23.4 Patch Notes

23.4 Patch Notes

Patch 23.4 brings the new Voyage to the Sunken City Mini-Set, updates to Battlegrounds, a ton of Mercenaries, and more!

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Are we really not nerfing Trigore? Am I blind?


Holy Ship! Unfathomable


I’m loving our cute new bubble buddy! Excited to try them out in battlegrounds and standard, but not against mages and imps! :sweat_smile:

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New battlegrounds unit is nice. Maybe with that will come with some battleground skins i actually want to purchase. However the mercenary increase is nice, unless you retkon us backstabbing lady prestor i have no interest in supporting a mode that gave me the best story ever, then turned it into poop and chucked it at me as hard as they could. But i digress.

Wow, a lot of these new mercs seem either kinda weak or really weird. Excited to see how they play out with the correct party.
Still see no mention of any chances to the coin system, which is dissapointing.


I thought you were suposed to see what enemy choses with nellie


really cant see why that should not be a thing, if i see a bunch of scrap without smite, i might not hex it


Maiev Merc has not listed its abilities’ speeds and cooldowns. Could you fix that?

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Looks good, can’t wait.

Awesome new mercs!

Tyrael no minion type, that’s strange

Wishing for Nemsy as a fire oriented goblin engineering warlock caster

Also an undead tank would be primo, but I would accept Lich King switching to undead

Gruul doesn’t have a tribe either, so there is precedent for that.

Really stoked for all the new mercs. A new event as well!

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don’t forget to knock out your 5 wins before the patch as the patch always seems to break tracking!

new mercenaries breakdown by rarity, I was a little concerned at first thinking they were overstocking legendaries but that was apparently just because of the 2 effectively free ones

Y’Shaarj (Legendary Protector) - FREE
Tyrael (Legendary Fighter) - FREE
Queen Azshara (Legendary Caster)
Reno Jackson (Legendary Caster)
Maiev Shadowsong (Legendary Protector)

Zar’Jira, the Sea Witch (Epic Caster)
Lady Vashj (Epic Fighter)
Captain Hooktusk (Epic Caster)
Brann Bronzebeard (Epic Protector)
Elise Starseeker (Epic Fighter)
Maestra (Epic Caster)
Lorewalker Cho (Epic Caster)
Yrel (Epic Fighter)

Fathom-Lord Karathress (Rare Protector)
Tidemistress Athissa (Rare Protector)
Lord Slitherspear (Rare Fighter)
Patches the Pirate (Rare Caster)
Baine Bloodhoof (Rare Protector)


Yes where is the coin update? We got a big batch of new mercs and no use for the piles and piles of extra useless coins.


also see no mention of the “new endgame” both of which were implied to be the reason for not releasing new mercs at the time – that they’d do it all at once and give mercenaries center stage.

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I don’t know this whole patch seems very weird. The mini set cards seem very either awkward or underpowered. They don’t really seem to fit The voyage to the sea. I mean they have the same theme but they don’t really seem to fit in any of the decks they all seem very awkward.

Also I love mercenaries but I have to agree with everyone why are you shoving 17 new legendaries all at once on us when you haven’t even fixed the coin problem yet. Do you know how hard it is going to be to collect all 17 more of these or 18 if you weren’t able to do the Nzoth event which most people weren’t. I mean if you just simply fixed the coin issue and made them not tied to any certain mercenaries. Just make them mercenary coins. When you open up a pack rares could be like 25 to 50 coins, epics could be like 100 to 150 coins and legendaries could be like 175 to 300 coins. That way we could use coins on any mark and not have one mark That’s maxed out with 2000 coins left over and instead we could use those to help update our other mercs or craft ones without having to spend crap loads of money on packs because you throw 17 to 18 marks at us all at one expansion. That is a completely overwhelming number to put in mercenaries all in one patch. I can understand putting maybe 4 to 5 new marks in each patch but 17 to 18 without fixing the coin problem so that we can’t even craft them if we don’t get them out of packs if we even have the money to buy the packs? Just seems very greedy and selfish.

The only thing I see that I like is the bug that fixes the screen cutting off the bottom two players in battlegrounds when playing on mobile. The whole enemy icon slider was slid down like an inch and a half so you couldn’t see the bottom player and like half of the second bottom player, I am glad to see that that was addressed.

Also I thought the mini set was coming out today as usually all patches are released on Tuesdays. So I was surprised to see that it’s coming out on June 1st which is actually Wednesday (tomorrow).

Since you have an extra day to do this I wonder if you can roll out the patch to the stores like Google Play The Apple store for acceptance so that they can offer the update the day before or the night before you roll out the patch for PC that way the PC players and mobile players get the patch at the same time since you know very well every time you put out a patch the PC players get to play immediately and make their content immediately and the mobile players have to wait 5 hours sometimes to the next day before they even get the patch.

So I wonder why you don’t just roll out the patch to the stores the night before and then roll out the patch to PC at 10:00 PST as you normally do so we get them roughly around the same time. You keep blaming it on the stores having to check them out and accept them and put them on their site but if you gave them a day or a night to do that then they could put them up on the site at the same time that the PC patch rolls out so it’s actually you just trying to make them do it all at once and then blaming them when you could just give them a little bit of prep time and they could release it at the same time as the PC patch, that’s all I’m saying.

Or druids, or demon hunters, or paladins, or warlocks with mortal coil, I think you might be overestimating this card just about every class can take this out easily and in battlegrounds it just falls to a simple tabby cat or an imp, or even a wrath Weaver at 1/3, or a dragon on tier 1 there’s just so many one attack minions on tier 1 and then there’s heroes that can just do one damage. Like first turn tavish you can just shoot it and instantly dies.

Timeline for patch? 10am CET as usual?