Mysterious Challenger - quest preview

Bugged quest preview for new heroes after patch 22.6
Conditions: All other heroes quest fulfilled. I completed firsts tasks (lvl 1-2) on one device then take quest from Mysterious Challenger on another device. Im using party composed of Antonidas, Ragnaros, Baron Geddon nothing else in Felwood on Lord Banehollow.

I have completed early tasks (at least lvl 2+ ) from all the heroes on screen, but when i hover mouse about Mysterious Challenger he/she offer me task lvl 1 even while these tasks are allready completed.

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Already reported and a Known issue:

There is an appropriately titled thread pinned (sticky) to the top of this forum on How to share links to screenshots, videos, and replays.

Oh then sry, just used wrong words while i searched forum about this ://