24.6 Patch Notes

24.6 Patch Notes

Prepare for Hearthstone’s next expansion: March of the Lich King!

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Merc renown system is good until you realize you need 1000 rares to get 50 rares back.

If you need 150 coins to upgrade a legendary something ONCE. You need 750 renown coins for it.
Thats 1500 legendary coins or 7500 rare coins.

I played the game enough to hit top 10 ranked in the last 2 seasons even with bots running rampant and taking up at least 3 spots and even i do not have enough excess coins to max out one legendary.


Holy moly what an enormous patch!! All of the new stuff looks incredible, and the bug fixes too! AH!! I can’t wait to dig in! Y’all are the best and I hope you all know that your hard work is always appreciated. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I really like the cool hero skins they keep adding to the game, but I would really like to see an option to buy them with gold too. The gold I get from the battlepass gets to a point where it is useless for me, as I get almost all the cards I need from the expansion preorder I do not need to buy many more packs with gold and that is all I can really buy with it as the game is right now. Maybe if we could buy the new currency with gold even that would make the battlepass value feel more “worth it” to me.

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What’s the change for C’Thun ???

You dont have to use his HP every turn to upgrade it. Now you can just hold it and it just upgrades every turn no matter what

Oh thanks, missed the “after” word removed :slight_smile:

In regards to Teracosa, honestly I would have left her as is. Whitemane is going to be a tactical positioning choice, and Teracosa can get out of hand. Personally I’d love to see Teracosa get the Whitemane debuff and your opponent have to change her out. That being said I also understand that 99.9% of the BG population doesnt share my opinion so it makes sense for the change. I just think it would be hysterical if an opponent (or myself) put all my eggs into Teracosa only to get her golden whitemane’d. It’s less frustrating than Leeroy/poison, but obnoxious enough to get a ‘well played opponent’ at least from me.

another patch another missed opportunity to fix BG and remove the pay to win. game stays uninstalled. till next time :smiley:

New massive patch and somehow you still can’t attack an opposing enemy merc with Spawn of N’zoth :man_facepalming:

if u will buy it for gold how actiblizz top-managers will have their millions?) r u mad?)

The coin exchange rate for mecernary is the biggest Rip off its beyong madness.

Basically Blizzard decided to fix the coin price bien by making the exchange ratio so bad it gonna take like 8000+ rare coin to max out one equipment …

It’s the biggest middle finger blizzard could do to the long time mercenaries player. They basically say "we fix the coin problem by making them ALMOST useless … Not totally … Happy ?“

Well time to go back to SNAP, you greedy B****

Seriously you don’t give a “beep” about mercenaries player.

That compagny is worse than EA.

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You forgot to add to the patch notes that you rigged battlegrounds so only your fravorite/elite players win and everyone else loses.

All the matches I had since the patch were all garbage as I can’t get any cards to build a competing deck.

Yeah, I don’t love the conversion ratio here, but considering what the dust conversion value on cards is, I expected it to be around this bad. Dump your pocket change in a jar for a whole month, and find you’ve got just enough money to eat at McDonald’s.

A lot of the rest of the update looks fun. New and quest-like events and rewards. Interesting changes to Battlegrounds. New cards in the core set to destabilize standard. Even though I don’t quite get into Mercenaries, I very much appreciate the quality of life and strategy that comes with the flexibility of the new quest system – assuming they eventually make the gameplay in that mode a little more fun, I know I’ll be happy to have it.

In mercenaries am I missing something or did Blizzard eliminate all the colorful voice overs given by each merc during their quest string? Was something that made it more fun.

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Well I didn’t expect anything from Blizzavision but a way to get rid of my extra Coins.
But what I was not expecting is that you get only 2 daily “offers” to exchange your hard-earned Coins for only 2 random, unmaxed Mercs.
Unmaxed mercs are not going to get maxed anytime soon at this rate -_-

Bug fixes you say? What about all the brand new bugs?

  • I cannot play on mobile device anymore since yesterday (error message about the database), only on my computer.
  • The game randomly freezes at the end of a match
  • The game randomly freezes when I make a transaction in Mercenaries (buying Coins with Renown)
  • I never got the reward from my first Visitor task (Trigore asking me to finish Xaril using Guff in my party, I did all that but didn’t get no satisfaction). EDIT: yep, you’re supposed to bring the Visitor in your team.

At this stage, I’m disgusted and don’t even wanna try the second daily visitor task. EDIT: I had Galvangar visiting, needed a team with Chi-Ji and Cap Hooktusk. So half my team was useless :slight_smile: And I don’t even need Galvangar or Trigore coins anyway, I have them both maxed earlier.


i’m just connect and read a very shocking statement : if you buy mage pack you have 49 death Knight cards that are impossible to get from the normal packs.
Thats the biggest pay to win i’ve ever read.

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how much do you get pay to write this? or you are just being a troll trolling?

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Hola qué tal yo lo juego desde el celular (iPhone ) y aún no se me actualiza. Que es lo qué pasa?