27.2 Known Issues

Patch 27.2 is now live, bringing with it Battlegrounds Season 5, preparations for Caverns of Time and the launch of Twist, and more!

The following are some of the known issues we’re tracking this patch:

  • [Hearthstone] Reprint cards that are included in Caverns of Time are defaulting to the Caverns of Time version in the in-game crafting menu (which isn’t yet available for crafting). If you want these returning cards before Caverns of Time goes live next week, you can still craft them by going to the crafting menu, searching for the card, and then switching the collection manager to that card’s original set.
  • [Resolved 8/25] [Battlegrounds] The Echoes of Argus Anomaly (all Battlecries and Deathrattles trigger an extra time) has been temporarily removed from the Anomalies pool for being a bit too anomalous and causing crashes.
  • [Resolved 8/25] [Battlegrounds] Y’Shaarj has been temporarily removed from the hero pool due to a bug with its hero power.
  • [Resolved 8/25] [Battlegrounds] Golden Leeching Felhound costs 6 Health instead of 3 Health when purchased as a Golden minion.
  • [Resolved 8/25] [Battlegrounds] A few minions have the wrong stats with The Golden Arena Anomaly active.
  • [Updated 8/28] [Battlegrounds] Resolved an issue where Magnetic minions were not retaining their Champion of Sargeras buff when Magnetized. The team is aware that there are a few other card interactions that are still not working properly with this buff.
  • [Updated 8/22] [Web] The team is aware that the “Current Arena Cards” and “Current Duels Cards” filters on the official Card Library are not accurate. The team is investigating.
  • [Fixed 8/22] [Hearthstone] The team is aware that Hedge Maze, Shallow Grave, and other cards that require targeting a Deathrattle aren’t functioning. This is scheduled to be resolved in an upcoming hotfix.
  • [Added 8/22] [Hearthstone] The team is investigating reports that weapons that adjust their attack while in play are not adjusting.
  • [Resolved 8/25] [Battlegrounds] Sire Denathrius is being temporarily removed from the Hero Pool due to a bug causing crashes. The Denathrius’ Anima Reserves Anomaly (all heroes are Sire Denathrius) and the Transient Treasures (start of your turn get 2 new Quest Rewards) have also been removed from the Anomaly pool. Shady Aristocrat (Sire Denathrius’s Buddy) has been removed from the Buddy pool.
  • [Updated 8/23] [Battlegrounds] Tamsin Roame has been removed from the Hero Pool and Anti-Gravity Stadium has been removed from the Anomalies Pool while we continue to investigate an issue causing crashes.
  • [Added 8/24] [Battlegrounds] Professor Putricide has been temporarily removed from the Hero Pool while we investigate an issue causing crashes.
  • [Added 8/28] [Battlegrounds] Ambassador Faelin has been temporarily removed from the Hero Pool while we continue our investigation into game crashes.
  • [Added 8/29] [Battlegrounds] Nesting Wingmatron is giving cards that shouldn’t be in the pool in “Big League” Anomaly games.
  • [Resolved 8/30] [Hearthstone] Signature Halduron Brightwing is not getting a full dust refund after the balance patch. Players who disenchanted the Signature version and didn’t get full value when they should have, have been given a dust grant to make up the difference.
  • [Added 8/30] [Hearthstone] After the balance change, Faithful Companions has not been updated to be castable when you have no Beasts in deck, but Beasts in hand, with the Manathirst effect (so, castable for only the Manathirst effect). The team is looking into this.
  • [Closed 8/31] [Hearthstone] The team is investigating an issue where some players started the Twist season with a 10-star ranked bonus. (Your Twist launch internal MMR was intended to match the highest of your Standard, Wild, or Twist MMMRs, but capped at a 9-star multiplier). After investigation, it appears that players who got Legend during the Twist Beta got 10 bonus stars due to the Legend minimum star bonus. We will not be making further adjustments to those bonus stars. We apologize for the confusion.
  • [Resolved 9/1] [Battlegrounds] The Murky bug causing crashes and the localization issue have been resolved and Murky has been returned to the minion pool.
  • [Added 8/31] [Hearthstone] Al’Akir, the Winds of Time is able to draw non-minions, despite its text.
  • [Added 8/31] [Hearthstone]: We’re investigating reports that Eyestalk of C’Thun doesn’t respect certain non-C’Thun buffs.
  • [Resolved 9/5] [Collection] For the Caverns of Time buffed reprints, if you have any copies of the original version of the card, the card is not showing as available for crafting in Caverns of Time. If you have just a Caverns version, you are able to craft either another Caverns copy or a version from the original set.
  • [Resolved 9/5] [Collection] For the Caverns of Time buffed reprints, if you have two copies from the original set and then have exactly one copy from Caverns of Time, the one Caverns of Time copy will not appear in your collection. If you get a second copy of the Caverns of Time version, both will then appear in your collection.
  • [Added 8/31] [Collection] We’re investigating reports that Caverns of Time’s version of Acolyte of Pain isn’t respecting duplicate protection.
  • [Updated 9/5] [Hearthstone] The original versions of Spawn of Shadows and Soot Spewer were not updated to match their Caverns of Time versions, resulting in two versions in the game. The intent is that there’s only one version of each card across sets and modes (in this case, the Caverns version).
  • [Added 9/5] [Hearthstone] If you Renounce Darkness in Twist, it’s possible that you roll Death Knight or Demon Hunter–which aren’t in this Twist season–and your cards cease to exist. The team is investigating. For now, sometimes it’s better to be bad.
  • [Added 9/5] [Hearthstone] There are a couple instances of cards being able to Discover another set’s version of themselves, circumventing the “can’t Discover yourself” rule.
  • [Resolved 9/7] [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Signature cards could be incorrectly re-rolled in some very rare situations. Affected players have had the re-rolled cards restored.
  • [Added 9/12] [Battlegrounds] Aranna Starseeker and Queen Azshara have been temporarily removed from the hero pool due to a bugged interaction.

8/22 Update:
We’re currently rolling out an emergency hotfix with the following bug fixes:

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Promotion could target any minion, not just Silver Hand Recruits.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Hedge Maze, Shallow Grave, and other cards that required you to target a Deathrattle could not do so.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where the Nerubians summoned by Beneath the Grounds were accidentally switched to the version that resummons Anub’arak. That would be too buggy.

8/30 Update:
We’re currently in the process of rolling out an emergency hotfix that will make Signature Halduron Brightwing get full disenchant value, as intended.

  • This is a server hotfix, so it will hit the servers one at a time, as we update. You will know if your server has updated because Signature Halduron will show the correct refund value (3200 Arcane Dust). You may need to log out and log back in to see the updated value.
  • Players who already disenchanted their Signature Halduron Brightwing will receive a compensatory Dust grant in a follow-up update.
  • Only the Signature version of Halduron Brightwing was affected, all other versions were already functioning as intended and need no update.

8/31 Note:
This morning, we launched Caverns of Time. This is the first time we’ve launched a set that included both original cards and reprint cards, resulting in some issues and some confusion.

  • There are a few issues with Caverns of Time in the collection and crafting, which were added to the known issues list above.

There are also a couple points of confusion that can be clarified.

  • Caverns of Time versions of cards are showing as “NEW” even if you have the original versions. This is not a bug; the client sees these as new versions because they are technically a different version, from a different set. Duplicate protection is still functioning with these cards–you will only get them once you have all Caverns of Time cards of that rarity.
  • Duels players can’t use their Mean Streets of Gadgetzan or The Grand Tournament versions of cards that are also in Caverns of Time. This is because the different sets are different versions of the cards and Mean Streets/TGT aren’t in the Duels pool whereas Caverns of time is. We agree this situation is not what we wanted, and we’re investigating solutions to this situation.

9/5 Update:
We’ve just released a client hotfix with the following game updates and bug fixes:

  • [Collection] Fixed an issue where copying a deck code that included a card that existed in two sets, when you had the card in one set but not the other, would sometimes show the card as “missing.”
  • [Collection] Fixed an issue where if a card existed in two sets and you had it in one, but not the other, the card would appear as “missing” when using the “missing” search keyword within the Collection format filters (Standard/Wild/Twist). Now it will not show as “missing” if you have it in either version. It will only show a particular expansion’s version of a card as missing if you filter by that particular expansion.
  • [Collection] Fixed a bug with the Caverns of Time reprint cards where, if you own any copies of the original version and exactly one copy of the Caverns of Time version, the Caverns of Time version would not be visible or able to be crafted in your Collection.
  • [Hearthstone] Partially resolved a bug where Soot Spewer and Spawn of Shadows did not have the stats of their original versions updated to match their Caverns of Time versions (both cards got +1 Health with Caverns). We are also working on a server hotfix, launching soon, which will also partially resolve this bug. Both portions are needed to fully resolve the issue—the client portion updates the cards in your Collection and the server portion updates the cards in-game—so some minor issues are expected until both portions of the fix are live on your device.*

This patch is now available on desktop. For mobile devices, client release timing is based on when the build is available on that particular device’s storefront. Be mindful that if you update in one place (like desktop), you will then be blocked from logging into an un-updated version (like if the update isn’t available on your phone yet).

*If you get the client update before you get the server update, the cards will show up correctly in your collection, but will still be wrong in-game. Conversely, if you get the server version first, they will appear wrong in your collection, but will play correctly in-game.

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We’ll continue to update this post as we get more information.


My hedge maze isn’t working. Even with a deathrattle minion on board, it just says I can’t use that yet. It’s just been played and its persisting after restarting the game. It makes the druid deck semi unplayable so please help


In Duels I selected Rocket Backpack as my first passive treasure and Special Delivery as the second. About 85% of the time they work correctly, but then I have moments where I play my first minion and it gains rush, but doesn’t create the one health copy. Another time I played my first minion and it gained rush, but no copy. I then played a minion that already had rush on the card text and that created a copy. I lost two games due to that inconsistence which is frustrating.

Passing that one along, thanks.

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Still Tradeable cards crash the game. If you want to trade a card from the deck, the game crashes immediately. How long will you not acknowledge the existence of the bug …For your information, the problem is on the old devices, and it was working five months ago… Why is it not working now? It is sad that you did not realize the problem until now.


When I swung with Likkim at the opponents face while I was overloaded, I did 1 damage instead of 3. the weapon displayed that it had 3 attack, but in the history tab it said they only took one damage, which matched with their health total.

Edit: I have a screenshot of the bug that I replicated with the innkeeper but it wont let me attach links so…


Shallow Grave cant be casted at all,same with other cards that are bugged. Even with 3 DR minions on board. I mean nice update…


Promotion can be cast on any minion

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Copied a “Shallow Grave” with “Psychic Conjurer”. Unable to use it on any of my minions after

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Found a fun bug! Beneath the Grounds now shuffles in Nerubians that summon Anub’Arak upon death!

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I’m not certain if this is a bug, or a hack, or something, but during a BG match, when the combat started, my hero just instantly died. Like, the stating combat overlay was still there and my hero just self-destructed while I still had full HP.

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Same Shallow Grave issue here, while I just created 1 for 400 dust…


You can’t attack anything with Bladed Gauntlet.
The weapon has attack but it is not assigned to your hero as it says “character with no attack value can not attack”.
Forged in Flame recognizes the attack and draws the correct amount of cards.

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It’s just Blizz, first they completely obliterate thaddius lock (as if there aren’t 100 cards for each class that basically counter the deck and are in the meta) and buff pure paladin that beats you just buy pressing play. Also, same issue here.

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i was not payng attention at game becouse was alt tabbed but somehow opponent used new card “Disco at the End of Time” on wild mode mage hero, replay won’t upload on hsreplay

hearthstone log have it
D 21:31:10.7340350 PowerTaskList.DebugPrintPower() - TAG_CHANGE Entity=[entityName=Disco at the End of Time id=236 zone=PLAY zonePos=0 cardId=WON_040 player=1] tag=COST value=6

i think it was gained with Ascendant Scroll hero power from Raid the Sky Temple quest.

not sure if this cards are supposed to be already out

If this is true I think its just a bug with weapons that have auras that give attack not applying because likkim swings for one damage even when overloaded. So the game just thinks your weapon has 0 attack so you cant swing.

Battlegrounds: Had a game where I magnetized a golden Replicating menace with Murcules’s handbuffs onto a plain Annoy-o-Tron. When said Annoy-o-Tron tripled, any handbuffs from the menace were lost to time. I don’t know if any of those details are relevant or if buffs from Magnetized Mechs always disappear if you triple the main minion.

Also, any plans for making Diamond Thaddius dustable?

Same! That just happened to me. My opponent had conceded before combat start (the rest of lobby was still alive) so maybe that had something to do with it?

I instantly died in BG after combat started.