25.0.3 Patch Notes

25.0.3 Patch Notes

Patch 25.0.3 includes balance changes to two Standard cards.

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Nice nerfs to both Danathrius and Shockspitter; they are broken AF…

But where are the druid nerfs? That’s the real MVP class. Freaking unbeatable.


Please just move Guff to 6 mana or rotate him. Also, make Lady Anacondra have “But not less than (1)” on the end of her card. Celestial alignment 8 ->7 mana “Set your cards cost to 2” instead of to 1.


Could discard warlock in wild be addressed as well? Thanks

And renathal when? this is a bad joke blizzard

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Nice, now druids can kill me one turn later instead!


Change Anub’rekhan :
From " Gain 8 armor. This turn, your minions cost armor instead of mana".
To " Gain 8 armor. This turn, your next minion costs armor instead of mana."
Druid is the most toxic class right now.


What about fixing known bugs first?

E.g. a bug related to Souleater’s Scythe… In combination with Renathal your hero still only gets 30HP by start of the game. I guess it’s pretty easy to change the coding regarding “start of the game” priorities…

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How long wild players will have to deal with a deck with almost 60% WR across all ranks? Please do something as Discolock is out of control

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데나트리우스 너프하는 건 알겠는데
왜 죽음의 기사 손님까지 금지 시키는 거죠?
재밌게 하고 있는데 드루 너프를 할거면 거프를 너프해라.
멍청한 개발진 놈들아.

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Shocksplitter could go to 5 mana , 5/5 and still potentially be broken

4코스트 손님을 벤 풀어라 빨리.
전설런 하는데 금지카드가 되어있다.

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Why is Mercenaries Spawn of N’zoth charge bug still not fixed??

I feel like the patch notes should have mentioned the card ban since it was mentioned on twitter. Seems strange to leave it out of the patch notes

We're also aware of the interaction between Grim/Gruntled Patron and Corpse Explosion. Even if it's not overpowered, it's a poor experience, so are considering possible changes.

In the mean time, we've temporarily banned Grim Patron and Gruntled Patron from play in Ranked.

— Celestalon (@Celestalon) December 9, 2022

They failed to mention that they also banned Gruntled Patron in standard mode.

Edit. The poster above me beat me to it…no wonder I didn’t know about it. I don’t support Twitter or it’s newly appointed owner.


I only go to twitter to find out stuff about hearthstone lol. And I usually find out something happened on twitter from reddit. It sucks how much they ignore these forums


Brann is the real problem that should be removed from standard. Solid nerfs though on those 2 cards.


Great that Denathrius got addresses, bit your fix made it just a druid card now with their 20 mana, endless minions and copying effects… other classes will struggle to use him.
It should have been changed to hitting minions only. Same treatment for shockspitter and astalor and then the game is fair.


You should put golden Prince Renathal insted of normal Denathrius in the achivment, it would be a nice touch