27.4 Known Issues

Patch 27.4 is now live and Yogg-Saron is unleashed from his prison in the new 38-card Fall of Ulduar Mini-Set! Follow this page for updates on issues we’re tracking with this patch.

The following are some of the known issues we’re tracking this patch:

  • [Added 9/19] We’ve received reports of antivirus software flagging “audioplugin_fluxer.dll” as malware. This is a false positive that has been submitted to the antivirus vendors for clearance. The file can be safely restored without risk and we are working to clear the flags as quickly as possible.

  • [Added 9/19] The team is investigating an issue with Battlegrounds games unexpectedly hanging. Maiev has (ironically) gone dormant and is temporarily unavailable as a Hero until a fix is found.

  • [Resolved 9/22] Some Hearthstone anomalies have unintuitive interactions with Start of Game cards such as Prince Renathal. A fix is coming in a future hotfix patch.

  • [Added 9/19] Player records may not be visible in Duels games. The team is investigating the issue.

  • [Added 9/19] Some Duels Hero Powers are visually incorrect in hero selection. The hero powers should work correctly in game and the team is investigating the issue.

  • [Resolved 9/22] We’re aware that some games vs official bot opponents may not have Hearthstone anomalies. A fix is coming in a future hotfix patch.

  • [Added 9/19] The description of the Clockwork strike incorrectly notes that the strike can be earned by completing the Battlegrounds season 4 pass. This strike is only available as a direct purchase and can be obtained now. The description will be updated in a future patch.

  • [Resolved 9/19] Players were able to select the same option multiple times from Bound Souls created from Souleater’s Scythe.

  • [Added 9/19] Sargeras was adjusted to no longer interact with the original Twisting Nether token if he is copied from the enemy board. For example, if you Reverberations an enemy Sargeras and choose “To The Void!”, no minions will be sent to the Twisting Nether. This is an intentional change and the patch notes will be adjusted to incorporate this note. We apologize for the missed communication.

  • [Added 9/19] The team is investigating issues with the Duels collection appearing empty during deckbuilding on mobile clients only. As a workaround, after selecting your hero, restarting the client will allow you to build a deck. Desktop clients are unaffected at this time.

  • [Resolved 9/22] Finale cards “glow” at incorrect times when costs are adjusted by outside factors such as anomalies. A fix is coming in a future hotfix patch.

  • [Resolved 9/22] Hardcore Cultist and Concert Promo-Drake cannot trigger their Finale effects when costs are adjusted by outside factors such as anomalies. A fix is coming in a future hotfix patch.

  • [Resolved 9/22] Some weapons that adjust their own stats, such as Spirit Claws, were not fixed in the most recent bug fix. A further bug fix is planned for an upcoming hotfix.

  • [Added 9/20] The team is aware that some Battlegrounds players can’t see the game’s Anomaly during the hero select screen. This appears to affect iOS devices. We’re investigating the cause and working on a solution.

  • [Resolved 9/28] The team is investigating reports that the “Experience an Anomaly” Event Quest is not working.

  • [Added 9/26] The new Match Fixing Battlegrounds Anomaly has been removed from the Anomaly pool due to a bug causing disconnects. The team is investigating the issue and may return the Anomaly to the pool once the issue is resolved.

  • [Updated 9/29] The team is investigating reports from players on mobile devices that they are being prompted to get an app update from their app storefronts when there is no app update. As a work-around, several players have reported that the issue resolved itself by simply force-quitting the app and re-opening, and repeating that process until the prompt stops appearing. Update: we have released another hotfix update for mobile that should address this issue. That update has gone out and will be available on your mobile device as soon as it is cleared by that the applicable mobile device storefront.

  • [Resolved 10/3] The “Alone in the Dark” Event Quest is supposed to progress whenever you play or destroy a Titan. Instead, it is progressing whenever you play a Titan or a friendly Titan is destroyed.

  • [Added 10/3] Aranna Starseeker and Queen Azshara have been removed from the Battlegrounds Hero Pool due to an unintended interaction.

We’ll continue to update this post as we get more information.

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First time submitting a bug to one of these - apologies if not the place or right method.

On iPhone, I’m noticing the End Turn button isn’t making the right noise. Not a big problem, just making me glance a double take at my phone at the end of every turn.

Hey - not sure if this is a bug but twisted frostwing’s deathrattle with Defense Attorney Nathranos on the battlecry summons a 3/3 regardless, but on Nathranos’ deathrattle it will summon a beast equal to Nathranos’ attack - seems unintuitive.

I am currently unable to challenge friends since the update. Options are presented but no challenges.

Not sure if this is the right place but in Heroic Duels on mobile app, andriod phone, i was able to select class, power, and special but it says i have no cards to be able to create my deck.

Omen’s Hero Power (golden one when you have 500+ wins on Demon Hunter) art isn’t animated while other heroes have it animated.

Halveria’s Hero Power lacks her animation (when used), basic one for Demon Hunter is used instead.

Playing Yogg Arena as Mage. Yogg special effect was “first minion of each turn costs 1 less”. Used Concert-Promo Drake on turn 7 (at 7 mana.) Its finale effect did not play, made me look stupid, opponent “wow’d”, almost made me lose the game.

Hi, I’m not sure if this is included as part of the “Some Hearthstone anomalies have unintuitive interactions with Start of Game cards” note but there is an occasional issue whereby Bound Souls from the Souleater’s Scythe are able to discover the same minion repeatedly, i.e each Bound Soul has all three options.
Please don’t fix this though as I quite like playing multiple Jotun, the Eternals :wink:

Played standard ranked with shadow priest, with anomaly “heroes start with upgraded hero power” I didnt get mind shatter (3 damage), is that a bug?

Don’t know if this is happening to anyone else, but in battlegrounds I can’t scroll over the anomalies icon to find out which anomaly is in play, and often the front page doesn’t load so all I see is a trail of sparkles as the description card minimises to the icon…

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Unable to update at all:-( iam kinda freaked out …google playstore says heartstone isnt working anymore on your device!? Is this a bug …?

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What does this mean? What are official bot opponents? Is that like MagicTurtle and others? Why are there even official bot opponents?

There is no Upgraded Hero power for Shadow Priests, if they play with only Shadow Spells and Darkbishop Benedictus. Loaded into a match, opponent was a Warrior, and the Anomaly popped up saying “Both players start the game with upgraded hero powers.” I thought to myself, and least I stand a chance with an upgraded Shadow hero power. Warrior got their 2 mana, gain 4 Armor, and all I had was 2 mana, deal 2 damage. Seems a bit unfair, don’t you think?

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Bug I found with Mindbender - Earlier today I believe cards overdrawn would count towards it’s battlecry, now I just had a game where it didn’t deal proper damage. Not sure if this was because of shuffle anomaly or losing damage when you shuffle a card back into your deck with Dispose of Evidence - either way this cost me lethal and doesn’t seem intentional since the card worked fine earlier today

The Conductivity achievement only counts the center minion you destroy, doesn’t count the ones killed on both sides.


iPhone 12 mini. I can’t see what the anomaly is in BGs at the start or clicking on it during hero selection

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Hey another DH bug - For whatever reason (I had the gear shift anomaly), Jotun’s effect did not proc when gear shift was played despite it drawing the first spell that turn (i played it the same turn I played Jotun)

  • [General] Raised the minimum spec requirements for Android devices to Android 9.