23.4.3 Patch Notes

23.4.3 Patch Notes

Patch 23.4.3 includes several balance changes to Standard, Battlegrounds, and Mercenaries, plus more!

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Why would you hit shaman by nerfing one of druid’s best cards? nerfing lightning bloom hurts druid more than it hurts shaman.


Any news about fixing Brann Bronzebeard (unlocking abilities) and other heroes from Uldum in Duels?


Why nerf earthen scales? It takes away a way to counter armor druid in wild. Now you cannot destroy this spell with skulking geist :frowning:

  1. Why did it take nearly an entire year to nerf Smite despite everyone knowing that it was a problem since launch? Hell, it was barely nerfed, the problem is is that it gives itself Charge. Remember when you Hall of Famed Leeroy for less?

2)There was only 1 meaningful Wild nerf in overload. Big Shaman is going to still be played since Neptulon is extremely hard to deal with for most decks. Rogue was untouched, both swordfish need a ban until rotation and rebalance, and nothing was done about the mine bs. Paladin still has 0 mana draw 5 and Mage is still dumping hand on turn 3/4. Add “BUT NOT LESS THAN 1” to both galv and mechwarper. You even buffed armor druid by making earthen scales 2 mana. Now geist can’t hit them.

3)Nellie is a dead card. It should’ve never been cost 1, but now it’s completely useless.

4)Gnoll just lost 1 atk, it’s still a damn semi-yeti coming out earlier than it should be. Add the damn extra mana back to it.


But instead linecracker druid will die almost always against aggro because you cant do the small combo with 80 armor with 10 mana crystals anymore. If you are running geist to counter linecracker druid you are simply bad at this game.

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Excuse me but this includes a fix to woecleaver right? I’ve been waitting for this patch for it since I’m stuck in duesl with it without wanting to change my strategy nor wanting to make my opponent disconnect…

“Gnoll is tricky to balance…”

That’s because Gnoll is not the problem! Just fix the dumb Gnoll interaction with the masquerade legendary. That’s clearly where the problem is. Gnoll could easily be balanced if not for that dumb interaction.


Well that escalated quickly. What a negative attitude.
Ich run Skulking Geist in many of my Reno decks for fun and some countering. So now i won’t destroy earthen scales any more. That is all I am saying. Calm down :smiley:


The Lightning Bloom nerf hits Big Shaman a lot harder than it hits any Druid deck. It kills the potential to drop an Ancestor’s Call on turn 1 or 2 and only makes it possible on turn 3 if they have The Coin.

Taking away the ability to essentially win that quickly with a good draw is vital.


Why the harsh Nellie nerf tho?
It was frustrating at best against quest warrior, sometimes and the only issue is that mr smite could be discovered.
The card was killed for no reason. Ozumat might be unironically better


Hi. I have looked throughout the update and we only have 5 days in the Y’shaarj limited edition quest line do you to fix a bug. Because tons of people will be mad if the quest ends with a bug on the ninth quest and no rewards to follow. If you can fix it that would save everyone. If not, send everyone 50 Hooktusk Coins, 75 Y’shaarj Coins and the Diamond Y’shaarj mercenary portrait

Nellie needed hit so that Control Warrior couldn’t just pop out board after board, and hit you for upwards of 20+ burst from two cards. Now they HAVE to play towards an even slower game plan. The nerf was a bit harsh, but it did need something.

Neptulon will take the slot long before Ozumat does. Ozumat Shield Slam is a fun interaction, but it’s not nearly as threatening as Neptulon.

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When can we expect this to go live?

Smite was never really an issue until this meta, with Nellie and Rogue shenanigans.

Big Shaman will still be played, but the deck was slowed down, which was the goal of this nerf.
Swordfish is a fine card, honestly. Maybe could have changed it to +1 attack, but with Big Shaman being hit then some slower decks can come up that can just drop Rogues. Let the meta adjust before making that hard call.
Mine Rogue isn’t really an issue, honestly. Sure, it’s uninteractive, but so are a lot of other decks.
Calling Radar Detector a 0 mana draw 5 is disingenuous, it’s drawing on average about 3 cards.
I can’t see them killing off Wild Mech Mage. Adding “But not less than 1” to those cards just kills the entire deck off, and for what reason?
Also, Earthen Scales is 100% just a straight nerf. Doubling the mana in exchange for the card to not get hit by a rarely played tech card is just not a buff.

It is now the value oriented card it was designed to be, instead of the large burst damage card. It now fits its original design philosophy much better.

Gnoll wasn’t that problematic to begin with? A nerf like this is fine, because it reduces the pressure it puts out.

Imagine being paid 6 figures a year to balance like this.
Both Constructed And Battlegrounds … Holy hell


A bit… Facepalm.

They have killed control warrior.

They don’t want the control archetype to exist. Hello agrrostone again.


Anything about the significant issues in the Mercs Collection UI or the speed of the Mercs abilities being out of order and messed up?


I don’t think they don’t want to, but it’s not a healthy version of Control.
I remember back in the days it was control with golden monkey, ragnaros, with way less removals and direct damage and no mana cheats
Now it’s 2 mana gain 10 armor and clear the board type of stuff, with 7 or less mana Raid boss Onyxia, with Rokara having 10 damage and a hunter hero power. And after having your stuff being removed permanently, they’ll just OTK you. Right now it is a control-face-combo warrior, which is toxic

I meant Ozumat as a colossal might be better than Nellie as a colossal.
Ozumat being an actual joke

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That is fair. I still think Nellie is playable, just more value driven than mana-cheaty, which is way more healthy for the game.

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