24.4.3 patch notes are out

Mostly as expected after yesterday’s hints. Theotar just 5 mana, though - open the salt vault! :innocent:

Don’t think people can possibly be mad at this. It’s the most reasonable nerf. Overall small patch, but it hit the most problematic cards in hunter. I’m happy

I’m happy with the changes, but do find it humorous that the only two cards I crafted day 1 of the expansion (Theotar and Aralon) both got nerfed today.

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So, patch is live now?

They also mentioned that Renathal would be looked at after the next expansion releases :crossed_fingers:

Will there be refunds for Aya’lon?

It was never closed sweetheart :blush:


Quoted from patch notes

  • The above craftable cards, as well as Spirit Poacher, Stag Charge, Wild Spirits, and Ara’lon will be eligible for full dust refunds for two weeks following Patch 24.4.3.*

Dang, so it has to be at least the size of Scrooge McDuck’s vault.

P.S: @ Killu

It’s not yet out on EU, PC version.


If they think a 5 mana nerf will “significantly reduce his playrate” they are sorely mistaken.

And if play rate is the issue, why are we just ignoring Denathrius?


Because he is the poster boy of this expansion and everything it represents, a nerf to the card reflects badly on their ego.


It just doesn’t do anything, though. Even 6 or 7 would be playable at its role, and the opportunity cost for the extra mana isn’t significant in the cases where Theotar is strong.

You can’t both claim Theotar is a problem and then call this a solution.

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All I want from this expansion is for denathrius to be nerfed. It’s all I ever wanted


The main issue with Theotar’s play rate is that his effect is highly desired and impossible to get by other cards, hence the fact we see a ton of him.

It doesn’t even matter that statistically he isn’t a huge win rate card. Nothing else does what he does (allow targeted hand removal).

He would have to be made virtually unplayable if they want to significantly cut into his play rates, as he is still your only defense against many of the late game inevitabilities/OTKs


No change to Dr 10. Heads still shoved firmly up their rear ends. No surprise.


Doesn’t rogue have a card which allows the player to choose between three cards in the opponent’s hand and put it back into the opponent’s deck?

Ironically he’ll likely be nerfed when the next expansion comes out.

Who cares if the community largely dislikes the card and it’s an obvious power outlier creating an unfun meta around it?

Team 5 has packs to sell to the people that still spend money on this game. They can safely nerf it when they print their next must have card next set.


Don’t worry, your wish will come true next expansion.

Yeah, but 5 mana changes nothing. He’ll see the same play. I’d be surprised if it drops even 1%

It does! Unfortunately it came out at the same time as dredge, so it’s not exactly a long lasting removal in many cases. Also the one from hand requires a secret deck, which is less than ideal.

I agree. It doesn’t change why people run Theotar. It’s not even a particularly major factor in his power level.

They really dislike people who like to play past turn 5? :joy:

The only nerf I would accept is if it gives both players 40 health; it needs to be an anti aggro card, if they reduce the starting health it will become useless

Some F2p will dust it and they will be reluctant in recrafting it for some weeks; so its playrate will drop and the nerf will be “successful”