22.6 Known Issues

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Follow this post for information about known issues in Patch 22.6:

  • [Resolved 3/18]: There was an issue with the 22.6 mobile client that required the patch to be re-submitted to the mobile marketplaces, causing delays. The patch is now available on all marketplaces.

  • We are aware that the Tavern Brawl switches for players who update to Patch 22.6 (from “Blood Magic” to “Party Portals!”). This will not be switched back before the Tavern Brawl swaps over automatically for next week. We have identified the cause of this issue in order to avoid it in the future.

  • [Resolved 3/21]: We are investigating issues with Achievement notifications and tracking with the new patch, including the return of the “phantom achievement” issue that was intended to be fixed in this patch.

  • The celebration and award for completing all Books of Mercenaries books is not appearing properly. The team is working on a temporary solution for players who have not already completed the last Book of Mercenaries book, and will grant the award to any players who were already affected at a later time.

  • [Resolved 3/21]: We are aware that Hero Skins and Card Backs have become unavailable to purchase for Gold after the patch. The team is investigating this issue.

  • [Added 3/18]: The team is aware of the reports that certain players cannot read the Tavern Brawl chalkboard. The solution to this problem has been entered for an upcoming patch. In the meantime, the team has identified a workaround: the issue appears to be with the English (UK) language setting. If you go to the Language setting in the Options menu and switch from English (UK) to English (US) that should solve your problem. We apologise if this behaviour scandalises our neighbours from across the pond.

    • To do this on mobile: Open to in-game Options cog → select “Options” → update the Language from English (UK) to English.

    • To do this on desktop: Open the Battle.net launcher → hit the Options cog next to the “Play” button → click “Game Settings” → update the “Text & Spoken Language” to English (US).

  • [Resolved 3/21]: The team is aware that some players are unable to see the in-game shop. It appears that this is also limited to certain locales. This issue was resolved via hotfix.

  • [Added 3/19]: The team is aware that the Mysterious Stranger is showing the wrong level of Task options when found in a Bounty–this is a visual issue only, your Task progress has not changed. The team is investigating the issue.

  • [Added 4/1]: The team is aware that the Ranked rewards monthly chest for March progress did not appear properly with the monthly reset. This is a visual-only bug that was not intended, but was well-timed, all things considered. April Fools! The team has confirmed that the bug was visual only and the Ranked rewards were granted as intended (any cards and packs you earned can be found in your collection). The team is investigating the cause of this issue.


3/21 Update: We are currently in the process of rolling out an emergency hotfix patch for desktop devices. The mobile update has to be submitted to mobile storefronts, so it will come within the next few days. Because they are still on the same major version, the is NO risk that updating your desktop device will lock you out of your mobile devices—these issues will simply not be resolved on mobile until the mobile patch is available on those storefronts.

The following updates are in this patch:

  • Resolved the issue where the shop was closed for certain non-English locales.

  • Resolved issues with the Achievement tracking, causing phantom Achievement notifications and an incorrect Achievement completion percentage.

  • Resolved an issue that blocked Hero Skins and Card Backs from being craftable with Gold (reminder: by design, not all Hero Skins and Card Backs are craftable with Gold).

  • Fixed a visual bug that made it appear as though players could craft cards when they didn’t have enough dust to do so.


3/30 Update: We are currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix with the following:

  • Adjusted several Battlegrounds Armor Tiers

    • Cookie the Cook and Nozdormu were moved to Armor Tier 1 (0 Armor)

    • Shudderwock was moved to Armor Tier 3 (3-6 Armor)

    • Elise Starseeker and Onyxia were moved to Armor Tier 4 (4-7 Armor)

    • Bru’kan, Kael’thas Sunstrider, Kurtrus Ashfallen, Rakanishu, and Rokara were moved to Armor Tier 5 (5-8 Armor)

    • Edwin Vancleef, Galewing, Greybough, and The Rat King were moved to Armor Tier 6 (6-9 Armor)

    • Illidan Stormrage and Vanndar Stormpike were moved to Armor Tier 7 (7-10 Armor)

  • Tad will now only be able to generate minions still in the available minion pool.

  • Fixed a bug where completing the Heroic Smolderwing Bounty, but not the normal version of the Bounty, would not progress you to the next Bounty within Onyxia’s Lair.

  • Fixed a bug where Yu’lon’s Jade Gust did not deal bonus damage if the enemy used certain Attack Abilities.

  • Fixed a bug where Nefarian’s Chromatic Infusion gained the wrong amount of Health when stealing more Attack than the target had.

We will continue to track Patch 22.6 and update this post when we have new information to share.


So does this mean that players qualified for Masters Tour Onyxia’s Lair are required to have a PC, since mobile users will be stuck on a different patch during the event?

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In Mercs mode, if I view the portraits of individual Mercs to check on them, after viewing a couple the images for some of the Portraits on the Mercs do not show up. Then the game crashes. This has been happening for awhile and I reported it before. But now that I have to individually set a portrait for each Merc on a team it is much more frustrating.


I can’t buy aren for gold or even for real cash wtf?

I had an issue where I changed a deck name and composition, then when I queued it on ladder, the deck had reverted back to the original. When I looked back at the deck, it was the original, but when I took cards out, the UI bugged out and then my game crashed.

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bugged new card notification has now gone for onyxia mini-set + alterac valley golden uncraftables

i was getting permanent new achievement notifications every time i completed one in gameplay - alterac valley, eventually had 7. it is now long showing for this section, but now
gameplay - general instead. also, the totals in game modes are way way off: duels 82% (ive only completed 1 or 2 in this catagory) and mercenaries 221%. these numbers changed even since i last check and are now 26% and 213% respectively. no clue what is going on

does anyone know if any of the portraits of leeroy jenkins will be exclusive, like was in that last event [which required getting to task 7 of the chain of 10] or will all of them be obtainable later, albiet at reasonable cost?

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When I opened Portals brawl for the first time, the pack was already claimed. I’m 100% sure I didn’t play it before that. Is that also known issue?

I was able to update the Android version. But now I can’t login (it opens the login page in a browser instead of embedded into the app like before, and does not login).
Did I install the wrong version that I was not supposed to? Or is this the “proper” version and this is a new bug?

S Pen for Galaxy phones on mobile still doesnt work, going on 2 years with this bug.

I can’t login on Android too.


Another issue to report; in Mercenaries mode the new Mercs (Onyxia, Nefarian etc) when previewing their tasks at the Mysetious Stranger node do not correctly show the correct task number available, they are all shown as ‘Task 1’ but with the correct objectives.

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The Ghost achievements from alterac valley that said was completed but you couldn’t see anything to complete, got fixed in this patch.

But for me in EU region, they simply moved the 2 ghost achievements into gameplay - general.

In NA region everything works as intended. Would love to see achievement bugs be done with.

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Can confirm the ghost achievement issue persists. Ghost achievements moved from Gameplay - Alterac Valley to Gameplay - Classic and Gameplay - General, and the ghost achievements in Game Modes - Duels seem to be relocated to Game Modes - Ranked. Still stuck with the notification however, which is really becoming a pain. Confirmed this both on Android and Windows 11.

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Game keep crashing on ipad - never had any issue before the patch

There is a topic for closed shop and arena: [Main Thread] Shop closed - #2 by anon53726448

I just wanted to add it here.

So I completed the Varden Dawngrasp Book of Mercenaries solo mission. Then, I just lost the first game of a duels run, and afterwards got a popup for a weird placeholder for completing BOM. FYI.

[PH] Completed all BOM Heroes Name

[PH] Completed all BOM Heroes Description

I have a screenshot but it won’t let me post it.

I just started my new account on the EU server, I normally play NA. I completed the first tutorial task for Mercenaries but it will not allow me to claim it, I keep getting an error message saying “There was an error claiming your task, please try again later”. I have searched the internet for a solution with no luck. Uninstalling and reinstalling on my laptop did not fix the issue.

There appears to be a bug with Nefarian’s Chromatic Infusion when a dragon is stealing attack from a 0 attack dragon.

After the patch it seems that all of my task numbers in mercenaries was reset to 1. It is like this on both PC and iOS.