23.0 Patch Notes

23.0 Patch Notes

Patch 23.0 prepares the Tavern for Voyage to the Sunken City and includes updates to Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, and more!

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When do you plan on fixing the coin system in mercenaries?

Also I’m reading the year of the Hydra core set changes, but the core card library has not been updated to include the new core cards. IT’s the same as they are now.

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They literally talked about exactly that in the youtube video… not that anyone still cares about that garbage mode.

Well It would have been nice if they would have mentioned it in the patch notes… cuz they didn’t. I’ve stopped playing mercenaries for this very reason.

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Why would it be in the patch notes if it’s not in this patch?

Read the Year of the Hydra post: https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/news/23784369/welcome-to-the-year-of-the-hydra

Because mercenaries has been out for a really long time and this should have been fixed a long time ago.

The task system rework seems good, but the mysterious stranger still froze the bounty if u do not have available tasks.

I still don’t see anything bug fixes on Deathwing’s Demon Soul equipment not working on bosses for Black Rock Mountain. That definitely needs to be fixed asap

When will the mobile version be updated ?


I love the idea of the mysterious stranger idea, but I completed all my quests for the day and now I can’t find one at all. This is not fun at all. The % to find him should be increased initially and decreased as you “complete” heroes I feel.

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Update, I have finally found the stranger!

Please stop doing this “one last hurrah” BS before a rotation. It effectively means that if you don’t have the unnerfed cards, you can’t play standard competitively for a week. I’m now a BG only player until the 12th, while my rank drops to the dumpster.

In the mercenary mode, nothing reacts to the mouse cursor, I can’t go to the camp, campfire, arena, training or anything. Completely broken! Only can open friends list or Esc → quit.

  • Misc. other performance enhancements and bug fixes to make your seat comfier around the hearth.

Does this include the extremely high rate of the game crashing and/or freezing when you select the Mystery Stranger??

Or is giving us a chain of tasks the work around for this bug?

Я все еще жду когда добавят нового персонажа “Король вузов” пассивная абилка действует так: После каждого Поражения вы воруете обогреватель (Мех со статами 5/15 Предсмертный хрип: вы кушаете сникерс) А баддик этого персонажа называется “Попрыгуха” Архетип ЗВЕРЬ действует так Предсмертный хрип: ваш зверь получает +1/+1 и этот «Предсмертный хрип» Жду фидбека от разработчиков


Any news on the 2 banned warlock cards yet?


Just wondering… So if I want to go through Belinda’s tasks and I don’t generate it randomly and I can’t farm for it from mysterious stranger because its occurrence is reduced, how can I get her tasks? I feel like reducing the occurrence of the stranger is a mistake. What is the stranger occurrence percentage now?

When is the last day to buy the pre-release bundles?

do you know how patch notes work ?

My suggestion is to make ALL QUESTS including ALL WEEKLY QUESTS to be done with friends not just some special like play 50 certain type of cards + if the game have to be playable/enjoyable with friends more often also the quest to WIN 5 RANKEDS each week could be AT LEAST!!! changed to PLAY instead of WIN those 5 games which automatically can be done with friends aswell i think it is worth considering AT LEAST! :slight_smile: peace