22.2.1 Patch Notes

22.2.1 Patch Notes

This small patch includes a few adjustments for Battlegrounds.

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Corrijan el bug en el logro de paladín con objeto inamovible


ну и что это такое? То что багованный Лич с анимациями и перерождениями никого не волнует видимо

Why dont you just make tarecgosa keep health and attack from combat but not divine shield or windfury?

Fixed a bug where Duels achievements were not properly tracking runs.

Thanks for this fix! Any chance we can get these achievements retroactively applied, if we had (e.g. 12-0) runs during the bugged time period?

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Decent changes all around. I’m glad Terecgosa wasn’t removed altogether, as the card itself enables so many fun and surprising builds.

tarec is so strong it can go straight to tier 6

I recommend all write a ticket and explain how this behavior is not acceptable as a paying customer.

they said identified the solution but refuse to implement it till the next major patch which has no eta.

We were given no explanation as to why they won’t implement a hot fix and instead willfully make their customers suffer.

Simply unacceptable. As a result I will no longer be spending money on this game.


add naxx to classic mode pls

I just had a 12-0 run with Vanndar in Duels and I did not receive any progress towards achievements. Is the hotfix delayed on mobile or is this bug unresolved?


Please can they do this, getting 12-0 achievements are soooo hard :frowning:

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Server side patch, no update required

Can confirm that duels achievements are still not tracking :frowning:


So since the update, I am having a problem with not being able to play any of my cards in my hand except the one on the right end. If I hover over any other card, the spinning circle shows up.

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So I’ve been stuck in the opening screen of Duels. When pressing Resume, it closes the button but nothing changes.
Can’t forfeit, can’t battle, can’t choose cards, etc.
Really sucks now that there is a legendary quest that needs you to play duels.

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Can confirm that it is still not tracking.

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  Blizzard or to whom ever this may concern.

Can we fix the Rustwix Animation Bug. Whenever I pair my imps with tamsins phylactery. The animation won’t que and end up not giving me my Well deserved prime cards. Same deal with Vectus whelps

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Drek’Thar Neutral Discover still don’t work with Staking a claim, although it works with that treasure that gives you additional copy for the first discover each turn, I am more convinced that it is bug due to the nature of the tradeable discover spell being able to work with that other treasure, please requesting fix or reply to this issue

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If you open up hearthstone on your phone you can click resume and then click where you would usually press the lever to get your rewards even though it doesnt show up and you can unstuck your game. Then log back in on pc and it should work. did for me at least

Achievement still not working - completed a 8-2 run with Vanndar yesterday, and no achievement.

This is starting to look like a bad joke. Please invest in quality.