23.2.2 Patch Notes

23.2.2 Patch Notes

Patch 23.2.2 brings bug fixes and balance changes to Battlegrounds and Standard!

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was the rank increase bug, where you could not earn rank for battlegrounds while in a party, fixed with this patch?


How uninspired, not even dev notes to add why they made the changes. Not even a bump up in requirements for the hunter quest. Like cmon the quest is completed by turn 5/6 every single game then u lose.


Wow, only one fix for mercenaries? That mode is full of bugs that just take the fun out of the game sometimes


Waiting for that since lastpatch… lol

Are the bugs that were suppose to be fixed last time (brann interactions)…fixed?

Overall im fine with the nerfs and buffs.

Edit: Brann bug appears to be fixed.

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damn my prist deck got nerfed,and the buffs dont look that great.

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So priest will continue to perform poorly. Why not some actual buffs or synergy instead of a few random card changes


Drek’Thar was hit way too hard IMO, and I don’t even play him. The others nerfs are okay, but I wish they did something about Cariel and that Guff/Nourish gave empty mana crystals, Celestial Alignment druid is such an annoying deck.
As for the buffs, there are all well deserved. Wish they reverted Scabbs instead of Wildpaw Gnoll’s manacost though.

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Knee jerk reaction here (only time and playing will tell truly what the impact of these balance changes is):

The nerfs to Darkgaze Elder & Young Murk Eye seem wildly out of order. Neither of these cards were stifling, albeit in a meta that was overwhelmingly dominated by Naga, yet my point remains the same. In my experience, Darkgaze Elder’s power comes from the ability to get multiple Dynamic Duos & Groundshakers active, and even still it was an incredibly inconsistent win condition. Young Murk Eye was purely viable on heroes that could get him early & abuse him–heroes like Reno & Omu, though both were better off shooting for Althissa and scaling Naga.

I wish instead of hyper-reacting to Murlocs, we could fix the true issue, and that’s Sefin–please just remove Sefin and revert all the nerfs to Murlocs (Coldlight Oracle & Yung Murky).

I do think that two specific Naga nerfs are going to have a ton of impact: Althissa & Stormscale Siren. An anecdote–I had gold Chargla & Gold Darkgaze Elder and I was STOMPED out of the game by someone with two Althissa & two Sirens (maybe it was a golden siren I forget). The amount of scaling Naga get EVEN STILL in comparison to what Quillboar can get is so asymmetric.

I REALLY, don’t think the nerfs to Young Murk Eye or Darkgaze Elder were warranted–at least without any comment whatsoever from the devs here. I wish we had been given ample time to use & test out two brand new 6 drops OUTSIDE of the context of an oppressive Naga meta (seriously most broken meta in BGs since pre nerf Leapfrogger/arguably more broken).

Not expecting a response from Blizzard here, but will say that I think this balance patch was 100% an overreaction; however, I will applaud the naga nerfs. I believe we won’t see nearly as much Naga spam.s

EDIT: Somehow the nerf to Fluglmancer slipped past me. WHAT??? This hero is unplayable now, which is a huge shame to me as it was arguably my favorite hero to play. Disappointment aside–I don’t understand this nerf at all. It was not a strong hero in the Naga meta, and we have no idea how it would perform right now in the wake of the other nerfs. I sincerely hope this nerf is reverted soon.

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Someone in Twitch chat suggested that a good nerf for Drek’Thar would be to have the minions he summons be dormant for some turns. That seemed a lot more interesting than just “make it one minion” or “make him 3-3” and would have been a better balance.

But I don’t see anything in these buffs that going to stop the mech/handbuff paladins and control warriors from moving into the next wave of complete domination.


You forgot Mech Mages


Ladder - nice kill quest hunter.

Bg - nice balance cards when takes ONLY games in American and China servers :slight_smile:

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can I ask you how it was nerfed?

BG is a bullsh** now. I can’t play and watch other ppl playing it. Awfull.


And the weakest druid 's Colossal of course have not been buffed…

I understand Guff, but against Cariel you can run Viper. It’s your decision if you don’t do.

From what I can tell, no changes were made to the INSANE scaling of Naga. Changing the starting stats of the cards is not going to help when they all end up being 200/200+. It literally seems like the only real nerfs were to Quills and Murlocs, which were practically unplayable already.


just logged on forum in past 3 years to give you heart. based
This patch is a joke in both BG and Normal Hearthstone.
Also BG party games not fixed not even a mention. Ben is missed…
clearly shows the disconnect


Your Picture says it all. out of 2 vipers its PRAYGE to conventionally get viper or u are forced to hold it at start rotting and laying eggs in hand waiting for cariel.

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