22.6 Mobile Patch Delay

But Blizzard could push the patch to the platforms ahead of the release date so all those clearances could be performed, allowing the mobile patch to be released at the same time as the PC patch. Instead, Blizzard CHOSE not to do this. And once again, mobile players get the shaft.

I think it would be wonderful if every single mobile player submitted tickets and just flooded the CS department. Waste a bunch of their time and money responding to complaints.

This is ridiculous guidance. I play a lot on both my PC and my IPad.

It is impossible to play on a PC without updating to the latest patch, and I don’t see an option to roll back to a previous patch

Blizzard is totally at fault here for pushing this update out the door too fast.

Once again, Blizzard’s customer service totally sucks, rolling this out way too soon…

But… man alive, you folks sure want us players to spend money on the pre-purchase packs right away,…

And by rolling this incomplete patch out so early , you’re ensuring that we will have plenty of time to pony up our VISA cards for the pre-purchases, and keep the cash flowing into your pockets.

Hard to fathom the total self-centered lack of regard for a huge customer base, but at the same time not surprising…

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OK, I’ll bite…

One ;day??..

One week??..

One month??..

It would be quite courteous on your part if you could provide an ETA when this mobile patch is expected to be fully available…

But that is obviously way too much to ask…

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Yes, harassing underpaid customer service reps sounds wonderful indeed. Next week you can try harassing the QA staff too, I’m sure that will help.

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Patch is live on Android, just downloaded it.

That’s my question. When is this fixed?

I also downloaded it a few hours ago. But I can´t login (it opens the login page in a browser instead of embedded into the app like before, and does not login).
I don’t know if this if the “proper” version or not.

I didn’t say it would be helpful. Just wonderful. And maybe next time they’ll think about getting mobile pushed up early to avoid this sort of delay. And I don’t think the vulgarity was necessary to make your point.

I downloaded from Google Play and mine works fine. I’ve heard there might be issues with the Amazon store but I can’t verify.

Mine was from Google Play. Did you login or were you already logged in?

What I find really upsetting about this all is that they did not notify the public about this earlier.

They could’ve provided this information BEFORE RELEASE. They even DELAYED this announcement and still failed to inform the public. If people knew beforehand they wouldn’t update on their PC verisons and would be able to play.

They just really don’t care.

So now a big part of their audience can’t even enjoy the game. It really hurts the expansion announcement hype.

Amazon Appstore has not yet updated, still shows version 22.4.131660. I think I’m going to reinstall it from Google Play for now, until I need to make another purchase.

Not sure why you think that’s any better.

Ah yes, because if there’s one thing the last few years have taught us, is that making things worse for people at the bottom of the Blizzard ladder leads to improvements.

I disagree. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade, and asshole behavior asshole behavior.

I was already logged in. I’ll make sure not to log out!

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Can confirm that the update is now on ios store. Waited long enough, just happy it finally came through.

It’s up on the Amazon Appstore now as well.

Inconvenience for the customer results in inconvenience for the company. Or maybe it’s just cathartic. Either way, I’m perfectly fine with it.

First of all, those CS responders are getting paid for their time. They’re answering tickets all day. That’s what they do. More tickets in the queue doesn’t impact them at all. Now if nasty, vulgar people like you are using nasty and vulgar language in their ticket, then I don’t approve, but as long as they’re being polite, I’m perfectly fine with it.

And maybe, just maybe, when the bean counters notice the massive uptick in resources spent on tickets following patches, they might root out the cause and maybe the devs will make some improvements to minimize those costs. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just cathartic. Either way, I’m perfectly fine with it.

First, you don’t have to do anything. You chose to use that language. Second, it’s not appropriate language for this forum and is a violation of the forum code of conduct.

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Hey mods, actiblizz, and microsoft, you can address coc violations that suit you, but how about the mountain of ones that actually matter? Like hate speech, the trolling by people who do it on behalf of the company, etc.

The double standards are unreal.

I mean, you’re not wrong, but their selective enforcement of the coc is pretty telling.

No disagreement here. But your comment was in a post to me, so I offered my opinion. No, I did not report it; I had hoped you might self-edit. But apparently someone else must have taken offense and reported it; hence, the moderation. To your point, though, moderation does appear to be, at best, inconsistently applied.

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