrong cosmetic finish. The team is still working on unity, precision, and perfection.
  • [Resolved] [Shop] The team is investigating Diamond King Plush not triggering a re-roll option like expected. Players who did not get the re-roll for Diamond King Plush or Diamond Owlonius during the period when this bug was live (3/19-3/28), and who still have the non-Diamond version, have now been granted a reroll opportunity for those cards.
  • [Resolved] [Web] The website deckbuilder hasn’t been updated for the new year yet.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] Spirit of the Badlands doesn’t seem to be in the spirit for Miniaturize cards and doesn’t leave Minis.
  • [Added 3/19] [Hearthstone] Galactic Projection Orb can hit functionally dead minions in between spells. The team is exploring the mysteries of the universe for answers.
  • [Not a Bug] [Hearthstone] Cards that deal yourself fatigue damage (like Baritone Imp and Crescendo) as part of their effect don’t progress Amethyst Spellstone. This is not a bug, just an edge interaction where the damage is taken indirectly through fatigue, not from the cards themselves.
  • [Added 3/20] [Hearthstone] Khadgar’s Wisdomball can sometimes target friendly minions, making it less helpful than intended.
  • [Added 3/25] [Hearthstone] Only one non-Golden copy of Vampiric Blood is included in the Core Set. Two are expected, to go along with the two Golden copies.
  • [Added 3/25] [Hearthstone] The team is investigating reports that the “play Miniaturize or Mini cards” weekly quest is not progressing properly.
  • [Added 3/25] [General] The Mysteries of Nathria puzzle currently can’t be completed due to a bug. The issue is scheduled to be resolved in an upcoming major patch.
  • [Resolved] [Progression] The team is investigating reports that destroying Joymancer Jepetto does not work for progressing the first part of the Whizbang’s Workshop event chain.
  • [Resolved] [Shop] Players who bought the Welcome Bundle received Showdown in the Badlands Catch-Up Packs instead of Whizbang’s Workshop Catch-Up Pack. Those players have now been granted Whizbang’s Workshop Catch-Up Packs to make up for the error.

Battlegrounds Pool Changes

  • [3/20] Cloning Conch has been removed from the Tavern Spell pool.

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I’m still missing a Signature Minotauren despite completing the paid TITANS reward track. CS said I should have it if I completed the track (and I have), but they claim to be unable to see this:

Ticket Number: US97400525

"First, since Patch 26.0 (released on the 3rd April 2023), all signature cards can be disenchanted, with the exception of those granted from events and the Rewards Track.

Looking here at your account, you recently obtained a Golden copy of the Minotauren card in February, and a standard version of the card was disenchanted. However, you have not deleted a Signature version of this card: we did a full check over the last year and this was not the case.

Furthermore, the deepdive on your account shows that this account has never unlocked the Signature version of this specific card. This is why that is not in your collection. We cannot grant this card to you, and there are no cards that can be restored in this case."

However, if you check this specific account, I have all the other rewards up to and including the golden Yogg Prison and Level 100 skins, so I quite clearly have completed the track.

Another major update and Halveria is still missing her unique hero power animation.


In Battlegrounds the board bug which constantly shows a “red 1” on the board collection still persists.

It still shows that I have a new board in my collection despite there being none. This is happening for many months now.


Halveria’s Hero Power use still isn’t animated as it was at her release.


I can’t invite my friend to play on hearthstone since this update …

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I am pretty sure The One Amalgam Band is bugged and causes crashes. Opened a post about it if you need to look into it. This keeps happening to me today.

Somehow the Strength Totem is still available to shaman in addition to the Wrath of Air Totem.
Maybe only the hero power was updated, but totemic evidence was forgotten ?

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I’m playing Arena with the new cards and i know i had two different demons in my deck and i played the new card “crane game” as warlock and no minions were summoned. i knew that Mo’arg Forgefiend and Mischievous Imp where in the deck. i wonder if it saw the “mec” tag on forgfiend and went “nope”

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Crane game is not working in arena, had at least 5 different demons in my deck and summoned none of them.


Warlock’s card “Crane Game” has a huge bug, it is not working in Match.


I miss some of my hero skins, for example most dawngrasp skin form tavern passes and also queen azshara form pre-purchasing the sunken city mega bundle! And more is missing, mostly form paid tavern pass rewards, bought and finish all of them till the exist. Pls check this! I paid for these and it is really creepy if you must check if everything you earned is there!

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Can you just like, give the option to turn off the new recruits, they are all pretty ugly actually.

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Please fix Rastakhan, Maiev and Halveria’s hero power animation. They have lost their own animation for a long time.


Is there a problem if it still says “connection required” on twitch? Because on battlenet im connect to my twitch account

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Same issue for me here

how many expansions are going to go by until you fix the “Lootbox!” (play contents of war cache) and “Friendly Fire” (rag lightlord healing) achievements??? the patch 29.0 patch notes say you fixed other achievements, why not these? it is truly baffling that it needs to be brought up every patch

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There seems to be a new glitch since this new patch was released. Sometimes there are empty bars beneath the coins and card backs in the collection.

They look like as if the coins/card backs were selected as favorites but there is no text inside these bars. Here are some screenshots:




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Is the latency also a result of the latency? Every time I log in, I leg like crazy. And when I play a titan, my game just freezes

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