23.0.3 Patch Notes

23.0.3 Patch Notes

Patch 23.0.3 includes balance changes to Standard, Wild, and Battlegrounds!

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The only change for Quest Warrior is one more pirate for the third questline??? Really? :joy:

I remember, that there were Quest Murloc Shaman. Summon 10 murlocs and get a murloc with battlecry that fill your hand with murlocks.

And what we have here
only 9 pirates, with side effects like weapon draw and table control, and fantastic reward, which gives you infinite resources.

It’s unfair! Every fourth player plays on this deck!!! Current balance changes are not enough for such strong deck


Does this only go live Wed? Everything is still the same so far

I’m yet to see any official comment on Brann + Azshara & Nellie bugging players games. Am I missing something?


I’m guessing in about 14 minutes.

As a Priest main, I guess they really don’t want me to win games or have fun in Standard. I could go and deal with the chaos that is Wild, but I think I’ll just not play. Bummer.


mage friends let’s go!

I do not see anything about the DH on this list. Do your devs play the game or follow the ladder ranking?


Dev Comment: My bad.

Thanks Dev Person. It’s appreciated.


Woww no patch for mercenaries… What a joke. Pvp has been broken for 2 weeks ever since you buffed Trigore. It’s made an already pretty hard to love game mode completly unfun… Least you could of done is revert the buff


No DH changes.

Lol. Lmao.


Ok ok, that’s a little unfair though: murlocks are an aggro deck that quickly runs out of steam. Furtheremore, there are cards that summon multiple murlocks.

refilling the hand of an aggro murlock deck is a pretty big thing.

The Pirate Quest is, indeed, pretty bonkers, but not as immediately impactful to kill your opponent as filling your hand with aggro cards.

I think you’re sleeping on the murlock quest, a bit. But yes, pirate quest has an insane amount of value.

No don’t worry! Kazakusan can actually be used with deathrattles, now =D Just put together a dragon deathrattle priest and you might be able to do better =D

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No Merc updates??? What about the portrait issue that is extremely annoying… or what about letting us re-utilize coins for coins we ACTUALLY need?? Would bring alot more people to the game mode.


congraz !!! Worst balance changes ever !!


Fixed bugs with the user interface for Bob’s Bazaar in Tombs of Terror, preventing progression.

Actually the most important change, thank you <3


Yeah, I was trying to found something about it in this patch. I don’t care about nerfs so much as with those breaking game bugs

  1. Kazakusan changes will not fix problems with Ramp Druid but it will decrease the power level a little. The problem is Guff giving you essentially limit of 20 maximum mana meaning that you can basically have double the turns your opponent has permanently for the rest of the game.

  2. Questline Warrior was already bad enough yet people complained about it not because it’s good but because it’s no fun and it simply made no sense an aggro deck could generate infinite value for zero mana as reward for vomiting out bunch of minions with “Pirate” tag out on curve.

  3. Pufferfist never felt particularly slow as you could usually kill it instantly, unless you were playing some tier 5 highlander meme deck, don’t think decreasing it’s health changes anything at all.

Anyways, overall this is far better than the previous state of the game.


So the brann bugs/crashes/freezes are still in. :expressionless:


Still nothing game says Wed