22.6 Known Issues

I’ve been having this issue as well

Portraits won’t save in Mercs after latest patch

Think there is a failed interaction with one of the unique Varden Dawngrasp Book of Mercenaries cards, in particular on the Onyxia, Raid Boss fight. In particular the unique card (Back-To-Back or something like that) which keeps Cariel and Kurtrus immune on the battlefield until your next turn. I believe the card text explicitly says my next turn. I played Kurtrus and ended my turn, and then the immune effect immediately went away and Onyxia killed him. The card works on Cariel, I tried using it just with her on the board in an earlier attempt on this boss, and it worked and kept her immune until my next turn. Kurtrus should’ve been immune during the computer’s turn, right?

Same here, started happened yesterday. Tried to relog or uninstall, but made no change.

I did but still I can’t login. :confused:

I found a solution. I have connected my Battlenet account to Gmail or Facebook. After that I tried to login with Gmail or Facebook. It worked.

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The new battleground cosmetics are not available in the blizzard store? i’m trying to gift it to a friend but i can’t see it.

thank u for the tip m8. linking my acc to gmail worked for me too

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I’ve also had incredibly long duel queue’s after my first win. and I have the event quest for duels games right now…

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Good evening, I play Hardstone in the “Mercenaries” mode has already advanced quite far, but apparently I have a hanging starting task from “Gromash” and I can not take the reward for this task, I write « When receiving the task there was an error, try again" tried again to pass his task but nothing has changed, because of this I can not pick up 4 packs of cards in the “Decks of cards” there writes that you need to undergo training, but I have already moved to the page with the 18th level and far away from it, hope you can help, thank you very much!

Duels Queue bugged, see https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/hearthstone/c/bug-report/8

No mention of the 40 minute queue times for Heroic Duels lmao?

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I can’t enter into a heroic duel, even with a tavern ticket or with gold/real money.

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Are you aware of the bug where you cant spectate your friend when you get knocked out in battlegrounds?
Very annoying bug.


I just had a golden battlegrounds minion vanish from my board between the combat and shop phases. I have no idea how/why I lost it, but it definitely takes the fun out of the game.

I had just sold a non-golden version of party ele and also lost the golden one after combat. No idea what’s up with that.

I was playing ranked duels and took Heavy Armor. Then in the next two games I got hit with 2 dmg, first by Blade of Quel’Delar and in the second game 2 dmg by Worshipper.

Hello, I can’t choose a hero on the battlefields, since they are missing, for this reason I have to restart the game, because of this I miss the first move, I would like to fix this defect.

Today the Pre-purchase packs and battlegrounds/mercenaries stuff have disappeared in the shop (no I didn’t purchase them). There are only card packs available to purchase now. This is on Europe and Americas accounts on desktop.

in mercenaries i upgraded Yu’lon’s Jadefire Buffet from 1 to 2 with coins and it didn’t work. The coins were spent and gone and the upgrade did not happen.