24.0.1 Patch Notes (Pt. 2)

We are currently in the process of deploying an unscheduled 24.0.1 server hotfix patch following yesterday’s scheduled 24.0.1 server hotfix patch. This unscheduled hotfix patch includes a fix to a bug that was introduced with yesterday’s patch as well as two Duels adjustments, as follows:

• Fixed a bug where Moonlit Guidance would not draw the Discovered card when played.
• Adjusted the Brittle Bones Duels treasure offering algorithm.
• Changed the cards in the “Live to Win” Duels card bucket to include more diverse offerings.


Thanks for the quick help! Just a quick reminder: Don‘t hate the devs. Mistakes happens everywhere. Anyway, You guys do a great job. No fanboy. Simply appreciation for the devs! :+1:t2:


They are continuously making improvements …

Darn, it was raining ice in duels. Wait, maybe they made the skeletons show up even more frequently.

ayo when do the 10/10 life steal nerfs come out. I stop playing runterra because half of the decks were broken , so why can a druid with 7hp heal back to 40hp with 2 cards?


So when is poison being removed from BG?

Ramp druid and spooky mage its the problem open your eyes, i agree with kobold illusionist, an snowfall guardian nerf, But the cards remake were bad decisions, made this game 2 classes druid mage decks for legend tier, cards like Sire should be rebuild same for Infuse mage spell and Theotar, the Mad Duke because everyone using it for same reasons steal Sire, same for druid legendary card, wild heart guff, no point 10 mana max ,became 20 for one class only, by spending 5 mana card cost, its absolute noncense,10 mana crystals its enough. I hope in general the community understands my point of view, and this cards are utterly broken, and at moment are the true cancer in Hearthstone.