22.6 Known Issues

I have set my Merc Mode teams with their portrait I want. Every time my game crashes and “updates”, my party portraits are being reset. Is this a bug? I hate going back into them and setting them up ag ain.

I finished all 18 quest for all mercenaries. Now I can’t go pass the Mysterious Stranger.

When I reach the Mysterious Stranger, there is no option for me and it stucks.

Restart doesn’t work. The only way to continue is to retire the current progress.


Здравствуйте, сейчас проходил поручение наемников хартстоун, божественное вмешательство, где нужно пройти героичесткое поручение аптекаря хелбрима одним Лироем. И задание не засчиталось. Я потратил на это много времени, засчитайте пожалуйста задание или объясните почему не засчиталось

Mercenaries wrong translation from Eng to Pol:

  • Voone Task 17: Deal 980 damage with cleave throw.
    In polish it say Deal 980 damage to casters.

прошел второй раз - так же не засчитало

засчитывает за обычное прохождение, похоже ошибка в переводе

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There is a bug in Nefarians equipment kit in Mercenaries. The effect of Experimental Subject 1 does not apply at all.

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It’s been a week and I still can’t log in on android longest time ever after patch, can I get assistance? Doesn’t seem like it, multiple attempts to open ticket have been unsuccessful. This is very disappointing I can no longer financially support blizzard until this is fixed.

Same issue here. Picking the stranger crashes the active bounty on pc and mobile. Retiring is the only way out.

Same here, I just avoid mystery altogether because of this

I have the exact same problem. As long as I had a mercenary left, it was manageable. Now that I’ve finished all of them, bounties are unplayable.

was able to workaround an equipment problem by making a brand new party with the mercs I was having trouble with