25.0.3 Patch Notes

Mercenaries N’zoth Corrupted Viscera also does NOTHING!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The problem with Disco Warlock in Wild is that it isn’t any one card. They’ve just finally hit a critical mass of having enough discard synergies for a Disco deck to be good.

always nerfing my favorite cards that look like dio. drekthar now denathrius

bro its like all you people advocate for more powercreep. cant have nothing good in this game unless im buying new sht

cool. i agree. free denathrius for new players is a super nice touch.

wow great balance change, like bringing a cup of water to an already burnt down house hoping to save it, but at least your trying

That’s a bit off-topic (see ya in the Bug Report forum, though), and I can’t confirm the issue.

About patrons — let me also re-post this here to keep people updated:

Glad to see Den finally nerfed. I like that he’s still playable, just less potent. Now people might play him more as intended rather than as an OTK.

I do think Brann should be nerfed. There are too many combos with him. I’m not exactly sure how, though.

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Yes, let’s kill those cards completely. Duh…

Imagine releasing a new legendary for a new archetype and not even be careful enough to check if it works.

I played the brawl with DH 2 times because I am interested in this archetype and the weapon never worked

There is no patch to fix mercenaries? I cant play the mode since the message says “there is an error with the menu” and pulls me back to the main menu.

Cmon, its been weeks since this and I’m not the only one affected with this bug since there are similar reports in the forum.

And Android has Play store update lagging as always

Other classes need to be able to stack corpses to make this new class work better, there’s several characters I’ve managed to gain a death knight card on and when attempting to play the card I receive “Only death knights can use corpses” or something to that affect, at one point I had 3 of these cards in my hand and I was unable to ever use them, so now just playing death knight against a priest is an automatic overwhelming advantage, spell rogues are also even more of a dice roll whether you’re going to get steamed by a DK, their hero power supplying a corpse as well as having damage and charge opposed to rush is ungodly, it allows them to stack aggression for the one turn kill sire, nerfing sire doesn’t help when fundamentally DK is just straight up broken. Just look at the play stats, there’s already the “blood dk” meta with everyone just copying the exact same deck that had a tested 95% winrate, blizzard not even slightly playtesting this expansion is legitimately just sad. No class should be THIS effective even when drawing all of their “worst” cards for 4+ turns.

Nerf DK, buff all other classes by allowing them to stack corpses (I don’t care if it’s not canonical, the idea is balance and plenty non-canonical deck archetypes exist anyway)
DK hero ability should have rush, not charge or give no corpse, lots of the DK cards don’t make sense in terms of manacost, and I’m with everyone else on brann, he should just be wild - He’s a card from 2015 and it was funny to see him with all the other explorer expansion cards, but mixed with newer expansions he’s just too broken.

I recently came back to hearthstone after a long break and was thoroughly enjoying it, up til the release of this new expansion. I’m going to stop playing again for a couple of weeks and if these balance issues aren’t resolved then I guess I’ll come back in a year or two, that is if the game isn’t dead with more and more horrendous balancing issues.


EVERY single game i press play i am versus Blood death knight … it seems you have created a “monstrosity” above your expectations blizzard. This control blood death knight deck is not just insane… its beyond BELIEF. You have outdone yourself this time and im not having it. just WHAT are those spells?

  1. even if they are not blood they can discover blood spells with spell generators like gambler or the new nerubian undead,
    Which makes them get blood boil or the +10 HEALTH DRAW A CARD ??? Ridiculous

2)blood boil works on EVERY TURN not just ONE TURN… ridiculous

  1. corpse explosion is beyond broken. It should work like defile not like it works now… ridiculous

  2. patchwerk… really??? RIDICULOUS

  3. Gnome muncher … REALLY??? Ridiculous

  4. soulstealer… REALLY ?? An 8 mana better devourer no infuse needed … only counter is deathrattle summon another minion… ridiculous

ALL classes should be able to SOMEHOW gain corpses i play poor rogue and i get DK cards and they are USELESS cause i cant have CORPSE

Apart from the fact that the rune decks as i mentioned are useless since you can discover spells from other runes … RIDICULOUS ,FIX THIS ONLY DISCOVER SPELLS FROM YOUR RUNES SINCE YOU DESIGNED IT THIS WAY

The legendaries apart from patchwerk are ok… mograine seems balanced


Every single game, blood deathknight opponent… this just tells you not that the class is “new” and people want to try it… but that the blood dk deck is BROKEN AS BRICKS and people KNOW IT ALREADY . Till later hearthstone, so long.

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NERF BLOOD DEATH KNIGHT every single game i queue its a blood death knight no cap… EVERY . SINGLE . GAME. i am against blood death knight TELLS U NOT THAT ITS NEW and people wanna try but DECK IS BROKEN PLEASE FIX THIS SCHEISSE. Only people not complaining and replying to us who cry are druid players who are even more broken THIS IS RIDICULOUS THEY BROKE THE GAME and i went in arena i got death knight class i reach 7 WINS and after 7 WINS I FACE ONLY DEATH KNIGHTS AND I LOST 3 TIMES IN A ROW until win 7 i only face other classes TELLS U HOW BROKEN IT IS BRING BACK THE OLD ARENA NERF DEATH KNIGHT GAME IS UNPLAYABLE THX

Imagine asking for nerfs for a class were the highest winrate deck archetype is at 47%. So sad.

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some people don’t have all day to lose like you and we want the games to be faster, renathal is a cancer


Could you please lose that wintermainscreen this cold look is not plesant and it Gives the worst kind eye cancer i ever had

that would kill the card entirely, just put guff and celestial alignment to wild immediately instead of next year. or just change the 20 mana mechanism entirely, i heard most of designers like druid very much but Iksar doesn’t like it so when he became the director of hs department he quit his job very soon.

Ban Tome Tampering in Wild for next patch. Thanks a lot.