25.6.2 Patch Notes

25.6.2 Patch Notes

Patch 25.6.2 brings a bevy of Battlegrounds adjustments.

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what a time to be alive

Still no bug fix for Paladin’s from golden light hero power in Duels?

Does that count as reportable?


Please change the wording on enchance-o-medico. The wording implies that the more cards in bob’s tavern they get +2/+2 for each buff, not just +2/+2 for having a buff.

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How do they still not understand why putricide sucks. One of the creations his buddy summons can literally destroy your own board, for a buddy that is supposed to be tempo based this is horrendously awful and makes him nearly unplayable.


Seriously though… WTF, at least disable it or something till it’s fixed.


Seriously you guys STILL aren’t going to fix the paladin bug in duels? After the bug reports forum being blown up for almost two weeks and constant tickets about it? I’m a day away from being done with this game it’s honestly a joke now


what is duels? I love lamp


When can we start play agin? The update is not done yet?


3h and no awnser… no update in play store… dang i hate to live in sweden… allways last to updatet…

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Mobile stuck on update loop because a game mode I never use got an update… smh

Adding another comment about Paladin in duels. I understand if a fix takes time but please disable them. I already lost an ongoing heroic duels run to this.

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For the battlegrounds update. Any chance we can just get rid of that undead minion that deals 5 damage to all minions when it dies?

Played Putricide a few times and that thing seemed to summon like 80% of the time. Only way I found I could win with him was to get rid of his buddy ASAP or not use it.


Agreed how did they not fix this

Please fix Paladin hero power in duels

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I lost 5 duels to it, sadly I was afk so I thought it was a treasure I missed…

So this is what you’ve been focused on, making minor tweaks to your pet mode while my favorite mode is COMPLETELY TRASHED and gets IGNORED???

Silas Darkmoon Buddy Burth is currently Broken after his Stat Buff. He no longer Buff him self on Discovery despite his Text AND the hot fix notes not saying anything about his power. SIlas HP Discover, Golden Discover or even battlecry Discovers. tried 3 times with him now 1 on tablet twice on PC and it shows his trigger animation but someone removed his ability as base and golden to buff himself as listed on discovering.

bro… it literally buffs the card you discover my man… thats how its always worked… in battlegrounds.

his express text says And upgrade this. three days ago before the hotfix that gave him more base stats it worked as it said. now it ONLY buffs the discovered and not the discovered and also its self.