23.6 Patch Notes

23.6 Patch Notes

Prepare for Hearthstone’s next expansion: Murder at Castle Nathria!

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Any news about fixing Brann Bronzebeard (unlocking abilities) and other heroes from Uldum in Duels?


Unstable ghoul will be removed from the battlegrounds. Good luck dealing with George’s all divine shielded poisoned murlocs. Or George’s anything else.

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they added many minions that do things like …deal 3 dmg to EVERY MINIONS


OMG these are some cool patch notes!

But what about Classic/Naxx?


Indeed, but getting a specific 4 drop is way harder than a 2 drop, especially when most of the non George players are looking for it. That’s why I said “Good luck …”
If there was no other option, I’d say “Impossible …”

See the difference?

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by the time you gonna need that 4 drop you will be at tier 6 mate. never had a problem with divine shield on tier 2…

Getting a 4 drop is harder at any tier than getting a 2 drop, simply because there are fewer of them in the minion pool. Don’t tell me you don’t know that?

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What is inappropriate game play?


I don’t think I like where they went with BG.

I will play a bit and see, but I am not liking many of the new minions.

Also, yrel didn’t work last game. Literally did not buff anything in six rounds before I dumped her. Small indie company or whatever…

It can’t be a coincidence Minecraft and Hearthstone implement report systems so close to each other. Is this a new policy from Microsoft to add this baby stuff to all their multiplayer games?

Can’t wait to get reported and banned for playing the wrong deck on ladder. Not that I play this game much anymore, but stuff like this doesn’t make me want to come back.

Shame too since the next expansion looks pretty cool.

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Being reported doesn’t necessarily lead to being banned. There is still a review of the report to determine if a violation occurred. I think this is an important tool that I hope can improve the game environment for everyone. There should absolutely be a simple way to report a player using a Btag such as “Hitlerwasright” or other bigoted or vulgar names.


Also… where’s my Renathal???

Is it simply being pushed late or is this just another case of mobile users getting screwed over again?

Of course the Zerus pfp loves this patch.

I second this, really annoying. Also ban twog from the starterdeck pls? :slight_smile:

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Guys and Gals…
Well Done!
This patch is of epic proportions! I really like the patch notes, and I will hopefully enjoy the patch even more! =)

Roping. Aiming your spell that deals damage at enemie’s face constantly saying “greetings” before actually casting it.

Looking at words “baby stuff” i understand that you are sad that you won’t be able to BM anymore.

“Grounds for reporting will include inappropriate names, inappropriate chats, and inappropriate gameplay.”

I sure hope this includes serial roping, even though they have allowed this in the past.

hey battlegrounds
mechs seem pretty overpowerd now wih a normal 5/5 machnetic mech on level 4 and a quilboar being able to buff all minions

also im really looking forward for mercenaries have 9k coins on maxed out characters and being able to get rid of it wil feel wonderfull