22.6 Mobile Patch Delay

Hello all,

We identified an issue with our mobile version of the 22.6 patch. We’ve fixed the issue and resubmitted the patch to the mobile storefronts, but it can take some time for those storefronts to update. We expect the 22.6 patch to become available over the next few days, as those storefronts update.

Please be aware that until the mobile patch is available, updating to 22.6 on desktop will block you from being able to play Hearthstone on your mobile device. We advise any players who plan to play on mobile to wait until the 22.6 patch is available on all their devices before updating.

3/18 morning update: Mobile updates for Google and Samsung went live last night. We are still waiting for Amazon and iOS services to update. We will continue to update as we have more information.

3/18 late morning update: We are seeing the patch available on all storefronts! If it is not yet available on your specific device, it should become available shortly as those storefronts propagate to their users.


“Please be aware that until the mobile patch is available, updating to 22.6 on desktop will block you from being able to play Hearthstone on your mobile device.”

That is horrible. I play 90 percent of the time on mobile.


Almost every patch now has these issues and as usual, mobile players get screwed. :roll_eyes: why can’t it ever go smoothly?


This isn’t true. Mobile patches being late isn’t because of issues with the patch, it’s because of how the patching process works with mobile storefronts. Patches being delayed due to actual issues with the patch isn’t something that happens “almost every patch.”

Does that include an update for the iPad mini 6?

I guess I’m really glad I never play on PC anymore. If I couldn’t play for several days because of this I’d probably take it as a sign to quit.

(edit: I am referring to how people who updated on PC are locked out of mobile until this is resolved)

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No. I’m not talking about the usual 3 or so hour delay. I’m talking about the patch being bugged and delayed beyond that. I understand Google and Apple ultimately have say on it but if they got it right the first time, it would only be 3 hours. Now it’s potentially days

I play 100% on mobile, so I guess I won’t be playing the new card at all.

This shouldn’t happen, I usually play on iPad in my couch and bed before sleep, I simply cannot be there with my computer. What happens with all of us who work on a PC/Mac and use mobile devices for entertainment? Please fix this ASAP!

Why??? I play HS 100% on mobile… and a next few days?

Nice, now we have to wait who knows how many days to be able to play the game, you have a lot of mobile players, maybe if care about it you would notice that but as always blizzard never cares about anything, I already quit wow a few weeks ago, guess hearthstone will be next :ok_hand:


I mostly play mobile, but I went on PC to check our all the new stuff. It really sucks to be locked out of how I mainly play


This assumes one has made sure well in advance of this notification to turn off any automatic patching on desktop. Super irritating because by the time this information was available it was too late.


Can the desktop be rolled back to allow the mobile to work?

It’s not only the mobile update works on. It does not work on my ipad pro. So is not iso the problem?

The iPad is a mobile device, Michael.

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I wish we could get an ETA.
And I also hope they can fix the display screen in the lobby. For some reason it does not display who your opponent had fought because of the size of the buddy info on iPhone 6s.

Holy light, we jumped from patch 17 to 26 in a single leap on the pinned forum topics!

Will this make the game unstable?!

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Any updates on the Amazon Appstore ETA? One of the reasons that Hearthstone is my primary game is because I can alternate between my desktop/laptop and tablet. I was not expecting this kind of issue, so now I’m locked out of playing on my tablet. Really unhappy about this.