25.4.3 Patch Notes

25.4.3 Patch Notes

Patch 25.4.3 includes balance changes for Standard, Wild, Battlegrounds, and Duels!

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Farewell Quest Mage, Pillager Rogue and Discard Warlock, you will NOT be missed.

Honestly surprised they went this far and utterly destroyed these decks, especially Pillager is such a bad card now. The most important part though, playing vs. Quest Mage was SUCH a miserable experience, glad it’s gone in a few hours.


i wasnt expecting a buff to cataclysm now i can run iwthout having to lose my entire hand !

I’m no expert in battleground (7000ish MMR) but was Vanessa VanCleef that problematic? I must admit I’m very surprise to see her nerf.

Its a huge nerf to Mechathun.


7000 is pretty decent im pretty low but i dont play alot of battlegrounds that i havent played battlegrounds in a while is dragons and mechs still good ?

long time I hadn’t see such proper updates - 3 most untouchable builds finally nerfed.
now meta on wild won’t be so boring

Just deleting pillager like this is ruthless. Set it to 9 mana but not this. I don’t even play the deck and I think it’s really messed up. At least mage can combo with rommath still but pillager is just gone.

It’ll be even more boring. It’ll be all even DK, even shaman, and pirates.

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I still can’t even open the collection on my google pixel phone without it freezing, how am i supposed to refund the nerfs?

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just small indie company

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It’s official: Blizzard should leave Wild alone!!!


no glad they nerf these…although pillager went from nerf to kill it entirely…8 mana pillager would been enough so that it dont launch so quick nymore

cataclysm was a perfect nerf//buff

parrot was so-so they could made it to not repeat legendary spells so that only timewarp gets affected…either way bye to this bs infinite turn on turn 6-8

forgot what was the fourth card already XD

edit: well after some thought…cataclysm could be kept at “Discard 4” it would mostly maintain its discard effect but not be completly bunker with a full hand to discard

Nerfing construct quarter to 4 may actually be a buff in wild because it can now see play in Even DK, a deck that is already overtuned. With all the viable combo decks gone from wild, I fear it’s going to be nothing but hyper aggro vs Big Priest.

I mean tome tampering was an even worse nerf as it allowed you to do it at a reasonable pace for wild. Expecting to last to turn 10 in wild with mechathun warlock is often outrageous which tome tampering remedied. It’s fine for secret mage and even shaman to kill you turn 5/6 but god forbid a combo does.

Durability should have gone down.


Not really as mage would need to discover a bounce spell. Pen clinger got the exact same change and was equally necessary

I’m very mad at the bird change as it ruins my favorite deck, deck of wonders theme. please give me a refund on that card or make it 6 so parrot works with it.

could you please buff deck of wonders to 6 cause this update to the parrot kills the gimmick deck

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Playing against quest mage was indeed miserable. Mage is my favorite class, but it’s a shame that I barely play it nowadays because their only viable dech archetypes lately are “freeze the game for 30 minutes until you finally one turn kill your opponent”. And Grey Sage Parrot was turning those 30 minutes into 10 so you didn’t even have time to respond.