27.2 Patch Notes

27.2 Patch Notes

Patch 27.2 brings Battlegrounds Season 5, the launch of Twist, the new Caverns of Time special expansion for Wild and Twist, and more!

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:pray: please fix the restless reader achievement bug :pray:

(cool stuff though, excited for Twist to be back!)


This patch is horrible for Wild.
Seriously, you are buffing ALL already dominating aggro decks (Even Shaman, Secret Mage, Shadow Priest) in a game mode where this type of deck is already dominating.

If anything at all, we needed a nerf to tribe-based Aggro. These buffs make Wild unplayable for anyone who doesn’t like to play Aggro Mirrors all the time.

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Could we get a new Solo Adventure someday?


Stating the obvious here.
Paladin and priest are combined.
It’s Paladin and its card names, but with priests card text.

We got a solo adventure in Festival of Legends, “Battle of the Bands”; they just used it as a Tavern Brawl for two weeks instead of making it permanent. I suspect that they did this because the game would start to take up too much space on phones otherwise.

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These wild changes are amazing! I’ve always wanted to play c’thun and jades in wild, but they weren’t too viable before. Hopefully with these changes c’thun makes a comeback


I like the Battlegrounds changes. I am not too fussed about ranked anymore because the Titans expansion introduced heinous levels of power creep so the direction is obviously going to be more and more broken cards to force people into buying the new cards. All old sets rendered useless. So for me, unfortunately, ranked is dead and dusted.

But like I said, I really like the Battlegrounds changes and I am eager to try the new anomaly mode out.

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  • New: 3 Attack, 4 Health for hound - this surely will fix hunter. You guys are absolutely bathing in your own ignorance (and smoking god knows what), holy crap. You can’t legit come up with this and call it a balance fix.

EDIT: as your ignorance is already greatly proven, a little add on: hound was not only so strong due to heal aoe and its crazy stats. But in combination with 1-mana card, that allows excess damage to go right to the face, it was even more broken. As your intern seems to be on summer vaccation, maybe hire someone for fixing?

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Hola a todos :slight_smile:
Sinceramente solo he venido a comentar Standard y tal vez algo de salvaje

Dudas que todos nos hacemos y si no lo hacen es porque obviamente se sabe la respuesta:


1- ¿Cuánto costará? Obviamente si la mayoría es estético costará dinero, pero que tanto porque nerfeos y buff a salvaje es algo… raro

2- Se podrá elegir entre el arte viejo y el arte alternativo? (no me refiero a las distintivas, doradas o diamantes).
*Yo asumo que no harán eso, pero igual prefiero preguntar (la competencia de otros juegos de cartas de cierto universo cinematografico hace eso y listo $$$ fácil)


3- ¿Por qué? tell my why? (literalmente estoy a punto de poner en inglés este comentario a parte)
Que pensaron cuando el buff de cazador del cantante 1 de mana que roba secretos y el perro no-muerto (DK y cazador) la solucion era bajarle la salud?)
El verdadero problema:

  • cantante: robar el mismo turno (serĂ­a mejor al inicio del siguiente turno)
    *Asi como el campesino 2/1 neutral de Ventormenta
  • Perro: bajarle el ataque (se cura demasiado el jugador)
    *A este paso van a crear un cazador control XD


  • Lo Ăşnico que dirĂ© de Campos de batalla (battlegrounds?) es que el moco esbirro de nivel de taberna 1? Esta muy bonito su arte.

I agree, BUT in a more polite way
*If this continues they will create a hunter control

Yes, that can be good, but… u know HS need money and the Solo adventures need time and good rewards. For that reason we don’t have too much Solo adventures :frowning:
But you can complete some achievments of Sunken City? (+2 packs)

I would give Disciple of Amitus also taunt or reborn… this Earthern tactic you created for paladin is useless like this compared to aggro… However 5 mana cost maybe will change a little… but not much… I would love to play this strategy… but it is too slow and the player is too vulnerable to make it work.

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The balance is still skewed, I’m all for changing stats slowly, but not when the patch is slow.
Hounds hp is not the main issue, when they play it, it’s most likely buffed. (Who even plays dk) it wont die first hit anyways.
it has rush, cleave and lifesteal… a better change, make it 3/1, or remove one of the keywords.

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in wild there is few archetypes that would deserve removing because its complete solitaire in most cases.

  1. big and small priest- previously elwyn boar but now also astral automaton repeated ressurection. can it be beaten yes but only with hyper agro and hope priest doesn’t get board clears. outside of that devolving missels/hex/potion of madness. as a control deck you have hard time. solved by banning cards.
    2)weapon rogue- it may be cutlass/kingsbane. put in requirement of empty board on weapon with higher attack than 5 to be able to attack enemy hero. cutlass may go to 3.
    leeching poison reverted.

  2. old cards causing problems - mechwarper + magnetic+ handbuffs in palladin, vanish, poison seeds, scabbs hero card. murlocs in general. dew process + naturalize
    solution - reworks, sometimes just adjustments.

  3. 0 mana cards. cards costing 0 should be big payoff not something you can achieve by turn 5.

  4. secret mage - lower stats across board, improve card draw, counterspell and objection removed from deckbuilding- can only be discovered.

  5. shudderwock shaman- shaman as a class loses access to neutral disruption tools(mutanus,loatheb, okani…) and astalor + lorthemar(banned from shaman)

  6. odd paladin even shaman- nerfs to boardwide buffs - totemic surge, qurtermaster, stonewright, bloodlust buffed - 4 mana your minions have +1 attack and rush for rest of the game. paladin receives a card that provides rush for rest of the game to recruits, Stewart the steward receives lifesteal and deathrattle provides lifesteal. buffs to silver hand recruits now work precisely like pursuit of justice/lothraxion - only the next recruits receives buffs, for rest of the game.

i would also welcome some powerful neutral battlecries as permanent effects, the drawback being it will affect the opponent as well - but this can sometimes be a plus.
imagine if stupid druid has 15 mana and you play audio amplifier for him to lose 4 mana and being stuck at 11.
or hunter finishing part 2 questline and than you just make both hero powers cost 1.

The intern clearly has no idea how this game works, else they’d have considered options you mentioned.

Glad to see Sargeras is finally getting his Hero tray.


No Kodohide drunkit buff. Control warrior still a bad deck. Thank you!

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Anomalies like “Echoes of Argus” are exactly what I was worried about when they were announced.

It just doesn’t seem fun as it’s going to be decided by whoever gets the deathrattle minions offered first. A power like that doesn’t work when there’s a limited amount of the same minions shared by everyone.

Murozond looks very weak as a legendary, let alone a legendary with a deck building constraint. The pool of available Dragons is too large. I just looked at the minion pool for Wild and there are about 25-30 dragons that cost 4 mana or lower including just neutral and priest. A 7 mana board clear that deals 4 on average is not exciting.

I would rework this immediately. The effect is boring and you would have to heavily discount the mana cost to even justify playing it. The power level is very low.

I would propose an effect change that justifies the mana cost.

  1. A permanent Nozdormu effect at the start of the game if your deck has no duplicates

  2. A battlecry that affects your opponent only for the rest of the game

  3. A battlecry that resets your board state to the previous turn, minions that died get resummoned, your health goes back to what it was

  4. A battlecry that removes the enemies side of the board

  5. A battlecry that creates a dragon portal which summons a dragon with rush at the start of each turn

  6. A battlecry which swaps your health with your opponents health

  7. A battlecry that gives you an extra turn

Singleton legendaries should have unique effects and be powerful in general. Brann and Solia are the weakest of the Singleton legendaries in my opinion and this feels worse. Brann has a weaker stat line, but you get 8/8 with charge every single time. Solia is flexible and allows 10 mana cost plays afterwards.

I will be purchasing a bundle of one is released even though I own all of the buffed cards, but I really hope you guys change Murozond.