22.4 Patch Notes

22.4 Patch Notes

Patch 22.4 brings updates to all Hearthstone’s Modes with the Fractured in Alterac Valley Mini-Set!

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М-да чувствую что режим наемников не заиграет пока там не сделают фарм наемников не таким жестким и никакие “временные события” этому не помогут, да и когда вопрос с избытком монет решат?
Поля сражений:
герой варден кажется хорошим для быстрого поиска триплетов, а вот в пользе его компаньона не уверен, благо он хоть элементаль и его можно бафать
Рокара не самый худший, но и не лучший герой, обычно если существо может кого-то убить то атаки у него и так достаточно Дрек’Тар в этом плане куда лучше, а вот компаньон думаю полностью бесполезен, придёт он поздно и не факт что сам кого-то убьет, а поднимать его атаку можно с помощью псаря, но это означает что он подставится по яд и тогда никакое здоровье не поможет
Ониксия довольно специфичный герой в эффективности которого я не уверен, с одной стороны если играть драконами то сила героя бесполезна, но вот если зверями или механизмами то есть варианты с комбинацией еще с Порождение огня Престор, но все равно как-то слабо и компаньон дракон в них мало вписывается


Still nothing about excessive useless coins in Mercs. I would have hoed/expected something would be done by now but I guess they don’t see it as a priority despite it being the #1 issue with the game.


Does the cast when drawn bug fix change the interaction with Skull of Gul’dan and Soul Shards?

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Thats for when they really really really need to get players back into mercenareis.
Aslong theyre above their minum number of mercenary players/profits , it wont happen at all.


It’s not an issue, unless you have OCD.

Paranoid nonsense …:frowning:

I wouldnt call it paranoid nonsense at all.
Blizz is a company, they do things with reason. if they thought theyd get more players/profit with something for excess coins for mercenaries theyd o it.


what issue ? they dontneed to do anything about it
they already told us they have something planned for those coins

the mode was released a short time ago so i doubt many players have all the mercenaries maxed out

so i have no idea why it sohould be a priority

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Please Fix the Rustwix Deathrattle bug, preventing it to copy Rustwix deathrattle with Tamsins legendary spell.


Get rid of Poison in BG and I’ll come back to play. Otherwise, I’m sticking with Storybook Brawl.



  • There will now be a confirmation prompt when you attempt to concede a game before you would get quest progress for that game (like “Play 3 Games” Quests and the Alterac Valley Honor Quests). We have also loosened the requirements on counting those types of Quests.

Oh no, oh no no, this will probably bug something and delete some cards, I can feel it

  • A duplicate uncraftable version of Shadow Bolt will no longer appear in the Collection Manager.

After only 6 months <3

  • Fixed a bug where playing Paralytic Poison on Kingsbane would cause the “Immune when attacking” effect to carry over onto any other weapons equipped during the game.
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Why did you nerf Infinite Arcane? It was already quite slow doing literally nothing the turn you are playing it. Now by 7 mana it’s the same as giving your opponent 2 turns in a row.


It’s me or the new battleground heroes are just awful? They seems seriously underpowered and will be among the bottom of the barrel. Come on, devs, you can do better than this. Also RIP Chenvaala, she didn’t get a chance to really make her new buddy shine and fix her issues before nerfs.


Isn’t Battlegrounds Onyxia going to be almost invincible? 4 weak Taunts in front, 1 golden Khadgar and 1 regular Khadgar means that each time you get 4 Whelps, they all attack and die, you get 4 more Whelps, etcetera. And you can use the remaining slot for Many Whelps so even if you face a Soul Juggler player or something, you still have a huge stat minion.

EDIT: Ah wait, I forgot Khadgar only works with cards, not effects in general. Crisis averted then.

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Wooo dragon deck time !

So there’s a date where I’ll actually be able to play duels now. Finally.


I thought the freeze one sounded really strong tbh, duplicating a random mininion in tavern each shuffle? that increases your chances of trippling something immensly. I think its quite strong. especially because its frozen and you can just leave it to reshuffle the rest for next turn, where you could actually get a full tripple in tavern.

Dear and respected Blizzard team!!!

I want to say thank You for the great work! Hearthstone is evolving from patch to patch and becomes more interesting and more exciting game!!! :star2:

Special thank You for: :star_struck:

  1. My idea development!!! On December 21, 2021 I offered to add new Mercenaries from Pandaria and You heard me!!! I was so surprised when I saw four amazing and the most famous creatures from Pandaria: :+1:
  • Xuen (Epic Fighter)
  • Niuzao (Rare Protector)
  • Yu’lon (Rare Protector)
  • Chi-Ji (Epic Caster)
  1. The Jade Gardens Battlegrounds Board!!! I’m so admired with Mists of Pandaria and I was dreaming about new board in Pandaria style… Waiting the February 22, when I could buy a new Battleground Board!!! :fire:
  2. New limited time event!!! It will brings a novelty and a special atmosphere in the game!!! Players will rush to complete a chain of 10 exciting event tasks and reach the purpose - to get the startling Chi-Ji Mercenary and a huge amount of Mercenary Coins!!! :stars:
  3. Amazing Battlegrounds heroes, like Onyxia, Rokara and Varden Dawngrasp!!! Really want to try these heroes and their capabilities!!! :dizzy:
  4. Book of Mercenaries — Bru’kan!!! This hero is really powerful in Traditional Hearthstone and in Battlegrounds, and I really want to live through the adventure with famous shaman Bru’kan!!! :boom:

Dear and respected Blizzard team!!! Wish You a good luck in further work and new creative ideas!!! :milky_way:

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Can you just make mercenaries it’s own separate game? The state of the meta in constructed has killed all my motivation to play constructed because of how grossly neglected it is

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