27.2.1 Patch Notes


Yeah, it might… But not from where you’d expect it to — instead, it’s those pesky fans putting in some work. Yeah, even this one used to list numerous undocumented Mercs changes (when they were a thing) here, on the forums, in their stead, for example (can’t be bothered to collect all those self-citations this time, though). Why, there’s no need to go far for examples — there’s another one (see below) in this very topic.

Truly? That’s some interesting news and a reason to return to that, perhaps, at some point.

Ha, good one!

By the way, where have you been? Although I’ve found a substantial portion of your posts to be infuriating rubbish :grinning: , gotta admit: I truly missed you on these forums — not to sound obsessive, but I more or less logged in to say this and greet you. :rofl:

If they’ve blocked you here, the tendency to ban such participants means that these forums are truly becoming even more bland, boring and repetitive than they already are, with hardly anyone with critical thinking to engage in some fierce intellectual wordplay with. Yeah, sometimes you appreciate something only after losing it. :rofl:

Here’s also an implicit presumption that they know what the cards are supposed to do in the first place. :rofl:

I wouldn’t underestimate the sheer power of incompetence, which can beat even the most nefarious of conspiracies in its effect. :rofl: And yeah, just because you’re greedy doesn’t mean you can’t do shoddy work while at it. :grinning:

It was intended. They’ve completely CHANGED the functionality of the card to placate a bunch of whiners.

They at least should have changed Fate Splitter from a 3 mana 3/3 to a 6 mana 6/6. At least then it would have a chance to survive the combat phase. But I guess they’ll just cave to a bunch crybabies.

Such a stupid and completely unnecessary change.

Rot forever you scumbags!!!

Did you intentionally glance over the “Fixed a bug” part

Are you an idiot

What are you getting so mad about

They are LYING about it being a bug. It was working EXACTLY the way the text reads and EXACTLY the way all other interactions like this work. The spell resolves itself completely first; then the game checks the minions.

If they’re changing the way it works, have the balls to tell the truth. Instead, Gnomesayin comes in here and blatantly lies. That makes him a lying jackass and I wish that all the plagues of the world be visited upon him and that he endure an eternity of suffering so foul that mere mortals could not even comprehend it.

And yes. I’m salty about this. I’m salty about the developers constantly capitulating to a bunch of whiny babies who think their fun is more important than anyone else’s fun. Go suck a rock.

Dunno what’s the fuss about this fixing of an obvious bug, by the way… Maybe some crybabies whining that they can no longer abuse it? :grinning: :grinning:

Your view is… peculiar, but even in it the card is supposed to ‘kill itself’ (or, more precisely, to be killed by FDOS, actually) ‘after attacking’… i.e., provided it surives.

Consider an abstract example to illustrate the analogy. Billy goes shopping, but Joe shoots him smack in the head. Billy dies. Then at court Joe’s lawyer presents the following reasoning: ‘My client is innocent, since ultimately Billy died because of his mortality, not of Joe’s bullet, and it’s Billy’s mum who borne him this way, so she should be accountable for this deed, not Joe, right? Right?’ Well, apparently not: Joe with his bullet still took the credit before mortality claimed, so to speak, poor Billy by natural causes… More or less same logic with this card, if you just read its text.

But that’s not even the most remarkable point about all of this. First, they release arguably one of the buggiest patches ever in this game’s history, then some bugs are fixed (I’ve not verified that lorebooks have been finally fixed, but that sounds like great news, actually) — hey, now’s the time for a POSITIVE OUTLOOK, isn’t it? :grinning: Wouldn’t it have been better to not release such a buggy one in the first place, though? :thinking: I’ll leave it to ol’ Boba to name this partcular scammy marketing trick, perhaps, since I don’t remember and can’t be bothered to look it up. :grinning:

  • [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where Magnetic minions buffed by the Champion of Sargeras Anomaly wouldn’t keep their buff when Magnetizing.

It’s still broken for Beatboxer.

That’s not what the spell says. It does three things:
1- summons copies of all minions in your hand
2- those minions attack random enemy minions
3- those minions die

That’s the spell. The spell completely resolves BEFORE the system then checks to see if the health of any minions on the board has been reduced to zero or less.

They completely reprogrammed the effect here to work differently than it does in all other cases just to placate the same crybabies who incessantly whine about every card that makes them feel bad. This was NOT a bug fix. This was a nerf. Gnomesayin is a filthy liar.

How can we know this is not written off as a “bug” because these proud designers can’t handle it, while programmers don’t care? Well as a programmer I dislike those kinds of designers with an ego too big. Which is why I ask if it’s really a bug or design flaw.

I quoted this not to respond to the poster above but to the thread.

Well, I try to look at it from a programming pov. as if I were to implement it. now I can’t tell exactly how they do it obv. but it’s the least likely case that it was a “bug” from my pov, and they added some conditions to “fix”(prevent) it. thus why i thing it’s a designers ego at stake.

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Your take on how the card should work is directly contradicted by another card which has a similar effect: Unholy Frenzy. If the order you are presenting here were correct, then Unholy Frenzy would work as follows:

  1. All your minions would attack the targeted enemy minion.
  2. Unholy Frenzy would attempt to return any of your minions that had died to play, but would be unable to (because by your reasoning, they wouldn’t die until after the spell had finished resolving).
  3. Unholy Frenzy would finish resolving, and then any lethally damaged minions would die.

Since we know this is not how Unholy Frenzy works, otherwise your minions would never be resummoned, it’s clear that From De Other Side should also resolve all attacks fully, including applying lethal damage from the attacked minion in the same way.

That being said, do I think it sucks that they corrected the bug with no consideration for the players who may have crafted Fate Splitter specifically to play this deck? Absolutely. I believe someone else already pointed out that they should have immediately called out the bug in “Known Issues” to give people a semblance of a warning that the interaction was not intended and would eventually be fixed.

Vol’jin and Flourishing Frostling are still not working correctly. the second you swap stats, it no longer gains attack for each elemental played, but when you do the same thing to a Eternal Knight, it keeps gaining its stats from before.

this has been going on for almost a year and still not fixed

And which part of it implies that those minions are supposed to be immortal or immune to death while attacking? :thinking:

I suspect you don’t truly understand the workings of these things, moreover, your judgement being further clouded by factors of purely emotional nature. No offence intended, just think of what I wrote above, for example, to begin with.

Ha, you haven’t mentioned the inflated egos of so-called programmers (nowadays every codemonkey fancies himself as one… speaking generally here, not meaning anyone in particular)… sustained, just like their obviously excessive salaries, for as long as the customer pays for the excessive complexity and aclhemical irrationality of this whole bubble. Wirth or Dijkstra spotted the problem even back in the day, however, it has apparently only grown worse (and yes, I do believe teaching some school kids or students something like Python is tantamount to teaching them pornography. What? The latter, too, is apparently very popular and comprises a whole industry :grinning: ). But that’s a bit of an aside…

How about reading the design spec — even in the form of the card text, for starters, which I personally don’t find misleading or ambiguous at all in this particular case?

If someone explaims to me how one would possibly expect the former (erroneous) behaviour of this particular interaction from the cards’ descriptions, I’d be either very surprised or very impressed… or perhaps consider it an implausible ‘It’s not a bug, it’s a feature’ excuse from a sloppy developer.

That’s admirable, perhaps, but how about getting a good idea of what you’re trying to achieve (a.k.a. ‘expected behaviour’) first? Yeah, it might not be mainstream (‘No time to think, gotta craft cruft… My salary is proportional to the number of code lines I produce!’), but still.

With that said, I think the technical means (the code) to track lethal damage/blow and its source should already be there, with some other cards depending on this kind of mechanic, so it shouldn’t be such a challenge.

I think this category of players already got more than what they deserved by not having their accounts suspended or banned for exploiting a bug purposely (I’m absolutely impartial towards the issue in question, but I detest this kind in general), so I’d consider this generous enough as it is.

Alas, I don’t recall proper and timely communication being their strong suit, as pointed out many times on these forums.

" * Menagerie Mug, Menagerie Jug, Reef Explorer, and Living Constellation have been removed from the Minion Pool in Oops, All ____! Anomaly games."

Why is Mythrax still in???

A patch note is a patch note, be it for the client or the server. Why is this update only on the forum but not on the News web page, or on the client? How are general players supposed to know about these updates?

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uh there is a
link to the forums
on the battle net app(and another to the patch notes)