27.4.3 Patch Notes

Patch 27.4.3 is a server-side hotfix patch rolling out today with the following updates and bug fixes.

Hearthstone Update

  • The Jailer has been temporarily banned from Standard and Wild

Dev Comment: We’re putting The Jailer in jail for his crimes against the meta. When we made our last set of changes, Druid was still developing as a class following the Mini-Set. After our changes were locked in, Tony Druid appeared as a top archetype in Standard. We know that we want to adjust something in that deck in our next balance window, and we also know we don’t want this deck to warp the meta in the meantime, so we’re temporarily banning The Jailer until our next scheduled balance patch.

The Jailer will be released on bail (unbanned) in our next scheduled balance patch. At that time, we’ll make other adjustments to address Tony Druid and anything else that needs tweaking.

Battlegrounds Updates
The following heroes have been banned from the following Anomalies:

  • Golganneth’s Tempest: The Rat King
  • Gladiator’s Spoils: Fungalmancer Flurgl, Infinite Toki, Maiev Shadowsong, Onyxia, Patches the Pirate, and Vanndar Stormpike

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Sinister Soulcage could target enemy Undead minions.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Sif’s cost was not reduced by Primordial Studies.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a visual bug with Kabal Lackey’s updated effect.
  • [Duels] Removed Elixir of Vigor from the Passive Treasure pool due to an unintended interaction.
  • [Duels] Fixed a bug where Remembrance of Ice would resurrect minions killed by opponents’ Frost spells as well as yours.
  • [Duels] Fixed a bug where Optimized Polarity would trigger off certain Magnetic Mechs.
  • [Events] Fixed a bug where the “Alone in the Dark” event quest was triggering based on when a friendly Titan was destroyed, instead of when you destroyed a Titan.

Halveria hero power animation fix pls? :pleading_face:



No dust for you.


how about fixing the crashes instead of banning tribes/minions/heroes for anomalies? can’t do APM or even watching battle without it crashing, restarting, and losing 30-60 seconds of game time trying to continue the game. I have had over 200 crashes since anomalies has come out.

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Until next scheduled balance patch.

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Nice. Crafting a deck as a new meta evolves and see it getting burned right away cause you clowns can’t think 2cm ahead or create adjusted cards right away. Classical Blizzard.


Headless chickens running around and making a witch hunt on cards when the problem is the druid mana abuse, just wow.


Why it is impossible to ban cards for CERTAIN classes, otherwise, because of Tony druid, my even three-stringed death knight lost a wincon against a mill druid. Or a small indie studio can’t prescribe it? The jailer was problematic only in the druid standard and from 3/9 and the tournament (but again, it was possible to forbid taking the jailer if this card is in the deck) in the free. Otherwise, the usual 10/10 carcass.

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As one that love to see more frequent patches, I love this. how about another patch in 5 days? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I literally pogged. /20

RIP Druid :skull_and_crossbones:

20 char

«Ahahah Wild is so bad, there is a lot of bans».

But wait… :rofl:

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When are they going to fix the bug in Android that allows you to send friend requests after finishing a game? If you send a friend request ending the duel, the game breaks and asks to restart. He already has two patches like this.

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Still waiting for your team to fix bugs with magatha in standard or just crashes in general. I have to restart everytime zombiees or titanforged traps is played after magatha gives it to your opp. I’ve literally reported this bug since the last 2 patches.

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Hey what if you fix the battlegrounds bug on mobile where anomalies don’t display their description when you hover over them on the hero selection screen at the start of the game? That would be crazy….

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I love the these Dev comments it was funny :smiley:
The Jailer in jail for his crimes against the meta
The Jailer will be released on bail (unbanned) in our next scheduled balance patch. At that time, we’ll make other adjustments to address Tony Druid and anything else that needs tweaking

Are you doing anything against the crazy amount of BOTs in the game (its been bad all year but seems like its even worse now)?

15 of my last 25 matches were against Dk bots

Can we all at least agree that it feels bad when cards get constantly changed/unchanged/banned for balance reasons? Is anyone testing this stuff before release? Hate to say it but MtG design philosophy is why that game is still around. Ban things: 1) sparingly and 2) try not to end up banning things by doing arduous testing BEFORE release!

Give us 3 wins with a hero in BGS so i can stop leaving games for achievements with a portrait for each when we get 3 wins, Have you noticed everyone just conceding BGS? its because its pointless to not play towards something except achievements. Literally just concede till I get someone I dont have top win with after that im done. Its easier to concede and drop ranks to get the achieves.